Chemtrails Over Essex, UK
From Richard Poole

Dear Jeff,
I live in Rochford, Essex, UK, a small town in a semi-rural area some forty miles east of London. Since becoming aware of the concept of chemtrails a couple of years ago, I have been casually watching the skies, ever hopeful of witnessing the phenomena.
Imagine my amazement, therefore, when on the morning of September 15, I looked out to see what hopefully will be clear from these JPEG images.
I took these shots at approximately 09:15 a.m. when I really should have been leaving for work! The first one is from the back of the house, facing south-west, the second is looking north-east across the street.
Now, I must point out that there are at least four major airports within a hundred mile radius, plus a small one close by, so it's quite common here to see 'normal' air traffic overhead. Moreover, the weather was particularly calm at the time, which I suppose would allow regular trails to diffuse naturally and stick around longer without being blown away by the wind.
Even so, whilst I'm no expert in meteorolgy, I don't ever recall seeing trails or cloud formations such as these.
Perhaps some of your readers may wish to comment.
Hi Rich - These are classic chemtrails and chem clouds. It's always good to see a note from a concerned citizen of any nation who has finally looked up and said: "Hey...that's not normal!"
And it certainly isn't... --JR





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