Dumbest Generation Yet -
Mindless Hive America
From David Goldman

The End Is At Hand...
I was surfing between stations when I came across The Jay Leno Show. He is the cheap imitation of Johnny Carson. I remember a few 'jewels' from this hilarious fiasco:
He arranged a common knowledge 'competition' with three competitors, two men and one woman around 20 years old. They were typically-educated normal middle to upper middle class young people on their way to adulthood.
During the 'competition' ...
1. None of them recognised the photo of Abraham Lincoln.
2. None of them recognised the statue of DAVID, or knew even its name, or who created it.
3. None of them recognized the symbol of the Republican Party: They all drew a blank on the BIG elephant with GOP written on its body. They did even not know what GOP means.
4. None of them could identify what the Louvre is or where it is located.
5. None of them recognised the photo of the Taj Mahal.
6. Zurich...none of them knew in what country it is in.
7. They showed the timeless photo of Clark Gable kissing Vivian Leigh in 'Gone With The Wind'. None of them recognised who 'those people' are. The woman said in disgust: "HE IS SO OLD, HE IS PROBABLY OVER FORTY!"

The Causes Are Blatantly Obvious
By Jeff Rense
We have, indeed, essentially lost most of the next generation. The causes are more than obvious:
The government schools with brainwashing, stultifying, revisionist PC curriculums and staffed with ever-less capable teachers reformatted to create non-reading, non-thinking, nearly non-verbal morons; The devastating cradle-to-grave MIND CONTROL of commercial TV - the most withering weapon ever unleashed on human kind; the unlimited sex and reflexive violence and immorality conveyed and marketed in many/most films and 'pop culture' media; hideously ugly 'people' magazines purveying...nearly demanding...attention and obedience to an endless stream of insipid 'cool' role models and the cheapest sensationalism; the astonishing vapid, often vile, negative, self-pitying 'MUSIC' ingraining and reinforcing boundless hedonism, anger, rage, self-indulgence and the taking of ever more plentiful street drugs; countless millions of broken homes and miserably failed parents producing incompetent, virtually unteachable students; ruthless school peer pressure and brutality...strong enough to push tragically betrayed and sold-out young people to mass murder and suicide; government schools with their brainwashing, stultifying, revisionist PC curriculums and staffed with ever-less capable teachers formatted to create non-reading, non-thinking, nearly non-verbal morons (imagine what it must be like to be one of the remaining GOOD teachers working against such odds); the pharmaceutical cartel's medicating/destroying of millions of elementary and teenage children whose lives will never fully recover from their 'therapy'; a youth 'culture' dominated by image, wallowing in victim-hood, committed to non-responsibility, obsessed with sex and 'friends' and 'STYLE'...and headed toward a multitude of sexually-transmitted diseases, many fatal; a national diet of the most worthless and criminally-contaminated disease-producing food in history; and much more.
America has been usurped, raped and destroyed by greed and by a group of people whose goal has been, for centuries, the subjugation and servitude of the human race. The 'next' generation will walk, mindlessly, fat, with many obese, and in poor health, through a droll, utterly predictable lifetime of the most unprecedented stupidity and self-gratification - and self-destruction - in modern history.
Thankfully, there are exceptions...survivors...if you missed this posting earlier, here is a shining example...
America's Failed Public School System
"They were treating me like just another "product" of the education system, just another number. They want worker bees. Push a button. Pull a lever. Get just enough 'education' to learn how to be compliant, happy little 21st Century workers who don't ask any questions and keep their noses to the grindstone. I thought, "surely, not my school. I was wrong."
By Ashley Anderson, 16 years old
It's back to school time!
This is for all the parents and their children who attend public school. I attended public school all my life, until September 2002 when I began attending a private, Christian school. The differences are incredible!
Reading, writing, and arithmetic used to be what a child learned in school. Is this what you think your child is getting in school?
Throughout most of my time spent in public school, the kids in my classes only read one or two books throughout the whole year. I was identified as being smart/dumb enough to go to "Gifted and Talented" a.k.a. Advanced Placement classes. The Advanced Placement courses have now been replaced with IB classes, which are part of the International Baccalaureate Organization, UNESCO, United Nations. In this class, we were assigned numerous short stories to read, mostly about the myths of other countries, and about their religions. This class bragged it was a higher-level class, in which advanced students could "maximize" their learning capacity. I was busy learning about the religions and cultures of other countries, but never knowing such authors as Henry van Dyke, Washington Irving, O. Henry, or even Henry Wadsworth Longfellow until I attended private school. These authors and others like Mark Twain and Emily Dickinson are purely American, and the basis for all literary writings in America to date. Why were they never taught to me? Even in the so-called advanced classes we never read "Rip van Winkle." Instead, we were assigned books like "The Giver" by Lois Lowry, which gave the details of killing babies and living in a world where no one was special and a person's worth was based on his/her ability to conform to the group. Was I being conditioned?
After reading this letter in a shortened form in the newspaper last week, two public school teachers fired back with a letter of their own. They spoke about how great their school was and how their students read a book a week, not one a year. Are they really reading them, or are they "skimming" and using "study guides" to pass the test? They criticized my remarks about "The Giver" being inappropriate reading. They said,
"The Giver is certainly about much more than 'killing babies'. In fact, the reader should realize the novel is based on what would happen if our individuality, freedom and world were taken away. Its theme is similar to 'Fahrenheit 451' by Ray Bradbury and '1984' by George Orwell."
I wonder if they know that Lois Lowry's book is being read to children as young as 6 years old and sometimes younger? How can a child that young understand the significance of what's being read to them? After reading it, I was really shaken up, wondering why I was reading something like that when I was only in the seventh grade. This was in the "Advanced Placement/pre-IB" class; I was still only about 12 years old. What about the book, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou? It's a book also being assigned to black as well as white children to read. It's a story filled with disappointment, frustration, and tragedy. Why do young children need to know that the author was raped at the age of eight? This is literary significance?
Kids are told they will be writing in a "journal" and that no one will see it except the teacher, and they are free to write whatever they are feeling. They could write about parents, friends, pastor, and anyone else, and parents would never know! When I was given this assignment, I knew my privacy was being invaded, so I wrote about how ridiculous it was to write in a journal. It was really none of the school's business. Strangely, I was never reprimanded or counseled. They were profiling me and to see how and what I thought. Why else would they want to pry into my private life?
They were treating me like just another "product" of the education system, just another number. They want worker bees. Push a button. Pull a lever. Get just enough 'education' to learn how to be compliant, happy little 21st Century workers who don't ask any questions and keep their noses to the grindstone. I thought, "surely, not my school". I was wrong.
In the 8th grade, my science class spent the first six weeks learning from the end of the textbook. It was all about global warming, recycling, and population control. It made me wonder how this "control" will be accomplished. My teacher wanted to get all those things out of the way so we wouldn't have to deal with them later in the year, but why are they in the curriculum in the first place?
For one geography assignment, I was asked to list all the major appliances in my house including microwave ovens, telephones, televisions, etc. They even wanted to know what the highest level of education my parents had achieved, and a roundabout figure of how much they earned each year. It was an exercise to make me feel badly that American families have so much and the rest of the world goes needy. I began to feel sorry for people in other countries who don't have as much. I started to want everything to be fair, and for everyone to have exactly the same. The very things my parents taught me, like working hard, don't cheat anyone, and earn your own way, were changed little by little in seeing how people live in these third-world toilets. It scared me that someone could just change my ideals by playing on my emotions. They were manipulating my compassionate feelings and using them against me to make me want what they call "equality". I still wonder at how they will use the list (which was taken up) in the future.
When my mother was in school, she was taught phonics. In public school, I was taught to memorize the look of words and how they sounded. I was taught to remember the answer, not understand the question. I didn't have spelling or vocabulary words to learn past the sixth or seventh grade. Why not? In my private school, everyone has spelling and vocabulary words, in every grade, every week, to understand and learn how to use them in sentences. Words like philanthropy, misanthropic, and ameliorate were never taught to me in public school, despite the so-called "advanced" classes I was in. My mother, however, insisted on my having vocabulary words, even though it was not provided in public school.
Reliance on technology was very big in public school. I was told not to worry about spelling something correctly, because computers have spell check programs on them. Isn't school the place to learn how to spell correctly? These were English papers I was writing in middle school and I'm not supposed to be concerned with spelling?
Learning arithmetic has taken on a whole new meaning in public schools. I was told to use a calculator every chance I got, and was even reprimanded for doing the work on paper. I know how to push a button on the rectangular device, and it's not that difficult. The more advanced students are made to wait for the others to catch up, and the advanced students are given "busy" work. I reviewed daily however, when doing the math in my head or on a piece of paper. The textbook often goes unfinished, and the students are passed anyway, because they tried their best.
Grading on a curve is commonplace in public schools, so the students don't know if they're doing anything wrong. I had the same geometry teacher my older brother had when he was at that age. Mr. Smith we'll say, actually told the class: "Some of you need to miss a few questions for the team' He was meaning of course that it would make the top grade of the 'curve' look better.
That was in the eighth grade in public school. In the ninth grade I took Algebra. When I changed to private school, I retook Algebra because my new school taught it differently, being more advanced, and with more of the textbook. This year I'm taking trig and Algebra II, both of my own choice. I know I'll be getting the most out of them because we won't be waiting for everyone to catch up like we did in public school. I can learn at my own pace.
Most kids in public schools are uncontrollable. How can any learning actually take place? Respect for authority, integrity, and honor are not virtues generally practiced by students who attend public school. If the administrators were to enforce the rules they have, they wouldn't need to make more. Total control is the only thing gained when making more rules than needed, or altering the students individually.
I see now that teachers in public school seemed to be watching for kids who were having trouble concentrating on things, or who were especially disruptive. Only later did I learn that these kids were sent home with notes from the teacher recommending the parents take them to the doctor to get medicine for their "behavior problem"; a mind-altering drug called methylphenidate, or Ritalin. Schools get extra help (money) from Uncle Sam for putting up with kids using this medication. Many parents will tell you that their children on Ritalin act like zombies; my brother did for five years, until my mother insisted on taking him off of it. Ritalin use causes shrinkage of brain tissue, according to medical sources. Does your child's school brag about being "Drug Free"?
I was amazed at how well-behaved the students at my private school were. Not only did they work hard, but were courteous, polite, and obedient. These things are a direct result of the proper atmosphere that a private school provides. Christian values are taught, along with studying the Bible, which, needless to say, is strictly taboo in a public school.
Although I had some great teachers in public school, which are extremely hard to find, they could do nothing with the curriculum they were given from their superiors, not to mention the state, and the Department of Education, which is a part of the federal government. The department itself is unconstitutional; "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." The United States as is written here means the federal government, or national government. The Constitution allowed no such power to the federal government as to run a federal department of education. Therefore, it is unconstitutional. The Constitution, since 1787, is and has been the Supreme Law of the land.
I encourage all those who care about their children and grandchildren to go searching for the answer. There is a lot of information available but you may have to look no further than a book by Charlotte Iserbyt called "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America". It gives a detailed account of what really happens in public schools, why, and where the corruption comes from.
Students: no one can tell you who you are. If you don't think for yourself, someone else will. It might be a strong-willed friend, the media, or even our own government. Some people would have us believe that young people can't do anything about it, even if we wanted to try. One thing we can and should do, and that's spread the word about what is going on; but you have to learn more about it.
Even though it may be difficult to fund attending a private school or homeschooling, it is the only immediate way to stop what is being shoved down the throats of America's youth. Soon even these may be forbidden. What is the most important thing? Is it more important to play football or be a cheerleader and end up flipping hamburgers in a fast food joint, or actually learning something that will be valuable to you the rest of your life?
Defend your mind, and ask questions. Don't take anything for granted. Public school is not going to change, because it is running exactly how the government wants it to run. Follow the money.
I am grateful to those teachers who taught me to think for myself and from whom I actually learned many things. They became my friends. It's because of them that I find it easy to defend the facts and stand up for the righteous truth. They are employees of the federal government, whether they think so or not, because public school is 'public' school, if you're in Arkansas or Wyoming.
I am a Christian. Believers don't belong in Pharaoh's schools. This is not the time for us to stick our heads in the dirt and hope that everything goes all right. The remnant of Christ's followers exists today as foretold in the Bible. This is the time for all believers in Christ to rise up and defend the rights our Forefathers left to us. I will stand and fight until the end, because I owe it to my country. What will you do?
Thank you mom for caring enough about me to take me out of the public school system so that I can get a proper education. Now, I am no longer a part of the dumbed down masses.
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Ashley Anderson is 16 year old. She writes letters to the editor on regular basis to The Sentinel Record in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Her E-Mail:
From Jerry L. Gardner
Hi Glenn,
Every once in a while I run across an article that makes me want to stand up and shout, and cheer. I have just experienced the pleasure of reading such a piece on Rense.Com... The Dumbest Generation Yet.
I started not to read the entire article because it looked like one of the many articles typically written to web sites pointing out a serious truth, by someone's anecdotal observance. I am so pleased that I continued to read, because had I chosen to dismiss this beginning condemnation of America's intelligence level, I would have missed the "jewel" that followed in the way of a couple of replies. Not only from Jeff Rense himself, who wrote an excellent response, but especially from the young people who responded. Particularly the letter from Ashley Anderson.
The article in question begins with a writer using amusing illustrations to impress upon the reader just how far down the "dumb" tube America has descended. You and I know that without God there is NO knowledge, or wisdom, for the wisdom of this world is folly. By "killing God," or by eliminating God from our nation, especially our system of "education" we have in effect said, we are perfectly content in our ignorance and stupidity, leave us alone, we are proud members of the glorious state.
Sadly, our children are the clay with which this present, satanic, One World government uses to mold their future race of obedient uni-world zombies. No wonder people over thirty years of age were "ditched" during the demonic social changes of the sixties. Before darkness (spiritual evil) can become dominate, light (truth, Godly knowledge) must be totally and forever extinguished. I have a bit of news for the antichrist and his minions, and that is, they have already lost the battle at Calvary, the future belongs to God and his elect. This is not to say that we, as God's people, will not suffer severe persecution, it simply means that our sojourn will be temporary and the pain will not be remembered at all. Satan's crowd will experience the harshest of judgments for all eternity. The world laughs at this "antiquated" knowledge as they refer to it, but we who know our God personally, praise and thank God.
But, thank God, and to God be all the glory, God's people, his elect are not "dumb," but are among the wisest on the planet. Men without any formal education have been educated way beyond the status and level of today's average public school student, simply by virtue of reading God's holy word, the King James 1611 bible. For in the bible we learn mathematics, geography, history, social studies, human relations, love, compassion, psychology, and religion, plus a host of other extremely valuable life sustaining information. Plus, we who know our God and read our bible know something this world does not know, and that is the future. We already know what the end shall bring forth upon a God hating, God rejecting nation and world.
It is sometimes easy to get caught up in the dismal failures of our nation and world and paint everything, and everybody, with the same broad brush. I sometimes judge wrongly myself by only looking at the larger picture and not stopping to reflect on the "remnant." That is Satan's job, to have us believe that everybody is "doing it," that we are all evil and in the same boat and there is no righteousness, we have no hope for survival. But, the article I am including for your reading bolsters my faith in the "few" the "remnant" that are following Jesus whethersoever he goeth. These are the "unnoticed" in our present day, demonically controlled society, the few with the courage to name the name that is above all names, the name of Jesus, our Lord. These are God's contemporary warriors, the brave, the committed.
I believe all who read this article should send this young lady, Ashley Anderson, a note of praise and a big thank you for her righteous stand. A stand not easily taken in today's satanic environment. Adults today haven't a clue as to how difficult it must be in this pleasure saturated world for a young teen to serve Jesus and be faithful. Adults can, and do remain silent in the work place, out of fear of losing their job, or offending someone. We resist witnessing to our peers or strangers because we are ashamed of being called "holy rollers" and other names. We play little "churchie" games, have our yard sales and hot-dog sales, but a teen is forced by circumstances to "take sides," to "choose" either the Satan inspired rock world generation, or be left alone and totally rejected and sometimes mentally and physically abused. A teen's world is filled with judgment, temptations, and life's hazards. I seriously believe that we adults, we "great" church members and "Christian's" are going to see a remnant of young people emerge, maybe just a few, like Ashley, but those few will put us all to shame. We who shout holy commands and observances from behind the safe walls of our multi million sanctuaries, or hide behind our computers in the safety of our homes and "preach" to each other. OUCH! Man, did I ever hit myself with that one? I can only pray that God will forgive me for allowing a child to step out and do my public witnessing for me.
Glenn, do yourself a favor and read this. Not only will this confirm what we already know, but I believe it will bless you, as it has me. I speak of the Christian girl (Ashley) who so eloquently delivers a letter of strong personal judgment against our failed hedonistic, atheistic system.
Best regards,
Jerry L. Gardner

From David Brandt
Jeff - You nailed the problem in a more articulate, precise manner than I could have. You are correct. I was fortunate enough to have great elementary teachers who fed into my insatiable curiosity. I was an easy student to teach, as I wanted to learn. In high school, I skipped classes; because I wanted to spend the day in the library, where I read about everything to my heart's content. I finished in spite of myself, and breezed through university. I am, what can I say - amazed is not the word, despondent is more like it, that this generation is so terribly uneducated, and it seems as if even the drive to learn is either not present in them, or has been discouraged. Thank you for your efforts to wake people up.
From Scott Ray
Mr. Rense,
What an eye opener for a young person to have the kind of perception of the deception that Miss Anderson demonstrates in her excellent article America's Failed Public School System. I was impressed.
I would caution in accepting the conclusion that Miss Anderson puts forth that "Christians should not be taught in Pharoah's schools". While I agree with that assessment on one hand, on the other, one cannot exactly know what the other side is teaching unless they see it first hand. I know that Miss Anderson is an exception, in that she had a will and power of discernment strong enough to overcome the obvious mind controlling techniques that her school attempted to administer to her. However, I have seen the output of some Christian schools as well. Yes, they are much more academic than their peers at public schools, but in many ways, they are not able to deal with the world outside of the close knit christian group they are accustomed to. These end up with an unrealistic world view, and many times become as subject to their own religion as the public school system students become subject to the dogma handed to them by the federal government.
There is a balance, and that balance begins and ends in the home. My dad didn't like how certain things were approached in the public school system and voiced his opinion to my first grade teacher. Now granted, this made my life no picnic. But she did bend to what he said. However, do keep in mind, this was 1972. No matter what the school taught, it was always open for discussion in my family, and there were no holy cows that had to be overlooked. We would discuss anything and everything dealing with my school, and all of us felt comfortable doing this. If there was something mom or dad disagreed with, they would tell us, and we would discuss it. It made for some interesting conversations that many times were quite comical in the end. Things turned out all right. My older brother holds and executive position in the company for which he works, I hold two in the company for which I work, and my younger brother is very successful in the company for which he works, and has won awards for his dedication and hard work.
In conclusion, there must be balance in all things. Nature abhores an imbalance. There are many things that are not balanced in today's culture, which is one of the reasons there are so many problems in today's society. Yes, we should be on our guard, to be sure that we are not being dominated by Pharoah OR religion. But do keep in mind, although Moses led the children of Israel from Egypt, he was taught in Pharoah's schools, and was very well learned. It was a great preparation to be a leader, for he resulted in knowing what the egyptians knew, as well as what he was taught by the Israelites. Now that's balance.

From Wing K. Wong
Mr. Rense,
After reading the articles in Articles in Dumbest Generation Yet - Mindless Hive America, I just had to respond as it both made me laugh and feel shock.
First, as much as I agree with Mr. Goldman in stating that Americans in general are poorly-educated and lack knowledge in many things, I found him making his evaluation thru the 'competition' in the Jay Leno Show laughable. If Mr. Goldman have try to learn more about the show, he would have realize what he saw stemmed from Leno's "Jaywalking" segment, where people in the streets are asked simple questions on general knowledge, but where nobody can answer correctly, and the audience gets a good laugh.
Come on, we all know that Americans in general are not very knowledgeable, but are not stupid! The whole point of the 'competition' is to get people to laugh, and it only works when the 'contestants' acts like an idiot and answer the questions incorrectly. Since getting on TV is not an everyday occurrence, most people would be willing to do this for their 30 seconds of fame. Thus, I am willing to bet that those 'contestants' can answer most, if not all, of the questions correctly in a real game show. And if Mr. Goldman likes to evaluate the intelligence of Americans thru a mock game show, I am sure he can get a more favorable result from shows like Jeopardy.
As for Ms. Anderson's article, even though I agree with her that public schools in general have both messed up students and standards, I was shocked to find her to regard learning about other cultures and religions as part of the mind control of the New World Order. Just so everyone understand, the refusal or unwillingness to learn about the world outside one's border can easily create misconception and stereotypes, which leads to xenophobia and hatred when something happens. This is a way for the neo-conservative uses to get us to war, using our ignorance to generate fear and get us to support that invasion of countries with religion and values different from our own.
I am equally shock to find Ms. Anderson, while claiming to be Christian, would somehow feel manipulated from learning about the plight of many around the world. Well, how about giving thanks to Jesus Christ for all the material blessing that she have. And saying that learning such things affected her values of hard work and honestly is just ridiculous, is she saying that seeing other people's suffering can lead one to lie, cheat, and steal instead of trying to change the system to help those people to get a fair wage so they can lift themselves out of poverty over time? If the former is the case, the world would have collapse already.




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