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Due to a dispute with Diebold, Incorporated, and its wholly owned subsidiary Diebold Election Systems, Inc. (collectively "Diebold"), which is claiming links to certain materials that do not reside on the website constitute copyright infringement, has been temporarily disabled.
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From Alfred Lehmberg
This is outrage bereft of all hyperbole!
I take this act of Diebold as a clear and active threat to any SEMBLANCE of continuing to live in a free society for any one of us! Additionally, it is an unwarranted, unwelcome, and unnecessary religion intrusion (with regard to the convictions of the, too few, owners) on same! Next, at best, it is hobblingly regressive! At worst it's culturally dangerous! Among too many other criticisms to list, it is socially unrewarding and without any respect for the individual aspiring to quality-- its biggest injury/insult.
I'd suggest that this -abomination- of biased control through -our- (...public! You can bet we paid for it!) voting software and hardware (by an -extremely- canted minority), is an affront to our nation constitutionally and a clear conflict of public interest!
This is an -unambiguous- case of the corrupt behemoth crushing the tiny righteous whistle-blower, and so it is an illustration of our programmed and manipulated times, though... What's Diebold Afraid Of? They're a freaking -monopoly-, by all god's, saints, and sinners! The Justice Department (yeah, -right-!) should take them down and NATIONALIZE the company!
CONGRESS! NATIONALIZE OUR VOTING MACHINERY AND INDUSTRY, NOW! It is obvious that it is TOO damned important to leave in the hands of a few private companies of debated competence and arguable veracity!
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"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, scourged by the scabrous and specious scurrilous.




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