Zionists Control
US Voting Machines

By Jim Condit Jr.

(The following is an email from Mr. Condit to a supporter. -ed)
I've been at this trying to get a VERIFIABLE vote count and securing that only US citizens vote since 1979. I worked with the late Collier brothers, authors of: Votescam: the stealing of America off and on since the 1980s you may already understand this but let me state it anyway:
The letting of millions of illegal aliens and non-citizens vote which both parties have labored vigorously to bring about and which must be reversed completely is only a cover for the real game. The real game is that RIGHT NOW --- the legislation is in place for 3 (Zionist Jewish-owned/controlled) computerized vote-counting companies to count 96% of the vote on election day November, 2004. These companies are Diebold, Sequoia, and Election Systems & Software (ES&S). There is a fourth (Jewish-owned controlled) company rising, and Diebold may have to go, because its cheating software has been exposed by Bev Harris of

So, Americans go vote (meaningless, providing cover for the Zionist Jews who will announce the computer results ), the computer count is left alone is the results are favorable to the Ruling Elite agenda --- and they are altered secretly and silently if they do not. The TV stations announce the results and the Ruling Elite installs their chose puppets/front men.

The more illegal aliens and uneducated masses circling around the voting process the better. More confusion, easier to rig the vote, harder for anyone to challenge it. IN ALL THIS, there is no provision for the neighborhood citizens in each precinct to exercise even the most rudimentary checks and balances . --- A check and balance would be a handcount of all ballots before the ballots leave the precinct by the neighborhood citizens, or at least a hand count of one RANDOMLY SELECTED RACE --- which would only take 45 minutes or so, with only a team of two people, with all invited to watch. IN FACT, if you or I try to effect any kind of a hand count to check the computer results --- then we will find ourselves blocked, and arrested if we press too hard.

See <>, on home page click Understanding the Real 2000 Election Scam and also read Primer Articles for Beginners which gives you the key articles over the last 20 years. It is important to understand and to explain the problem from this angle. One might say: Thwart the Big Zionist Jew Computer vote-rigging companies by ensuring a hand count of the paper ballots (which have been kept in public view all day) by the neighborhood citizens.

Now, this situation has actually already been going on since the late 1970s. Only most of New Hampshire and one or two other counties throughout the country have maintained a handcounted paper ballot vote count. Every election since the Reagan elections of 1980 could have been easily rigged or completely turned on its ear by the big computer companies. But now there are just these 3 super companies left AND there is no paper ballot in many areas, like Columbus, Ohio, -- the entire state of Georgia where touch screen voting machines are installed with no paper involved. In other words you touch the screen and trust that a bleep of energy has somehow gone somewhere and been recorded properly. Absolutely ridiculous.

All people need to know is that a few powerful companies want to take our vote behind closed doors, count them in secret, and announce the results to us and that we have no recourse to watch or check what they are doing. If that doesn't cause people to bolt into action then it shows how far gone America is.

Jim Condit Jr.

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