Man 'Pulled Over' By UFO
On Kewanee, Illinois Route 81

From Brian Vike
Director - HBCC UFO Research

Jeff - The below report was written by the witness who did an excellent job on documenting his experience.
Kewanee, Illinois
Date: October 11, 1989
Time: Approx: 9:00 p.m.
On the night of 11 October 1989, I left Kewanee, Illinois and was driving home after a meeting. I was alone and driving west on IL rt 81. At a few minutes after 9:00pm I was approx 4 mi west of Kewanee on a section of rt 81 running north (near the intersection of Tower rd.) On the right (east) is hills and broken timber/pasture and on the left (west) are flat open tilled farm fields. I would have been traveling north. I suddenly noticed a red (red/orange) flashing light. At the time, I thought an emergency vehicle or deputy sheriff had suddenly come up behind me. This happened without warning and I thought the vehicle had approached me, possibly with no headlights on, or was so close I could not see the headlights.

Here, I should elaborate and mention that I had just recently purchased a new (1989) Ford F150 pickup truck and had a fiberglass 'topper' installed that day. I was unfamiliar with the somewhat obstructed field of view and the still new vehicle. I had not been drinking or using any drugs. I do recall being somewhat fatigued after a long and busy day. I slowed and moved over to the shoulder of the road. As I came to a stop on the shoulder I was still thinking I was being pulled over for some reason. I then realized the red or red/orange light was reflecting in the space between the back window of the truck and the topper. I shut the engine off at this point thinking I had some kind of electrical problem with some lights on the new and unfamiliar truck topper. I shut the engine off and opened the driverâs door at about the same moment I realized the light was also reflected on the hood of the truck.

I stepped out of the open drivers door to stand on the ground and realized that a large glowing sphere was positioned almost directly overhead. I estimated the object to be approx 50-70ft above ground and approx 20-25ft diameter. It was smooth and glassy appearing on its surface, which was most noticeable between the brighter intensity pulses. I want to emphasize that these 'pulses' were not flashes as in 'on-off' but were pulsations of brighter-dimmer, never shutting off completely. I also noticed a strong definite static field that increased in unison with the pulses of brighter light. I could not visualize the surface of the object when the light pulses were at peak intensity. During the less intense/dim phase of the light pulses the surface was clearly visible and totally featureless from my point of view. The surface was very smooth and glass-like transparent and within appeared a swirling, smoky or viscous liquid type substance against the inner surface. From what was visible to me, I would insist this object was a perfect globe or sphere and emitted light from its entire outside surface.

Over the next 1-2 minutes the quality and duration of the bright/dim light cycle changed to a longer bright and shorter dim but the frequency of the light cycle seemed constant- it did not pulse faster, just longer and brighter pulses with shorter dim intervals until it approached constant bright 'ON'. I hope I can make this clearly understood. I could feel the intensity of the static field intensify also. I did not move from my position next to the truck between the open door and cab. I had the feeling that something was going to happen with the changes in the light emissions and static field but did not know what to expect.

When the light pulses became a constant 'ON' the object very suddenly shot west with a departure so rapid that there was a vacuum 'POP'. I can only describe it as being like a huge cork violently pulled from a bottle. I was aware of no noise prior to this moment. The object stopped very suddenly in the western sky for a few seconds (3-5 miles away?) then seemed to change directions approx 90 degrees to due north for a couple miles, stopping suddenly again for only a moment then disappearing to the western horizon.

My next recollection was the realization that I was sitting in my parked truck in my back yard (approx 2 miles north of the site described) with the truck pointing west and watching the western sky where the object disappeared. This was not an area where I would typically park. I walked into the house a few minutes before 11:00pm so I was evidently in the truck for some time. It was a very pleasant evening both temperature and weather and I recall an overall feeling of 'stunned amazement'. I do not recall ever feeling fear or apprehension. I realize that some time is unaccounted for but I have attributed that to some kind of emotional shock. I have remained in excellent health.

I thank the witness for his report. Personal information is withheld.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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