To Those Government Agents
Who Read My Email

From Name on File

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work, and to let you know that I understand that the invasion of my privacy that you are perpetrating is merely a requirement of the job that you have promised to do as an agent of this government, and that I realize that it's nothing personal. In no way, do I hold you personally responsible, that you are required, as a condition of your employment, to advance the police/security state which the leaders of this country are creating, or for the fact that you are helping this incredibly corrupt government to systematically diminish economic, and political power, and personal and political freedom of the majority of the American people, and to transfer it, to individuals and organizations that have no interest in the procurement of sorely needed social change, and the preservation of what little resemblance this political system still bears to a representative democracy, or in social justice, and peace in the world, and to those who have an investment and commitment to the maintenance of the status quo, regardless of the cost to human life, American or otherwise, necessary in order to sustain it.
Just for the record, I'd like to say that: I support the legislation that is currently being debated in the US government, that would make it illegal for any American to engage in any protest that would affect transit or commerce, or any activity that is designed to influence public opinion, such as handing out flyers containing political opinions, and I agree that the offense should be punishable by a mandatory 25 year to life prison sentence!
I also agree with the legislation that has been wrapped up in the flag and is being constantly forced down the throat of the American people that would facilitate the labeling of American citizens as "Enemy Combatants", and which would facilitate the revocation of citizenship, and their arrest and jailing for an unlimited amount of time, without allowing them to speak to a lawyer, friends or family, without charging them of any crime.
And I also support the legislation which would make it legal to inject them with mind control drugs while under arrest, (See "Bio Terror Bill) and which would basically subject any American who disagreed with the atrocious policies of this government, and who would decide to take action to oppose corruption in this government and to make this fact known to this government and to the general public, subject to all of the aforementioned treatment.
I am also highly supportive of the fact that although draconian laws are being passed to diminish the rights to free speech and freedom of _expression of private citizens of lower and moderate incomes, that no such laws are being directed at the rich and powerful individuals and organizations which control US government and the actions of the US military, or laws which would serve to prohibit or restrict them from continuing to employ armies of high profile lobbyists, who are paid to influence, if not dictate policy, in the US government, or any laws which would reduce the extent to which these rich and powerful individuals and organizations can influence public opinion by restricting their ability to bombard American citizens with endless streams of propaganda from a multi-trillion dollar mind melting media machine, which are expertly crafted and designed to achieve the very same purpose of influencing and shaping public opinion to their advantage, that it would now be illegal for individuals opposed to them to do.
The recent scale of the anti-war protests in the US, and around the world, is evidence that financial pressure must be radically turned up on the masses, and that people simply have too much time on their hands to learn what's really going on, and that they had way too much free time and resources on their hands, to spend coming to the demonstrations against the military action in Iraq. The huge recent tax breaks to the wealthy are a good start, and so are the recent increases in taxes on the poor that are coming in the form of rent hike, tuition increases, property tax rates, DMV violations increases, as well as the taxes and surcharges on the higher insurance rates that will result from the moving violations.
I want you to know, that as one working person to another, that I appreciate all of your hard work, and that I will continue to provide you the type of reading enjoyment that you have become accustomed to.




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