The CIA, Deadly Vaccines
And GWS Propaganda

From Ingri Cassel
President, Vaccination Liberation - Idaho Chapter

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The Pentagon's, CIA's, and Congress's Upcoming Roles in Gulf War Syndrome II:
Deadly Vaccines, Recurring Gulf War Illnesses, and Many Unlearned Lessons From History
A Public Health Perspective and Prophesy
By Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A, M.P.H.
Author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional? and Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare (Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 2001; 1-888-508-4787)
Gulf War Illnesses include a wide variety of relatively new diseases and disabilities for which diagnosis and effective treatments have been impeded by the suppression of facts as documented on this website.
Latent mycoplasma infections with related immunological suppression, often precipitated by vaccination and environmental exposures to secondary chemical and/or biological co-factors, confound the precise etiology of the "Gulf War Syndrome (GWS)" and make its successful treatment a multi-disciplinary matter.
It is not well publicized or widely known that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) exercises oversight of infectious disease agencies including the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with important investigations including the Pentagon's investigation in into Gulf War Illnesses. This is arguably done for "national security" concerns. Their official pronouncements, however, often include conflicting and controversial military and public health determinations.
Following the first Gulf War, the CIA's intelligence reports, and what the agency allowed federal officials to claim, concealed vaccination toxicities and potential mycoplasma infectivity from public debate. These potentially relevant, if not critical, issues were entirely censored on behalf of culpable and potentially liable members of the military-medical-pharmaceutical complex. This derelict response, in fact, prevented widespread diagnosis and treatment of infected and ailing military personnel, and others, as this syndrome spread to the civilian populations wherein it currently lies immunologically troublesome.
This website provides substantial background against which Gulf War Syndromes I and II may be better understood, both medically and politically as an outcome of war or, more precisely, "non-lethal warfare." Recommendations for effective and preventive political action, and therapeutic prescriptions for persons with Gulf War Syndrome and/or its component ailments, are provided elsewhere, and in the articles section of this website.
"The history of the world is none other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom [or the lack thereof]."
~George Wilhelm Hegel
Philosophy of History, 1832
Introduction and Mission
Recurring political nightmares simply reflect unlearned history. It has been more than a decade since the first Gulf War-a political contrivance that was not won or lost exclusively on the battlefields of Iraq or Kuwait, but in the hospitals and nursing homes of its casualties, especially those in America. We mourned most enduringly when hundreds of thousands of our service men and women became chronically ill and tens of thousands soon died of Gulf War Illnesses. Untold numbers more became disabled and were buried during the following decade. For these victims, medical weapons inflicted the final lethal wounds. Unfortunately, these people seemed too far removed from the deserts of Iraq to be adequately considered war heroes. Their deaths were never counted officially as Gulf War casualties.
During the years that followed Gulf War I, federal defenders of war, health, and injustice superficially examined conceivable biological, chemical, and pharmacological causes for our losses. They systematically avoided evidence and scientific debate connecting Gulf War Syndrome and its array of related diseases to untested, unapproved, and even experimental vaccinations. Instead, military-medical-pharmaceutical companies that produced suspected biological weapons, chemical toxins (including pesticides), and dangerous drugs, were placed briefly and superficially under investigators scrutiny.
During this military-medical history-making period, commoners rarely made connections between spreading Gulf War Illnesses and new emerging diseases-unprecedented infectious ailments including transmissible chronic fatigue, escalating cancer rates, and more lethal flu-like conditions including mycoplasma-related pneumonias. Like AIDS, these new plagues appeared to take advantage of "idiopathic" immunological failures. These, and subsequent "opportunistic infections," began striking increasing numbers of American families during the 1990s. A small minority of alternatively-minded well-educated persons, including many physicians and scientists, grasped the full horror this spreading epidemic. However, these people were marginalized by the media-much like the victims of a "propaganda war."
"Non-lethal warfare" is [a] misnomer. It is highly lethal, but not instantaneously so. It differs, in this way, from traditional military methods of killing. . . . Highly regarded contemporary "non-lethality options" include exposing targeted populations to combinations of chemicals and/or biological agents-pathogenic "cofactors" that cause multiple illnesses simultaneously and in various ways.
This unfortunate media malpractice was what military strategists consider an integral part of the most profitable, slowest, and inhumane method of killing called "non-lethal warfare." Virtual media and congressional circuses provided the "cover" under which Gulf War Illnesses spread during the following years. Today, it continues to inflict its toll on America and elsewhere.
"Non-lethal warfare" is consistently quoted herein to denote its misnomer. It is highly lethal, but not instantaneously so. It differs, in this way, from traditional military methods of killing. Moreover, unlike customary offensives that largely depend on effective propaganda for war-waging, covert "non-lethal" actions may entirely depend on media manipulations for its success.
Highly regarded contemporary "non-lethality options" include exposing targeted populations to combinations of chemicals and/or biological agents-pathogenic "cofactors" that cause multiple illnesses simultaneously and in various ways; making it virtually impossible to pin the blame on any one thing or any one exposure. Informally, this is known in U.S. military circles as the "Russian biological cocktail" method of delivering slow but sure disability and death. The chronic ailments commonly resulting from such multiple toxic "non-lethal weapons" exposures is also the most financially taxing or rewarding, depending on whose side you are on. Rebuilding properties and populations following wars is, after all, a highly lucrative enterprise for many industrialists. It does, however, leave attacked nation-states economically devastated and multi-nationally co-dependant.
Many people subscribe to the wisdom to, "Always follow the money!" when researching political culpability questions. This edict might also be successfully applied to investigations of the root causes of war and its outcomes. In these matters, many citizens privately question links between war's multi-national corporate sponsors and Washington's policy-making "prostitutes." Publicly, such debate is curiously censored. When, for instance, on Capitol Hill before Rep. Dan Burton's Committee on Government Reform, during testimony linking skyrocketing rates of autism (i.e., Autistic Spectrum Disorder) to vaccine toxicity, and financial links between specific pharmaceutical suspects and federal policy makers, discussion was instantly halted, and this author berated. The acting chairman, Rep. Shays of Connecticut, literally stopped the hearing to defend suspected villains in federal and pharmaceutical industry positions. Generally, such introspection concerning the institutionalization of war, and "national security" or "public health" policy profiteering, is politically discouraged-off limits to members of congress and the media's mainstream. (See: Submitted Congressional Testimony by this author on "Socio-Economic and Political Correlates and Antecedents to Epidemic Autism" featured at; and "Disease Deities on Capitol Hill Address Autism: Vaccine Injuries Reflect a Deeper Political Pathology at
"Many physicians and scientists grasped the full horror of this spreading epidemic. Yet these people were marginalized by the media-much like victims of a "propaganda war." This unfortunate response was strikingly similar to what military strategists consider an integral part of the most profitable, slowest, and inhumane method of killing called "non-lethal warfare."
Reflecting on "Operation Desert Storm" and its aftermath, provides compelling evidence that allows us to make reasonable, if not prophetic, projections regarding the new Gulf War Syndrome. What we can and cannot expect to hear politically in the coming months and years that will engage and entertain the masses regarding these illnesses is largely predictable by examining this history.
On this website, you will review "politically-incorrect" documentation compiled previously by this and other independent investigators. This will provide a context into which we can place, and view, current events to gain broader perspectives. From these, and what is currently unfolding, we can make logical predictions concerning Gulf War Syndrome II, its medico-political causes and potential cures. In this way, we can potentially help all its victims.
Much of this information is aversive, if not detestable. It is all, however, diagnostically therapeutic. The mission of these revelations is most certainly to benefit humanity with diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive strategies based on accurate intelligence. Ultimately, we provide alternative political and healthcare prescriptions to treat the Gulf War Illnesses-Syndromes I and II.
It is unlikely that that the dire predictions made herein, for the benefit of public health and military security, may be averted simply by grassroots activism. Still, this is the mission of this educational website, and for encouraging the free circulation of its contents. In this way, we contributors might prove ourselves partially, if not largely, wrong. The bane of prophets and professional prophesy is that accurate predictions may not come to pass, averted by rising public awareness and alternative choice-making. In this way, contributors and circulators of this information hope to undermine our own credibility by shining the light of truth into the abyss of government and media censorship. This, we hope, will expel such evil from current military engagements, war enterprises, and from allegedly "preventive" public health policies including mass vaccinations.
Background and Biases
As the primary author of this compilation of information, therefore, your "tour guide on this website, I should give you some background on myself, as well as potential biases in my orientation to this subject for your fairer assessment. I have written more than thirteen published books, and dozens of scientific peer reviewed articles in the health science and health education domains. I am most noted for my national best-selling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional?
(For more background on this book read reviews at:
This work has gathered widespread critical acclaim as has my more recent book, released months before 9/11/01 when the world was less inclined to engage in such discussions-Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Wafare. (See:
I am also widely known for taking controversial positions on issues affecting the public's health and safety, and am frequently invited to do so on national radio and television programs. I recently had three such opportunities on FOX News national regarding the suspicious West Nile Virus outbreaks and worse, toxic pesticide spraying programs that followed and were ongoing at the time of this writing. I am occasionally disparaged for being a "holistic" thinker, and natural heathcare advocate. The holistic view of health care seems most rational to me having advanced my formal education in this regard by completing a post-doctoral Harvard public health degree program specializing in media persuasion for health promotion. Later I completed an additional masters program in holistic health studies, healthy human development, and motivational psychology from Beacon College. I have also taught medical and dental histology (i.e., microanatomy) on the faculty of Tufts University. All of this has allowed me to view headline news, emerging diseases, and political repercussions with some amount of healthy skepticism and academic expertise. This, along with years of independent research as a health science and U.S. Government cover-up investigator, has enabled me on many occasions to accurately predict future events impacting the public's health. (See: Examples include my six-months earlier predetermination of Larry Wayne Harris' use as a threatened "bioterrorist" by the CIA. Harris, an active CIA counterintelligence operative, was arrested on anthrax bioterrorism charges in Las Vegas, Nevada in the summer of 1997, perfectly timed to support President's Clinton's campaign for issuing renewed war with Iraq. They even emphasized Saddam Hussein's biological weapons threats and America's need to oust this villain due to increasing domestic threats of bioterrorism.
"Reading the media's propaganda . . . compelled me to urgently visit my local FBI headquarters to prompt an immediate pharmaceutical conspiracy investigation related to anthrax. This was one week before the first mention of any anthrax mailings was made by the press!"
An additional noteworthy and accurate prediction was made by this author in late September, 2001, not long after the 9/11 alleged Muslim "attacks on America." Reading the media's propaganda (in this case Peter Jennings' extraordinary report-an infomercial-on CIPRO for anthrax frights on ABC's Nightly News) compelled me to urgently visit my local FBI headquarters to prompt an immediate pharmaceutical conspiracy investigation related to anthrax. This was one week before the first mention of any anthrax mailings was made by the press! Despite the FBI's urgent request for health scientists and professionals to call in with their leads, it took six months before I was even interrogated by federal agents. This strongly suggests the complicity of our leading federal investigators as my numerous published reports evidence. (See: for a special report submitted to more than 1,500 members of FBI and 8,500 national news media editors and journalists. This definitive report has, to date, been virtually entirely neglected by both alleged public defenders.)
When agents finally arrived to question me, they relayed being instructed to treat me as an "anthrax mailings suspect," not a source of the accurate predictive intelligence. Likely explanation: the evidence I provided implicated the CIA in collusion with opulent military-pharmaceutical industrialists who were also high level members of the Bush administration.
Moreover, following the first Gulf War, retired Captain, then Army reserve nurse, Joyce Riley, ailing from her own toxic exposures to vaccinations, addressed Gulf War Illnesses and issues on several national radio programs. Her extraordinary dedication and exhausting efforts to bring attention and care to ailing Gulf War veterans gained her professional respect and international recognition, particularly following her co-founding of the American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA) and the establishment of its website (See: Nurse Riley, entertainer Dave von Kleist and the rest of her organization, drew attention to a videotape that evidenced a cover-up by the Pentagon concerning denied exposures of Gulf War troops to biological and/or chemical weapons, or combinations thereof. One videotape she was sent by American servicemen in Iraq proved American companies had shipped biological and chemical weapons to Iraq, with some likely being used against our own troops. This was published for the public in "Gulf War Syndrome: The Spreading Epidemic Coverup"
(See: and other fine videotapes featuring Ret. Captain Riley.) Though never shown on network television, within months of publishing this evidence, along with additional video footage of exploding weapons arsenals raining clouds of their contents upon Operation Desert Storm troops, CIA officials launched a brilliant counterintelligence campaign.
The CIA, Deadly Vaccines, and Gulf War Syndrome Propaganda
The CIA's propaganda campaign directly targeted Riley's revelations, as well as those of tenured University of Texas Professors Garth and Nancy Nicolson. At the time Captain Riley was establishing her international credibility, news reports concerning mycoplasma infections in Gulf War veterans were prompted by the Nicolsons which largely discredited the Pentagon's propaganda.
Military spokespersons had held, quite expectedly, that no biological and chemical weapons exposures had occurred during the Gulf War. Alternatively, they argued for months with downright denials of anything amiss, that Gulf War Illnesses were the result of cross-reacting environmental chemicals. These, they said, possibly included pesticides containing Deet, and pyridostigmine bromine-a neurotoxin and neurochemical antagonist. This agent, it was later determined, was distributed experimentally to unwitting troops during the Persian Gulf War to allegedly prevent nerve gas exposures from having their greatest impact.
Think about this officially sanctioned policy alone, and its implications concerning the use of experimentally contaminated, or simply accidentally contaminated, vaccines provided to Gulf War troops. In the case of pyridostigmine bromine, rather than quick deaths occurring from nerve gas exposures resulting in cardio-respiratory failures, chronic ailments would be alternatively induced for living veterans. Indeed, both of these represent classic examples of the modernized military policy dubbed "non-lethal warfare." Sadly, this has become the method of choice for contemporary military strategists planning to leave targeted populations heavily dependant, if not entirely enslaved, to vested interests of the global petrochemical military-medical-pharmaceutical cartel. With threatened exposures of such policy, you might now understand why CIA officials were ultimately called in to manage the chaos.
"As many as 17 different live viral and killed bacterial vaccines," the government reported, several of them experimental, were administered to military personnel before travelling overseas."
Professor Nicolson's story was much like the one of Dr. Mary Sherman in Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus told by respected New Orleans investigative journalist Ed Haslem. In both cases, CIA affiliates engaged in infectious disease intelligence gathering and cancer research using laboratory-made biological weapons. In both cases, agents for the crytocracy sabotaged the laboratories of reputable investigators. Mary Sherman's murder, and simultaneous laboratory fire, occurred days before Warren Commissioners, now known to have covered up clues in their Kennedy assassination inquiry on behalf of the CIA, visited the city of New Orleans. Dr. Sherman's laboratory was affiliated with Tulane University Medical School and the Alton Ochsner Cancer Clinic. (See: "Virus Makers of the CIA" by Cantwell, Nicolson, Haslem, Horowitz, and Emory at Like Mary Sherman, Dr. Garth Nicolson, and his wife Nancy-also a researcher academically respected for her brilliant work in pathogen evolution and "gene tracking"-had their University of Texas labs vandalized just as the couple were about to reveal the full extent of pathogenic mycoplasma contaminations in 5,000 blood samples taken from veterans with Gulf War Illnesses. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Nicolson was ousted from his tenured position on the medical school's faculty, which urgently required him to move his laboratory operations to California's Institute for Molecular Medicine where it is today. (See:
The CIA was undoubtedly troubled by a series of scientific peer-reviewed and lay articles by the Nicolsons linking Gulf War Syndrome I to mycoplasma infections with associated chronic fatigue and immune suppression. They petitioned the Pentagon to expand its limited consideration of secondary factors-the highly publicized drug and chemical reactions alleged to have caused the malady. The Nicolson's believed that skud missiles, or the demolition of chemical and/or biological weapons arsenals, might have contributed to secondary infections and chemical toxicities, but they insisted mycoplasma was the principle pathogen underlying all the Gulf War Illnesses. They also knew, as did most other well-informed investigators, that mycoplasma has an infamous reputation of being one of the most common vaccine contaminants. Therefore, contaminated vaccinations were the likeliest cause of the spreading pandemic.
Unfortunately, contaminated vaccines and their myriad side effects also potentially represent the most valuable weapon with which to wage "Non-lethal Warfare" and even genocide, as will be discussed in greater detail below.
The thesis of vaccine culpability was additionally supported by the fact that among the allied forces, exclusively French troops whose commanders refused the battery of "required" military vaccinations failed to develop the pathology.
As many as 17 different live viral and killed bacterial vaccines," the government reported, several of them experimental, were administered to military personnel before traveling overseas. These included polio, cholera, hepatitis B, adenovirus, influenza, measles, mumps, rubella, meningococcus, plague, rabies, tetanus, diphtheria, typhoid, yellow fever, anthrax, and an experimental botulinium toxoid.
Surely the likelihood of pathogenic mycoplasma contamination of one or more of these vaccines deserved serious consideration by defense department officials. They simply refused to even discuss the possibility with the Nicolsons, Captain Riley and others.
"Rather than quick deaths . . . chronic ailments would be induced for living veterans. Indeed, this could be a classic example of "non-lethal warfare"-a method of choice for contemporary military strategists planning to leave targeted populations heavily dependant, if not entirely enslaved, to vested interests of the global petrochemical military-medical-pharmaceutical cartel."
With publicity peaking for these parties, the CIA suddenly emerged as official public informants with shocking headline news. The Pentagon, they said, had been "covering-up." Indeed, Gulf War troops had been exposed to potentially toxic and lethal biological and/or chemical weapons officials finally said. This captivating admission, however, effectively led the Gulf War Syndrome debate, and prime time media news coverage, away from suspected vaccinations.
The CIA's announcement had, in fact, only verified what had already been circulating for months-evidence of biological and chemical weapons exposures. With this intelligent move, the media began chasing a "red herring." Virtually all mainstream media attention given to mycoplasma contaminated vaccinations ceased. The CIA had effectively slammed the lid on Pentagon's "Pandora's box." They distracted the public from the unsettling truth about vaccine contaminations and their potentially horrific effects.
Besides distracting the public in this way, the intelligence agency had effected the Hegelian dialectic. That is, the thesis-antithesis-synthesis propaganda method wherein: 1) The Pentagon's thesis was countered by 2) the CIA's antithesis, with the end result being, 3) synthesis-mass confusion with eventual public disinterest.
This represented a classic example of "managed chaos." It also effectively kept investigators off track-ignorant of "non-lethality" options for what will be discussed later concerning "population control."
Contaminated Vaccines and CFIDS
Following months of research, the Nicolsons concluded that Gulf War Syndrome I had been spreading beyond members of the military. This made sense. Soldiers were not the only ones being vaccinated, albeit the total numbers of vaccinations receive in so short a time was astonishing, if not recklessly irresponsible. Around that time, chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS) had also become epidemic in numbers-especially among school teachers in the Lake Tahoe region who were given hepatitis B vaccines. This research was being responsibly investigated by John W. Martin, M.D., Ph.D. at his Center for Complex Infectious Diseases in Rosemead, CA (See:
Dr. Martin had provided the foreword to the national bestselling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional? Here, having worked tirelessly with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testing human vaccines for contamination between 1976 and 1980, he concluded virtually all live viral vaccines were potentially contaminated with extraneous pathogens including viruses and possibly "stealth viruses," and that government agencies simply refused to eliminate them. He later informed this author that, indeed, mycoplasma was among the most common vaccine contaminants. Dr. Martin advanced his concerns in scientific papers that vaccine contaminations that included "stealth viruses" may be circulating throughout the population possibly explaining, aside from mycoplasma infections, the emergence of many relatively-new autoimmune diseases and other immunological dysfunctions including AIDS.
Pathogenic Mycoplasma and Spreading Gulf War Syndromes
Mycoplasma, however, continued to be a leading suspect in the search for the main culprit. Clearly, common GWS-related ailments like chronic fatigue, aching joints, sking rashes, night sweats, and headaches seemed to be spreading to people who had not been exposed to pyridostigmine bromine or DEET. Transmission reports included those who were believed to have been exposed to infected equipment and clothing. Spread occurred between spouses, and then to children, healthcare professionals, and even pets.
By 1995, Gulf War Illnesses had spread massively throughout the civilian population leaving people more susceptible to opportunistic infections, most commonly vicious colds and potentially terminal flues. By the late 1990s, most families had one or more members unable to recall ever being sick as much as this. Across North America people were hacking and coughing for weeks if not months. Multiple physicians' visits and courses of antibiotics seemed marginally helpful at best. Following a little stress, the fatigue returned as did the respiratory distress and flu-like symptoms.
Hugh McManners, a defense correspondent at the London Sunday Times wrote how British immunologists had linked the GWS to vaccines and the chemical exposures that followed their administration. Their report, published in the prestigious Lancet, finally opened the door to massive compensation claims filed on behalf of ailing veterans. "For six years, former soldiers have battled to prove that the drug cocktails [and vaccinations] they were given to protect them against disease and chemical weapons were to blame for their illnesses," McManners reported.
"The drug cocktails suppressed one part of the body's immune system, known as Th1, which combats viruses and cancers. At the same time Th2, a part of the immune system which normally reacts mildly against pollen or house dust mites, was made hypersensitive to outside irritants."
Professor Graham Rook and Dr. Alimuddin Zumla, who made the reported breakthrough, also believed his findings could "lead to an effective treatment . . ."
The "devastating" effects of the vaccinations combined with insecticides were explained by Dr. Rook this way:
"The drug cocktails suppressed one part of the body's immune system, known as Th1, which combats viruses and cancers. At the same time Th2, a part of the immune system which normally reacts mildly against pollen or house dust mites, was made hypersensitive to outside irritants. This double effect meant that soldiers were more likely to succumb to common diseases, while also suffering extreme allergic reactions to harmless elements in the atmosphere. . . . A systematic shift towards Th2 leads to patients developing more diseases, particularly chronic virus infections, as their Th1 protection is diminished . . . There is also an increase in allergic symptoms prompted by increases in Th2 reactions, and mood changes which we can attribute to the corresponding changes in their hormone and cytokine levels. This explains the extraordinary diversity of symptoms seen in the Gulf War veterans."
(McManners H. Scientists link GulfWar Illnesses to vaccines and drugs. London Sunday Times, June 22, 1997; See also: page 301, Ref. 26 for additional evidence in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse by L. Horowitz and J. Puleo available at
Many of the vaccines given to British and American troops in the Gulf, including cholera, anthrax and bubonic plague, were believed to cause the precise immune system changes described by Rook. This knowledge also jibed with Dr. Nicolson's testimony before the United States House of Representatives' inquiry into GWS, except for one thing-mycoplasma was not mentioned despite the fact that Nicolson had detected this most common vaccine contaminant "deep inside the blood leukocytes of approximately one-half of the GWS patients examined, including 2 out of 3 British Desert Storm veterans with GWS.
Transmitting Lies and Microbes Internationally
Dr. Nicolson at that time was the David Bruton Jr. Chair in Cancer Research, and Professor at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. He was also a Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Texas Medical School. Regarding mycoplasma, he told investigating committees of congress that, "Dr. Steven Joseph, Assistant Secretary of Defense, has stated
in letters to Congress that this type of infection is commonly found not dangerous and is not even listed as a human pathogen. These statements could not be further from the truth. The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, the U.S. military's medical school, has been teaching for years that this type of infection, although rare in the U.S. population, is very dangerous and can colonize major organs and can lead to system-wide organ failure and death."
American-made biological and chemical weapons had been shipped to Saddam Hussein by American firms. Chief among them . . . was the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) of Rockville, Maryland. Worse, and more damning, . . many officials also knew the vaccines given to U.S. military personnel were possibly tainted and potentially lethal.
The thesis advanced by Horowitz et al, initially in Virus Makers of the CIA, and later in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, held that the Central Intelligence Agency had acted in concert with the Pentagon to obscure critical GWS-contaminated vaccine data-a thesis that had gained some support in the New York Times first in 1996. Then, the paper asserted Defense secretary assistant Joseph was apparently involved in a related Pentagon-wide cover-up that sources said extended to the CIA. It was later learned that all of the military's Gulf War vaccination records had also been inexplicably lost.
By 1997 there was even more official incentives for burying the truth. The Washington Post and St. Louis Post-Dispatch both reported that top Pentagon officials knew that American-made biological and chemical weapons had been shipped to Saddam Hussein by American firms. Chief among the biological weapons suppliers was the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) of Rockville, Maryland. Worse, and more damning, was the fact that many officials also knew the vaccines given to U.S. military personnel were possibly tainted and potentially lethal!
The greatest revelations concerning the ATCC occurred during a U.S. Senate committee investigation of Gulf War Illnesses the 1994, chaired by Senator Donald Riegle. Revelations here included a listing of more than 70 ATCC seed stock shipments of potential biological weapons to Iraq including 19 shipments of weapons-grade anthrax and at least two shipments of the West Nile Virus. Odd, then, that the media's mainstream consistently insisted that this later agent had never been seen in North America prior to 1999 when it was said to have broken out in New York. It had, in fact, been shipped to Rockefeller University labs for research and mutational developments as early as 1938. (For more details see:
"The CIA had effectively slammed the lid on Pentagon's 'Pandora's box.'"
More on Rockefeller-related undertakings was learned from Rockefeller University past president, and ATCC director, Dr. Joshua Lederberg. Senator Riegle concluded from these hearings that virtually all ATCC shipments made by the "non-profit group in Rockville, MD . . . were approved by . . . the Commerce Department between 1985 and 1989 despite longstanding suspicions that Iraq had been involved in biological warfare." Lederberg, ATCC official and investigational group leader for the Pentagon during this time, concluded on behalf of his benefactors that no American service personnel in the Gulf had been exposed to biological warfare material. Internal documents subpoenaed by Riegle's group, and the CIA's later admissions, prove him a liar, if not a traitor to the United States.
Policies and Procedures on Behalf of Political Elites
Dedicated congressional observers might conclude, however, that despite the series of high profile committee hearings into Gulf War Syndrome I, with many insightful and seriously incriminating evidences exposed in alleged pursuits of injustice, legislators and class action attorneys have remained completely impotent in bringing implicated officials and corporations to justice for having triggered these vaccine-related illnesses.
Moreover, medical intelligence sources might have even been able to calculate, in advance of the Persian Gulf War, based on other published report, the number of vaccine-induced casualties expected from massive vaccination campaigns and resulting toxicities including mycoplasma infections. Huntsville prison studies documented below lend support for this statement, as does the standard operating procedure within the Defense Department. Their medical microbiology service, according to testimony provided congress, was reported to:
Provide for the required surveillance, testing, upgrading, and evaluation of materials and items in order to assure absence of defects and complete predictability of results to be expected under operational conditions." (See page 303, Ref. 32 of Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse by L. Horowitz and J. Puleo at
Pathogenic mycoplasma was, after all, no ordinary germ, and under operational conditions of military vaccine administration, its mortality and morbidity determinations were important, if not critical, to the health of our armed forces. Unless, that is, treasonous agents were acting within the military-medical-pharmaceutical infrastructure of America's defense department.
Legislators and class action attorneys have remained completely impotent in bringing implicated parties to justice for having triggered these vaccine-related Gulf War illnesses.
In fact, after evading the issue before a Congressional investigating committee, General Norman Schwarzkopf finally let the truth slip one day during a lecture in Las Vegas. Here he admitted that vaccines were the primary cause of GWS. This regional news never made the media's mainstream.
In the final analysis, the Pentagon, a Texas vaccine manufacturer reportedly connected to George H.W. Bush, and a little-known defense-contracting cabal likely linked to the Carlyle Group, violated the FDA's vaccine testing requirements. This was especially evidenced by military approvals provided to untrustworthy drug firms for experimental AIDS vaccine studies on unwitting soldiers.
The FDA had provided the Defense Department with the protocols required to "assure" military safety, but they were not followed, according to press reports.
Repeating Medical History for the Ongoing American Genocide
It is sobering to reflect on America's military presence in Bosnia, allegedly required to stem the tide of ethnic genocide. The following facts document additional victims of genocide-defined as "the mass killing of people for politics, ideology, or profit"-in the U.S. military, if not the entire American population. . . .
How so?
Dr. Michael A. Friedman, the FDA's leading deputy commissioner, in a letter to Dr. Edward A. Martin, acting assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, dated July 22, 1997, wrote:
"The deviations in Bosnia show that DoD has not corrected its procedures to prevent the recurrence of problems in the use of investigational products [especially referring to vaccines] that arose during the Persian Gulf War. . . . The deviations . . . do not give us confidence that DoD is, at present, capable of carrying out its obligations under investigational new drug applications for drugs and biologics [vaccines] that are intended to provide potential protection to deployed military personnel. . . . W e have previously discussed most of these concerns with various DoD personnel over the last several years. . . . We are concerned that a number of the lessons that should have been learned from the Gulf War have not led to corrections that should have been demonstrated in Bosnia. . . ." (Ref: Funk D. Pentagon slammed for testing drugs on troops/FDA still hasn't learned from Gulf War Mistakes. Navy Times, Oct. 27, 1997, p. 1.)
In fact, the mycoplasma germ(s) likely contaminating experimental and standard vaccines given to American troops may have been intentionally developed contaminated; then administered to effect outcomes consistent with "non-lethal warfare," as defined earlier.
It is clear that mycoplasma research and development was ongoing at the University of Maryland wherein Dr. Robert Gallo, infamous co-discoverer or co-creator of the AIDS virus currently collaborates on AIDS vaccine-related research.
"We are concerned that a number of the lessons that should have been learned from the Gulf War have not led to corrections that should have been demonstrated in Bosnia."
In Horowitz and Martin's text (See: Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola at, Gallo is exposed for having officiated Litton Bionetics-a leading biological weapons contractor from the 1960s through to the present. In published contracts reprinted in their book, Gallo et. al., are proven to have produced various strains of mutant monkey and human viruses that were descriptively and functionally identical to HIV and the simian immunodeficiency viruses (SIVs) even before 1970! This university neighbors Bethesda, the NIH, NCI, Pentagon and Fort Detrick-America's premier biological weapons testing center, and home to the National Cancer Institute, that has yet to develop a cure for cancer, but consistently works to undermine the credibility of cancer researchers who attempt to advance reported cancer cures. (See: for such an example of a little known, low risk, low cost, and highly effective skin cancer purgative never investigated, but discredited, by NCI officials.)
Returning to infectious mycoplasma in contaminated vaccines and the ongoing American genocide, Captain Riley verified that:
"[M]ycoplasma was used as a research item on private citizens by the University of Maryland in 1970. I have the actual ad from the newspaper back in 1970 that says it was a vaccine safety test. It says, "If you would like to come to our pleasant surroundings and make $20 per day at the University of Maryland, etc." I have talked with participants in that test who are today very ill with GWI symptoms. . . . [Emphasis was added to draw your attention to the early date, two decades before the first Gulf War.]
Scientists have been using [mutant strains of] mycoplasma experimentally as a transmission agent because they are transferred very easily . . . throughout the population, and it doesn't cause much of an immediate problem if you have a strong immune system."
Mycoplasma and New Respiratory Illnesses Including SARS
The figure below documents a patent on the most important "pathogenic mycoplasma." The developer was the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology "inventor" Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo. Lo assigned the rights and royalties on the patent to AFIP's American Registry of Pathology in Washington, D.C. As detailed herein, this lethal germ had been genetically engineered during the mid-1980s by Lo and colleagues. They initially isolated the germ from AIDS patients. They planned to use it later to detect antibodies in HIV carriers as well as to develop vaccines against mycoplasma.
Mycoplasma, for the reasons Dr. Nicolson described, and their "stealth virus"-like capacity to evade the immune system thereby being very difficult to identify and treat, had been routinely used by top secret biological weapons researchers and genetic engineers as early as 1970 as shown in the next figure. The following is a list of experiments conducted on Huntsville Prison inmates in Texas in collaboration with Baylor University School of Medicine. This school, by the way, was also administratively linked to George H.W. Bush, one of the Board of Advisors of the University. This information holds further implications as detailed below. While reading this list, note the date and title of the first "mycoplasma vaccine" study was September 10, 1970, and included pneumonia. This has relevance to the currently outbreaking Gulf War Syndrome II, which Pentagon officials have stated sources from an unidentified form of bacterial pneumonia.
It should be noted that Mycoplasma is considered a cross between a bacteria and a virus. Many current investigators believe it is another man-made laboratory creation since it is relatively new in the history of microbiology. It is, therefore, reasonable to postulate mycoplasma infections, associated with most of the symptoms and conditions recorded by Dr. Martin during his "stealth virus" investigations, may be mycoplasma related, or that the "stealth virus" may be a part of the larger mycoplasma microbe or even engaged in the latter's life cycle.. Other mycoplasma-associated illnesses include many autoimmune ailments additionally related to "stealth virus" infections, all of which have increased dramatically in recent years.
Moreover, serious respiratory ailments described by Lo in his mycoplasma patent report are highly reminiscent of SARS, as well as Gulf War Sydrome II respiratory illnesses. (For official reports on GWS II-associated pneumonia, see the articles section of this website
Regarding SARS, the evidence compiled here, and in Dr. Lo's published report entitled "Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome with or Without Systemic Disease Associated with Infections Due to Mycoplasma fermentans, in the journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases in 1993, strongly suggests that these two ailments may be related or one-and-the-same. Although SARS is reportedly associated with coronavirus infections, these "SARS agents" may be secondary infections-simply opportunistic germs that thrive from Mycoplasma fermentans-induced primary immunosuppression with "respiratory distress syndrome."
Thus, the suspicious emergence of SARS, adequately analyzed at for its political and economic consequences as well as the inordinate amount of press given it, may be best understood as an outcome of "non-lethal warfare." If this military-mycoplasma thesis is accurate, and solid science heavily supports it, then the media's "fright campaign" for SARS, which is undoubtedly expected to return periodically, provides excellent cover counterintelligence to prepare the mass mind for many severe respiratory illnesses emerging primarily as a result of contaminated vaccine usage.
Huntsville Pneumonia Studies Foreshadowing GWS & SARS
Next, notice the second Huntsville mycoplasma experiment that is listed above along with its date and type. The reference to "hall study," likely implies airborne exposures of inmates in a room or hallway approximately eight months following their alleged "immunizations."
Additionally, note the central focus of this list of Hunstville Prison studies is respiratory ailments. Notice even exotic and Asian flues are under scrutiny here, as are Adenoviruses associated with common colds which, like SARS, may evolve into lethal pneumonias in immune-compromised persons.
"Serious respiratory ailments described by Lo in his mycoplasma patent report are highly reminiscent of SARS, as well as Gulf War Sydrome II respiratory ailments."
According to Lo, "Mycoplasma fermentans incognitas," the primary strain Dr. Nicolson found infecting fifty-percent of vets with GWS, "may be either a causative agent of these diseases or a cofactor in these diseases." In addition, according to Lo's patent report, this species of mycoplasma produced "cytoplasmic degeneration" and "vacuolization" of infected cells-virtually identical to that observed by Dr. Martin in "stealth virus" infections.
Mycoplasma, AIDS, Cancers and Gulf War Illnesses
Dr. Lo's patent filing also revealed a fascinating and heavily suppressed finding regarding HIV infections. As many researchers have previously concluded, "HIV does not cause AIDS," although it may be associated with immunosuppression. The primary disease and symptom producer in AIDS, as well as some cancers, may be Mycoplasma fermentans (incognitas strain), according to the germ's patent holder. Here's how Dr. Lo explained it:
The human retroviruses have not fulfilled Koch's postulates, i.e., producing transmissible AIDS-like diseases in experimental animals. HTLV-III/LAV (HIV) is not associated with the unusual malignancies such as B-cell lymphoma and Kaposi's sarcoma, commonly found in patients with AIDS. Shaw, G. M., et al., Science 226:1165-1171, 1984; Delli Bovi, P. et al., Cancer Research, 46:6333-6338, 1986; Groopman, J. E., et al., Blood 67:612-615, 1986. Furthermore, HIV infected patients often show a wide variation in times of disease incubation and speed of disease progression. It is not known whether any specific infectious agent other than HIV can be responsible for the complex pathogenesis often seen in this disease. One such candidate, initially identified as a virus or virus-like infectious agent in patent application Ser. No. 265,920 [their earlier American Registry of Pathology assignment] has now been discovered to be mycoplasma M. fermentans (incognitas strain).
If that's not enlightening enough, and discouraging for those diagnosed with CFIDS or Gulf War Syndrome I or II, in a 1993 "Respiratory Distress Syndrome" report published by Lo and others in the prestigious journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, the prognosis for those suffering from Mycoplasma fermentans, solely relying on pharmaceutical treatments, was bleak. Lo summarized it thusly:
Although mycoplasmal agents are susceptible to antibiotics, eradication of the organisms from infected hosts is difficult. Antibiotic treatments of systemic M. fermentans infections may be difficult. Antibiotic therapy may relieve symptoms effectively but may leave a residual, persistent infection. Once treatment is stopped, the organisms may reactivate. Thus, "cure" of mycoplasmal infection may depend on an intact immune system in the host. Unfortunately, mycoplasmal infections alter the host's immune functions. . . " Moreover, they concluded, "We believe there is a wide spectrum of disease presentation following M. fermentans infection ranging from chronic debilitating illness to a fulminant course. . . . Continuing studies that focus on the development of more sensitive assays to detect M. fermentans infections and on increasing our understanding of the biology of this newly-emerging human pathogen are important."
It is well known that immunosuppression followed by pneumonia (pneumocystis carni type) are clinically diagnostic for HIV-infections and AIDS, according to government health officials. Curiously, M. fermentans infections are likewise related to these modern maladies, and may be best explained as an iatrogenic illness and outcome of research that began in the late 1960s, as documented in earlier publications by this author and others. (See: Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, and Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare at
Below, for instance, are two relevant government documents. The first is a 1970 Department of Defense appropriations request for $10 million to fund the development of precisely such biological weapons that might "lead to yet another method of massive killing of large populations."
The above military request and dialogue correlates well with the next figure detailing the likeliest recipients of these appropriations, and their actual contract for developing and testing numerous AIDS-like viruses for immunosuppression, cancer induction, and biological weapons research and development. Here, Dr. Gallo is listed here as a "Project Officer" for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) while officiating this study which organizationally began on Feb. 12, 1962 at the onset of the Special Virus Cancer Program.
Huntsville Studies and the Genocidal Germ Cabal
Based on Dr. Lo's revelations, and those made in the above two sections, it is not surprising that Dr. Nicolson found the AIDS-virus envelope gene attached to M. fermentans incognitas in many Gulf War vets that came to him for treatment. He has casually referred to this as a "hyper-weaponized form of mycoplasma."
Nor was it surprising that Gulf War troops' likeliest exposure to this agent came from a medical war-the "war on AIDS." The book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, reprints a letter from Dr. Nicolson addressed to a Texas Department of Corrections official in which the former advised the later against any further participation in apparently lethal vaccination programs conducted on inmates by the U.S. Army and Tanox Biosystems of Houston-a "spin-off company of Baylor College of Medicine." Dr. Nicolson wrote, "We strongly suspect that Biological Warfare agents (weaponized mycoplasmas) were being illegally tested in the Walls Unit, but the evidence is circumstantial."
As noted above, research conducted by Baylor investigators on Huntsville Prison inmates beginning in 1968. Detailed accounts show that Mycoplasma inoculations as well as vaccination studies were funded under U.S. Army contracts and were listed as having begun in 1970-precisely synchronous with Dr. Gallo's work at Litton Bionetics with AIDS-like viruses, and the military's request for just such a population killer.
One of several "cancer" contracts given to Baylor's School of Medicine beginning in 1968 is shown below. Further implicating this genocidal germ-making cabal, this contract is noted as funding "Studies on Viruses as Related to Cancer with Emphasis on Leukemia." HIV/AIDS is well known to be associated with viral oncology, leukemias, lymphomas, and sarcomas occurring largely as a result of immunosuppression and mycoplasma co-infections. Notice these objectives and the "major findings" of this Baylor study. When placed along side the earlier Baylor investigation, ongoing at that precise time in Huntsville Prison, the implications are sobering. This contract's objective is, "To isolate, propagate and identify viral agents to provide evidence of association with human neoplasia [cancer] and (2) to continue to hold and observe primates inoculated with suspected cancer viruses or cancer tissues. [Emphasis added.]
This objective-the holding and observation of primates could be readily accomplished in the Huntsville Prison where human primates were housed. Typically, in related contracts, during this period of cancer research, when monkeys were used, the contracts specifically stated "nonhuman primates." The absence of this clarification strongly suggests humans-Huntsville Prisoners-were the experimental subjects.
In this genocidal regard, it is also interesting to see the contract denotes Jack Gruber, Dr. Gallo's superior officer at the NCI, as overseeing this project for the Institute, and in the full text, Litton Bionetics-the company with whom Dr. Gallo co-engineered numerous AIDS-like viruses-is cited on the contract adjacent to Baylor's.
Further raising the spectre of pharmaceutically-administered genocide, the excerpt reprinted below from Baylor's international cancer research contract included herpes virus type 2 studies. These Baylor experiments were said to have involved "Christian," "Muslim," Black, and Jewish women with cervical cancer tendencies. Other studies ongoing at the time included the herpes-type viruses, including Epstein Barr and cytomegalovirus currently associated with similar forms of cancer widely associated with HIV/AIDS, many cases of GWS, and the entire CFIDS epidemic. Infectious CFIDS was virtually non-existent before 1968, that is, before these studies began.
Bush, Baker and Global Genocide?
Based on reputable sources, George Bush's Secretary of State, James Baker III-the current President Bush's Florida vote recount director, was said to have owned part of the vaccine manufacturer against whom ailing Gulf War veterans have filed suit. Moreover, Mr. Bush is said to have been a major shareholder in that company-Tanox Biosystems of Houston.
In fact, Bush became a director of the Tanox affiliated Baylor College of Medicine after leaving his CIA directorship. Tanox is also closely linked to Dr. Lo's employer-The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.
Further, what would seem inconceivable without the documents reprinted in the figures above, Tanox tested their mycoplasma vaccines on Huntsville prisoners. As a result, the prisoners developed Gulf War Syndrome long before the Gulf War, by 1970. Thus, GWS could have been, and probably was, predicted and politically effected.
Additional victims, discussed in the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse by Horowitz and Puleo, were those with whom the prisoners made contact. This information was derived from a class action lawsuit ongoing at the time of the book's writing. Due to the obviously urgent nature of this information bearing on public health, permission to reprint this documentation was granted by some of the plaintiffs.
Given the evolution of, in George Bush's words, "a New World Order," largely advanced by secret agents, and genocidal practices involving "modern medicine" for "dispensible" populations, Gulf War Illnesses and Gulf War Syndromes I and II, are best understood as politically-driven outcomes of "non-lethal warfare." The U.S. military, generally comprised of nationalistic, sovereign-thinking, patriotic individuals who pledged to kill or be killed defending the U.S. Constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies, represented a risk to the evolving global governance and multi-national allegiance-the New World Order.
Thus, in reconciling the evidence presented above, it is not inconceivable that global industrialists, in collaboration with corrupt, even treasonous, politicians, have been working to cull, that is, kill, large numbers of military personnel and American civilians.
If this concept seems unrealistic to you, even resembling a "foolish conspiracy theory," consider the document below from the July 2003 issue of HARPER'S (pg. 21)-a full page advertisement. Another one, much the same, had been placed in the March-April 1996, issue of Foreign Affairs-among the most prestigious political periodicals in the world. This ad/editorial discusses the urgent need to reduce the American population by at least 50 percent, down to 1940s levels. The paid opinion sources from Negative Population Growth, Inc. of Alexandria, VA, and its parent officials in the Rockefeller et. al. funded organizations and institutions that heavily promote global depopulation as the best way to manage environmental degradation and the depletion of natural resources-humans included.
Among our planet's leading depopulation fund contributors is the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Merck Fund, representing the Merck Pharmaceutical Company. This, by the way, is the world's leading vaccine maker. Their investments support ads and groups such as those cited above. Many people consider this behavior an outrageous conflict of interest-funding both "preventive" vaccinations, depopulation and "non-lethal warfare" as well, the concept of making vast fortunes from humanity's suffering is discomforting to say the least. Particularly since this subject has been given no serious attention by any mainstream news provider in an industry reputed to follow all leads-another indicator of information control required to effect the observed outcome-"non-lethal warfare."
This "higher form of [most profitable] killing," technically termed "non-lethal warfare," is evidenced in far greater detailed in Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare
Here you will learn more about secreted connections between global petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel directors-controlling powers in the military-medical-industrial complex-and global genocide unfolding under the guise of "national security" and "world health." You may be astonished to learn the origin of this contemporary socioeconomic/political direction resides in eighteenth century Europe, and later among the same banking families and political forces that promoted "eugenics" for "racial hygiene" in efforts to establish a "master race." Again, this began long before Hilter's rise to power.
In conclusion, this website on Gulf War Illnesses, is dedicated to the casualties of this particular genocide-initially the hundreds of people, prisoners and civilians alike, in Huntsville. Later, this American holocaust moved to affect Persian Gulf War veterans and currently millions of additional civilians who now find themselves at greater risk for infectious diseases, autoimmune maladies, and terminal cancers.
Underlying these are iatrogenic mycoplasma infections, and medically mismanaged symptoms.
This public health and political crisis can only be stopped by a critical mass of informed citizens-"the hundredth monkey"-awakening to this nightmare, and alternatively choosing more natural and reliable, less state-controlled, methods of healthcare and conflict resolution. Without this-the mission of this Internet contribution-the unfolding histories of Gulf War Syndromes I and II will be nearly identical. Those who disregard this public health prophecy pre-ordain a time in which Revelation's dire predictions will come to pass.
This article was contributed without copyright by Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., author of
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Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare available through Tetrahedron Publishing Group ( You are encouraged to disseminate this knowledge as widely as possible.
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