Cells Of Body Politic Disintegrating
News So Hot You Can Fry Eggs

by Sherman H. Skolnick

Nixon White House aide John Dean, to no avail, told Tricky Dick, there was a cancer on the presidency. That was the Watergate debacle.
By 2003, the malignancy has spread to Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the White House. Some examples. There is a demand for investigation that Judges of the U.S. Supreme Court and the Chicago Federal Appeals Court have themselves committed a fraud upon their own court. Details of the corruption overlap can be examined.
Some folks still remember how the 5-judge majority on the High Court, in Bush versus Gore, usurping State Law authority, arbitrarily installed George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the Oval Office. This Military-style Court Junta, so unsure of their ruling, ordered their decision never to be used as a precedent in any other case. Gore was the elected President. He just was not inaugurated. Now there are whispers that three of the dissenting High Court Judges are threatened with physical harm.
And, it is no secret. BOTH houses of Congress are for sale. Sort of a two-for-one cheapo deal by lobbyists. And in some foreign languages, the word "lobbyist" is the same as bribe-carrier or bagman.
The Bush White House is a terminal case, stemming from the looming U.S. Military dishonor disaster, called Iraq. A symptom of a rapidly failing American Imperialism, a U.S. blood disease.
Cynics claim America needs drastic sorts of "medical" remedies. Sort of a latter day geopolitical chemotherapy nationwide treatment. Some would like to label their favorite reformer as a "Doctor", one who treats the U.S. body politic which is riddled with malign termination malady.
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