Is There A Zionist Jewish
Bias In The Media?

From StrayBulletins

This issue is so sensitive, it should be studied by an international organization whose objectivity is beyond question. Such a study should look first at the U.S., and then other countries. It should briefly state the past and present biases and flaws of the U.S. media: yellow journalism, the eastern seaboard bias, the big cities bias, the shortsightedness, the liberal bias, and the uneven reporting on the wealthy or powerful. This would make it easier to point out the (Zionist-inspired) Jewish bias which is:
- The Jews are more special than other groups.
- Their suffering has been more important.
- The Holocaust was somehow the pivotal event of history.
- The Jews deserve more pity, reparations, homage, and coverage than others.
- We can never hear enough about Israel.
- Disagreement with this is anti-Semitic, which is unthinkable.
The international organization should answer these questions:
- Has the anti-gentile part of the Talmud shaped Jewish behavior over the centuries?
- Why did 8 popes issued edicts and encyclicals condemning various Jewish activities?
- Why were Jews expelled from many countries?
- Which respected sources over the centuries have made anti-Semitic statements? [Voltaire, Geo. Washington, Ben Franklin, Mark Twain, H.L. Menkin, Henry Ford I .] Have those statements validity?
- Why have Jews been kept from owning land, joining law firms, etc.?
- What other groups escaped the Nazis in WWII? How much attention have they gotten in comparison?
- Does the section of the U.S. Justice Dept. that hunts Nazi war criminals concentrate mostly on those who killed Jews in WWII? What about other groups and other wars?
- Numerically, how does it compare to other tragedies?
- What other groups died in it?
- How much attention have they gotten in relation to the Jews?
- Is that a great example of racism?
- How many museums, memorials, etc. to the Jews are there in the U.S.? To other groups?
- How often have Jews demanded reparations for their suffering? How often have other groups?
- What reparations have Jews gotten? What have others, including Palestinians?
- Are Israeli spies in the U.S. treated more leniently than other spies?
- Are there counterparts to Israel's lobby? How effective are they, considering the great wealth of the Arabs?
- Why have Israelis gotten $700/person, Egyptians $50/person and Africans $7/person in foreign aid in recent years?.
- How often has the U.S. protected Israel in the U.N.? How has this affected our relations with the rest of the world?
- How many in the news media were raised in a Jewish household? [23%?]
- How many of the largest advertising agencies [which influence the media] are under Jewish ownership or direction?
- Which influential publications are owned, managed and/or edited by Jews?
- How much more general coverage do the Jews get than other groups? How much more coverage does their suffering get than the suffering of others?
- What percent of coverage favors Israel over the Arab states? Over Muslim states?
- Why do mainstream media organizations and think tanks fail to mention or study the bias?
- How much more attention do politicians pay to the Jews [by donning skull caps, visiting memorials, visiting Israel ] than to other groups?
- In what other fields is this true? [entertainment, media, business ]
- Does more government money go to Jewish projects than to those of other groups?
The Jews are talented and have contributed greatly to the U.S. and the world - perhaps more than any other group, but the Jewish bias in the media has brought unimagined, preferential coverage and favoritism. This needs to be pointed out clearly and fairly.




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