Dr. Russell Blaylock Warns
UK Parliament About Fluoride

From Betty Martini

Here in the US, it may be too late; been there, done that. A search on the Internet will give you lists of cities rejecting fluoridation. There are thousands of papers bearing witness to the effects of fluoride contamination of our environment and food supply. There are hundreds of studies. Fluoridated communities PAY MORE FOR DENTAL CARE. Those records are also in the search engine with the statistics. John R. Lee, M.D., wrote an excellent article, The Fluoridation Scam, The Selling of Fluoridation in America. There is even a file directory, Stop Fluoride Poisoning even including EPA whistleblowers,
The most indepth information on fluoride is in the book Health & Nutrition Secrets to Save Your Life by world famous neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., Everyone in England should read these quotes because what has happened here WILL happen there. You must stop the fluoridation of the UK or it will destroy the health of the people and cause disability and death as recorded in this book which also goes into other information that has been kept from the public.
Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. says: "Only the light of truth can halt this process." I'm going to give you some quotes of things you probably never knew and if you can still approve water fluoridation expect horrendous medical problems and suffering of the people. Keep in mind that fluoride will interact with aspartame which is also causing heinous symptoms and diseases in the UK that mirror those in the US.
The information below comes from Dr. Blaylock's book:
Fluoride, Fractures and Fragile Bones: Carefully conducted studies have demonstrated conclusively that not only does it not strengthen the long bones, such as the femur and radius, it actually weakens them. To date we have over eight studies reported in peer-reviewed medical journals demonstrating increased hip fractures with fluoridation.
One study examined Utah's Mormon community and demonstrated fluoridation increased the incidence of hip fracture by 27 per cent in women and 41 per cent in men.
The importance of appropriate calcium intake cannot be overemphasized. Fluoride drastically lowers calcium levels by binding tightly with this essential mineral and removes substantial amounts of calcium from the blood, bones and teeth, which become demineralized and weakened.
One fairly recent study indicates that even calcium supplementation may not be protective against fluoride-induced calcium loss. If this is so, the only solution is to remove fluoride from drinking water and teeth-cleaning products.
Fluoride and the Brain: Available evidence indicated that the effects can be quite severe and cumulative. A summary of several reports on fluoride toxicity of occupationally exposed workers found that 25% of the workers exposed to cryolite who developed skeletal fluorosis also showed signs of nervous system effects such as difficulty thinking, fatigue and memory problems. Similar neurological effects were seen in other workers exposed to high levels of fluoride.
Other studies have described generalized progressive fatigue and a decline in mental acuity seen in persons living within three miles of a factory emitting hydrogen fluoride gas. Unlike cryolite workers, these individuals were exposed to much lower levels, emphasizing the extreme toxicity of fluoride. In another experiment volunteers were asked to submit to a special psychomotor test in which they were to track a moving target before and after receiving a drop of water under their tongue, containing varying doses of fluoride (0.1, 1, 10 and 100 ppm). The fluoride resulted in an increased rate of errors in attempting the test. One unusual finding was that the two highest does of fluoride actually increased response time, a phenomenon that may be related to excitotoxicity.
The Developing Brain: It is accepted that a baby's developing nervous system is much more vulnerable to toxins than the mature adult brain. China which has areas with naturally high water fluoride levels in the water, has supplied us with much information on the toxic effects of fluoride. One study compared two villages matched for population, one with 4.12 ppm fluoride in the water system and the other with 0.91 ppm fluoride. It was found that children born in the high fluoride village had a statistically significant lower median IQ as compared to its sister city. Dental fluorosis was present in 86 percent of children in the high fluoride village and only 14 per cent in the low fluoride village. You may recall that the ADA as well as the U.S. regulatory agencies, insist that at 4 ppm fluoride is safe for children and pregnant women.
Dr. Blaylock discusses critical studies with damning results. He talks about one experiment that was noteworthy (proved with long term exposure fluoride not only enters ut accumulates widely in all areas of the brain) not only for its scientific findings but also because the Forsyth Dental Research Institute which commissioned it, attempted to destroy the research when it became obvious that the results would damage the fluoridation campaign. So who is Dr. Phyllis Mullenix? Her credentials are impeccable: she is considered one of the top toxicologists in the country, and at the time of her fluoride research held major research positions at Harvard University's Department of Neurpathology and Psychiatry and the Forsyth Dental Research Institute.
In one interview, she said that the first portent that her findings had become unwelcome came when she was ordered to present her findings to the National Institute of Dental Research, a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). As she walked the Institute's corridors she began to realize that she was not dealing with objective, unbiased observers. The walls were plastered with posters extolling the "Miracle of Fluoride" and ridiculed those opposed to fluoridation. She was preparing to give a lecture on the dangers of fluoridation to fluoridation zealots!
She was quickly dismissed from her position at Forsyth after her presentation to the National Institute of Dental Research. why? Because her research did not pertain to the dental field, they said. I ask: If fluoride toxicity doesn't pertain to the dental field, what does?
She was also pried for the name of the journal scheduled to publish her groundbreaking work. She refused, knowing inordinate pressure would be applied to the editorial staff of the journal to retract the article. Prior to the NIH's vicious attack on her character and the integrity of her science, she had submitted her research findings in one of the most prestigious journals in the field of neurotoxicology, the Journal of Neurotoxicology and Teratology. It had been immediately accepted for publication as a new and important finding in the field of toxicology.
After her dismissal, the Forsyth Dental Research Institute received a quarter million dollar grant from the Colgate company and before she could retrive her specially designed equipment from their building it was destroyed by a mysteriously appearing water leak in the ceiling.
Following her dismissal from the Forsyth Institute, Dr. Mullenix received an unfunded appointment at Boston's Children's Hospital. In a moment of unguarded candor, officials there admitted they were frightened of the fluoride supporters' power to evaporate funding for "out of line" institutions.
Dr. Blaylock then goes on about a study having to do with brain effects of combined aluminum and fluoride exposure. He says that any fluoride containing product in an aluminum container, including fluoridated toothpaste in aluminum tubes, aluminum cans, aluminum cookware and aluminum containing foods mixed with fluoridated water, can potentially form the harmful aluminum fluoride compound AIF3. He says it has been shown that when aluminum combines with fluoride there is increased transport of both into the brain. He says further:
Especially frightening is that severe brain changes were observed following consumption of water containing only 0.5 ppm of the aluminum fluoride compound. Most communities are adding 1-1.5 ppm fluoride to drinking water. When combined with aluminum an extremely brain toxic compound is formed. This brings into serious question the assurances being given by the ADA and EPA that a fluoride level of 1 ppm in drinking water is safe. You must also take into consideration that the developing brain and the elderly brain are much more sensitive to such injures.
One of the most common sources of aluminum fluoride complexes is in liquids packaged as aluminum cans, a combination that is especially hazardous with acidic fruit juices and diet drinks. Acidic juices leach aluminum from the wall of the can and disperse it throughout the juice. ....While all soft drinks containing fluoride will leach aluminum from the can, diet sodas may be worse than regular sodas because the fluoride content, at least in one study, was higher in the diet drinks. ..
To prevent local supplies from altering a soda's standardized taste, most water used in soft drinks is normally filtered of all impurities or is manufactured using distilled water. Ironically, the Coca Cola Company bottles and sells water (under the name Dasani) purified by the reverse osmosis method, which removes fluoride from water, but their soda actually contains fluoride. Presumably, Dasani is the same water they use to make their soft drinks and it would make sense that coke should actually be fluoride free. That it isn't would indicate that they are purposely adding fluoride back in.
Furthermore, the longer a canned drink sits, especially at higher temperatures, the more aluminofluoride compound will be created in the drink. This would be a major consideration, for example, in the millions of diet soft drinks donated to soldiers in the Persian Gulf. These drinks sat in the blazing heat, over 105 degrees F, for weeks. In addition, the drinks contained the toxic sweetener, aspartame, which in the heat breaks down very quickly into the carcinogenic compound, diketopiperazine, as well as formaldehyde and formic acid.
Another potential source of aluminofluoride is fluoridated toothpaste packaged in aluminum tubes. Toothpaste typically contains from 1,0000 - 1,5000 ppm fluoride, a very high concentration of fluoride. In fact, this much fluoride could easily KILL A CHILD or an ELDERLY person with low calcium levels or a bad heart.
Dr. Blaylock continues with more damning evidence titled Other Effects of Fluoride and says of particular importance are the reactions that occur between fluoride and proteins, many of which make up vital enzymes used by the cells for everything from energy production to DNA repair. He talks about Fluoride and the Thyroid and how there is compelling evidence that the thyroid accumulates fluoride from the environment. And remember that aspartame triggers hypo and hyperthyroidism. So if the water is fluoridated and people are using aspartame just what chance do they have at all.
Dr. Blaylock discusses sexual maturity, infertility and fluoride. Higher levels of fluoride have also been shown to reduce sperm motility and produce alterations in the area of the testes that produce sperm. Other studies have demonstrated even low levels of fluoride can render mice infertile.
Since the aspartame issue is also before Parliament consider a new study in Japan has shown aspartame causes DNA damage to sperm and infertility in men. It also, of course, causes infertility in women because its an endocrine disrupting chemical and stimulates prolactin. Then, if someone gets pregnant off aspartame it is also an abortifacient and teratogen (triggers birth defects). The baby doesn't have a chance. Aspartame interacts with vaccines and interacts with fluoride. Anyone truly wanting to fluoride water is simply insane if they know this information.
Under Things They Never Told You, Dr. Blaylock says that over a hundred years ago, Frederic Bastiat, the brilliant nineteenth century French economist, write an essay titled, "What is Seen and What is Not Seen." which attempted to show that economic activity does not exist in well controlled isolation, and in fact often engenders a series of unintended, unfortunate and uncontrollable effects. He says, "Of these effects, the first alone is immediate; it appears simultaneously with its cause; it is seen. The other effects emerge only subsequently, they are not seen; we are fortunate if we foresee them.
Bastiat's analysis describes perfectly the sinister history of water fluoridation, an economic event masquerading as a public health campaign that involved, and still involves enormous amounts of money and powerful political influence - and uncountable tragic side effects. No one in any position of real power has ever dared to clash with these powerful forces. I can only hope this book will begin to change that.
And here's something many don't consider and that is Fluoride Overflow, Accidents That Can Sicken and Kill. Dr. Blaylock lists many of them. He said: "People became ill, and some have even died as a result. So, you're asking, why haven't we heard about this? The obvious answer is that the people who have so much invested in fluoridation have kept it quiet out of fear that it would all too clear to the public the real dangers presented by water fluoridation.."
Pregnant women carrying developing babies, and small children exposed to these high levels of fluoride have a high risk of having permanent damage to their brain, as Dr. Mullenix's research has so cogently demonstrated. When discussing the Environmental Accumulation of Fluoride he says completely ignored by the fluoridation proponents are the accumulative effects of adding this toxic chemical to drinking water. And when fluoride is added to something as ubiquitous as water, accumulation in the environment is inevitable. This means that fluoride levels will not only accumulate in food products and beverages but the rate of that accumulation begins to increase exponentially. Fluoride already occurs in numerous medications, anesthetics, toothpaste, mouthwashes, dental treatments, fluid replacement for children (Pedialyte), foods, fruit juices, teas, milk, meats, bottled water, industrial exposure, pesticides, animal feeds and contaminated ground water. It has been estimated that we are now consuming 8 mg. of fluoride daily in the United States. This is eight times higher than even the proponents of fluoridation recommended as necessary and safe for human consumption, an amount that has led to 30-60 percent of America's children suffering from dental fluorosis, and to a growing number of the elderly suffering from crippling skeletal fluorosis. Furthermore, nervous system injury inevitably accompanies these conditions.
ONCE THE MAJORITY OF OUR FOOD SUPPLY AND WATER SUPPLIES ARE CONTAMINATED, ALONG WITH THE SOILS, NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO ESCAPE THE HAZARDS OF FLUORIDE TOXICITY says Dr. Blaylock!!! It's too late in the US - don't do this in the UK! "Just think of it. The apple you eat for a snake will contain fluoride, so will the chicken you eat for dinner, the orange or grape juice you have at breakfast, the potatoes you eat with your sandwich, the sugar you put in your coffee, butter for your toast, even your cereal! When foods are washed in water containing fluoride, they become contaminated. When you cook your vegetables in fluoridated water, the water evaporates, and the concentration of the fluoride increases. Soon, a single day's food consumption will also mean an unacceptably high level of fluoride expose. "
We have seriously contaminated our food and beverage supply but there is one instance where the danger is higher than in all of these examples, and that is drinks packaged in aluminum cans and bottles, including beers, fruit juices, sodas and other population drinks. ..... "SO, IN THE CASE OF DIET DRINKS IN ALUMINUM CANS, THE VERY TOXIC BRAIN ALUMINUM FLUORIDE COMPOUND CO-EXISTS WITH MULTIPLE TOXINS FUND IN ASPARTAME, THUS CREATING THE MOST POWERFUL GOVERNMENT-APPROVED TOXIC SOUP IMAGINABLE."
There is so much information in this book on fluoride that just the comments above should alert you of what can happen if this is allowed. A study done by the National Institute of Dental Research in the mid l980's found that 66 percent of children growing up in fluoridated communities showed signs of dental fluorosis. Dr. Blaylock says the incidence is certainly higher today and obviously, we are in a crisis situation here in the US. Dental fluorosis is a measure of toxicity to the brain.
In the UK you have vaccines that destroy children's brains, aspartame that destroys children's brains and now you want to add fluoride, another deadly neurotoxin. This is insanity. Fluoride being added to our water supplies is obtained from the smokestack scrubbers of fertilizer and metal factories. And this toxic goo contains more than just fluoride. It contains arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead and polonuim 210, a radioactive element that decays into lead. Polonium 210 emits five thousand times more alpha-radiation than an equal amount of radium.
Dr. Blaylock says further under The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back: "If all this isn't enough, dental and pediatric societies encourage their members to promote fluoridation treatments, as well as fluoridation of community water supplies. Numerous patients and friends have told me their pediatricians tell them to add fluoride pills to baby formula and to start their children on fluoride treatments as soon as they are old enough. These experts have even encouraged adding fluoride to Pedialyte, an electrolyte fluid mixture primary used for sick babies. THIS IS UNCONSCIONABLE! These pediatricians are taking the word of the American Dental Association, which as we have seen, has a vested interest in promoting the use of a toxic product."
"So let's review. Fluoride is so toxic you should supervise children under age six while they are brushing, never let them use more than a pea-sized portion of toothpaste, and you should also be sure they do not swallow the toothpaste. But then, to encourage the children to brush, you put Barbie's name on it, plus you make the toothpaste sweet and fruity - which encourages them to swallow it. Finally, there are dental professors who say that children under six shouldn't brush with fluoridated tooth paste at all, but then the ADA endorses these products. A somewhat SCHIZOPHRENIC POLICY, to say the least."
He exposes the POLITICS of water fluoridation and tells what happen to an EPA official who spoke out. The official Dr. Marcus took his superiors to court and won not only his case and his job but as was also awarded $50,000 in damages. It was determined that the EPA also shredded important evidence during the trial and had intimidated other EPA scientists who wished to support Dr. Marcus.
In conclusion he says that he does not favor the government treating us as imbecilic children who must be constantly watched over and cared for by "benevolent" bureaucratic appointees. Fluoridation of water is a deliberate use of community drinking water to medicate millions of people. Remember that throughout modern history, there have been corrupt people who sought to use the public water system as a means of medicating the public, the most evil even going so far as to suggest adding tranquilizers to the water supply to keep the population docile. Fluoridation is an obvious abuse of public trust and a clear VIOLATION OF THE LAW. ... It is an example of corporation, collusion between corporations and the government operating totally outside the free market system.
You are hereby warned, don't let what has happened to the US happen to the UK. I have lectured in England twice and because your water does not contain fluoride I suffered no acid reflux or other medical problems I deal with in the US.
The problems in the UK are mounting but Parliament can do something about it if not influenced by industry. Look what has happened to your dietary supplements when supplied by industry. Complaint after complaint is coming in that vitamins are laced with the deadly neurotoxin, aspartame. Here is your chance to save the people from any more neurotoxins that cause disability and death!
Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible International, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097 770 242-2599




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