Makow - The Politics Of
Christian Persecution
Uniting To Resist Oppression

By Henry Makow, PhD

Last year, a lesbian here in Winnipeg clobbered a mugger with her purse and he ran away.
When she reported this to the police as a "hate crime," she was annoyed to find they had no procedure to deal with it because there hadn't been any such incidents.
Nevertheless a month ago the Canadian government passed a law (Bill C-250) that will have a chilling affect on freedom of speech. It is aimed at protecting homosexuals and other minorities from anything they deem to be "hate."
Last week at a local "Prophesy Conference", 600 Christians heard an address by Berit Kjos entitled: "How to Prepare Your Children for Persecution." She said conditions for Bible believing Christians are starting to resemble those of Jews in Nazi Germany.
Thus while gays are protected from non-existent hate, thousands of honest, hard working Christians with families feel they are being persecuted. They don't count. What gives?
Canada has been the New World Order's favorite bitch ever since McKenzie King (the man J.D. Rockefeller called "my best friend") became Prime Minister in 1921.
The NWO champions multiculturalism, inter faithism and homosexuality because they undermine the hitherto dominant European Christian heterosexual majority. This is necessary to create a world where no group is able to challenge the power of the wealthy Illuminati families.
Jews, homosexuals, feminists and ethnic minorities enjoy an official monopoly on persecution because these unwitting groups are being used to undermine society and bring about their tyranny.
What better way to persecute the majority than do it covertly, and deny that it is even taking place?
Let the majority think they are the oppressors. And if they realize the truth, they will be afraid to mention it for fear of appearing "intolerant."
Thus Indian medicine wheels and Wigan rituals are discussed in public school classrooms but the Lord's Prayer and Jesus Christ are banned. We can be offended when our young children are forced to learn about gay sex but we cannot discuss heterosexuality because lesbians take exception.
A registered nurse, grandmother and Bible teacher; Berit Kjos is a leading researcher into the United Nation's hidden agenda. Author of the books Brave New Schools and A Twist of Faith, her web site is a treasure trove of research on the subversion of popular culture and education.
Berit Kjos' father was tortured by the Nazis in Norway. She told the Prophesy Conference that the elite is following Hitler's advice in Mein Kampf to create an "enemy." For example, Time magazine blamed the Oklahoma City bombing on "tax protesters, Christian home schoolers, conspiracy theorists and self reliant types."
She said Christians would be persecuted if they have an uncompromising commitment to the Bible as the Word of God. They are guilty of the "sin of separatism" which the United Nations says causes hatred and war.
The UN promotes the New Age dictum that all religions are equal as a way to negate them all. This opens the field to a new World Religion dedicated to Lucifer. The official UN Chapel is Luciferian.
The UN's Declaration of Human Rights pays lip service to the individual's freedom of conscience and speech. As in Nazi Germany, individuals must sacrifice these for nebulous "community values" (like "saving the earth," "peace" and "tolerance" which the UN defines.)
Kjos says American schoolchildren are being conditioned rather than given facts and encouraged to think independently. Techniques of brainwashing developed in totalitarian countries are routinely used in American schools. These include emotional shock and desensitization, isolation, cross-examination and psychological inducements to accept alternative values.
"Like Nazi youth, they are taught to react, not think, when told to do the unthinkable," like inform on their own families.
After Kjos' speech I asked a young man how I could network with other Christians there. Manitoba has just floated a plan to include fingerprints and eye scans on our driver's licences and I wanted to organize a protest.
He replied that resistance is futile since the Bible has prophesied one world government. Elsewhere when the subject arose, Jesus' line "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's..." (Luke 20: 24-25) was mentioned.
I asked Berit about this. She thought Christians must prepare for persecution but they must also do their utmost to resist the New World Order. However, both in terms of prophesy and pragmatically speaking, she believes defeat is inevitable. "They are too far advanced, and hold too much power," she said.
I respect people who believe in prophecy but I don't believe anything is inevitable. The world is an eternal contest between God and the Devil; human beings were put on earth to represent one or the other. I am certain that a popular outcry against repressive government measures would be effective.
It would be pathetic if we lost our birthright due to fatalism or apathy.
I was also disturbed by Berit's negative references to Islam. She said Muslims slaughtered many Christians in the past and still worship animistic images today. I am no expert on Islam but most Muslims impress me as genuinely devout.
In the present danger, all God fearing people have to unite. We don't have to agree on everything, only that the devil's agents control the world and are turning it into hell.
There is only one God and naturally people in different cultures are going to approach Him from different angles. Mark Glenn has ably shown that Islam holds Christians and Christ in high regard, which cannot be said for the Jewish Talmud.
Christians and Muslims are natural allies. Muslims are being persecuted for the same reasons as Christians: they uphold an uncompromising vision of God. They will not accept the Satanic bargain that our elite masters proffer, "thou shall be as Gods."
Like Christians, Muslims know that God is Love, and we cannot be God-like unless we express this Spirit. We cannot pretend to God while completely devoted to selfish material appetites. There is nothing wrong with these appetites; but we must transform ourselves into something higher.
If Christians still think Muslims were behind the attack on the World Trade Centre, please wake up. The globalist elite with cooperation from the top levels of American government and military perpetrated this attack. It provided an excuse to invade the Muslim world and impose a police state at home.
Some Christians think George W. Bush is a born-again Christian. How little they understand their own religion. The essence of Christianity is to imitate Christ. Do you think Christ would have carpet-bombed the Taliban or invaded Iraq? George W. and his cronies are profiteering from oil and military contracts while American solders are dying and the country is looted.
Religious people can stop focusing on the past. As His Creation, God speaks directly to each of us all of the time. We have an immediate relationship to God. We need only initiate a conversation. (See Brother Lawrence Practise of the Presence of God .)
We can bring God into our life by obeying Him. How you do that is up to you. Ultimately religion and life are one in the same. Our life is our religion. It's not what we believe; itís what we do.
It's time God-fearing people, Europeans, Muslims, Jews, feminists, homosexuals and heterosexuals, recognized our peril and united to resist persecution.
Henry Makow , Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and author of A Long Way to go for a Date. Past articles on feminism and the new world order are found at He welcomes your comments at




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