Chemtrail Filaments Over
NW Minnesota - Photos

From Marianne Halvorson

I am sending you some pictures that I took almost at dusk. We have had heavy spraying here in NW Minnesota for the last few days....and early today these web-like things starting falling from the sky. We went outside when it was dark, and my husband shown his spotlight towards the sky and you could see them flying in the air...we had little wind.....and they were just flying by or attaching themselves to anything they can find. We even saw many on the electrical wires leading to our home.
At first I thought they were spider-webs. But when I looked closer I could see that they had a light blue tinge to them....and they were a little thicker then actual spider webs.
My husband cuts trees for a living and he said, the tree that he was cutting was loaded with these webs.
I didn't reduce these pics...they are the size they came out of the camera, please feel free to do with them what you want. I use a Kodak 215 Zoom Plus Camera
Marianne & Darren Halvorson






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