Coca-Cola, The CIA
& The Courts - Part 9
Fraud Upon The Chicago Federal
Appeals Court And The US Supreme Court

By Sherman H. Skolnick

There is one subject lawyers do not generally study at all. That is, Fraud Upon the Court, implicating the Judges themselves. After all, lawyers are Officers of the Court, pledged and sworn to uphold and respect the Courts. Corruption and bribery, involving the Judge themselves, are a rarity; and lawyers do not wish to get caught up in it.
The biggest judicial bribery scandal in American history was caused by me as a non-lawyer, self-educated in Law. In 1969, in a little-known or understood procedure, I invoked the same directly confronting most of the Judges on Illinois' highest state tribunal. Instead of denying the accusations, the Illinois Supreme Court ordered a local Judge in Chicago to grill me as to how our group, of which I am the Founder and Chairman, since 1963, goes about investigating court corruption. That is, the Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts.
If I did not detail our methods, I was informed, I would be sent to prison for a judge-invented offense, created out of the mists and vapors of antiquity, called contempt of court. It was an extreme burden and jeopardy thrown upon me.
As most of the judges and lawyers knew, and anybody could see, I was a paraplegic in a wheelchair, from infantile paralysis, called polio, since childhood. I get about haltingly if at all, on crutches and heavy metal braces. I use a wheelchair. When I refused to divulge our investigative methods, they ordered me to prison. The Sheriff's Police had a problem. They did not know how to put a wheelchair-bound person into the heavily-armored vehicle, called a paddy wagon. They were set to take me away, to demean and humiliate me, as if they had caught the biggest bank-robber in American history.
The only thing about banks was that the state high court judges had been fingered by me for having been bribed to turn loose the head and major stockholder of a bank across the street from their Chicago office. The banker was in their court on criminal conviction. He had been the top state tax collector, Director of the Illinois Department of Revenue. Founded by him, the bank called Civic Center Bank was named for the courthouse across the street. The bribery involved the State high court Judges, along with nine name-brand gangsters, brought into the Civic Center bank as owners, as a pay-off.
Unfortunately, this secret has been typical of American justice, Banker-Judges, throughout the land and history. And I knew all about it.
The picture of the police and their difficulty in hauling me away to jail ended up in August, 1969, in Time Magazine. The uproar caused the state high court to be swept away into near-oblivion. More than thirty two years later, was published a book by a Law Professor, carefully detailing what had happened. ("Illinois Justice" by Kenneth A. Manaster, 2001.)
Shortly after the state high court mess, the highest ranking sitting federal Judge in the nation's history, formerly Illinois Governor, a paid-off owner of the Civic Center Bank; he was then sitting on the Chicago federal appeals court; he together with the State top Tax Collector, were both sent to prison for bribery as a result of our work. To this day, many federal judges together with the bosses of the State Revenue and top brass of the U.S. IRS deeply hate our guts for having caused this.[Scroll down our website for our series on IRS top-level corruption, including a boat the tax collector bosses use as an ocean-going money-laundry, called "California Rose".]
Most all the judges ever sent to jail for bribery and related offenses, in the nation's history, were clapped away in the last forty years, as a consequence of our work. And in the whole history of the courts in this country, there is only one other publicized instance of investigation of Fraud Upon the Court implicating the Judges themselves. It was a fraud by the Judges themselves, upon the U.S. Court of Appeals in the 3rd Circuit, in 1948.
I have been a key witness in the court corruption and related media corruption involving the Chicago case against Coca-Cola Company by a advertising storyboard creator, former owner of a video/advertising production company, Robert E. Kolody. As to the court corruption, I have been a witness in the Kolody case against Coca-Cola which started in Chicago's U.S. District Court.
Our group's research and investigations aided in the Motion to Investigate Fraud Upon the U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit Perpetrated by the Judges Themselves of Said Court, and the companion, overlapping matter of Fraud Upon the U.S. Supreme Court. The matter has been filed, September 22, 2003, by being sent to the Clerk of U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago, by Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested, and is thus, under the rules, considered as filed on September 22, 2003. The prefacing court-required Notice of Motion, the Declaration, and the Service List, together with the Motion itself, are included below. The voluminous Exhibits are expected to be ON-LINE and posted shortly thereafter.




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