Mystery Solved?
From David Sadler

Hi, Jeff,
Our investigation is just beginning, but we may have solved one mystery, and the main mystery already.
The images looked like something hanging off that plane. The problem I had accepting that was several fold:
* it's so obvious why hasn't a big deal been made of it * why is the apparent fuselage configuration changing shape in the videos
The answer seems to be, in the order of possibility:
* reflections of the bright sun coming from the right and shadows cast from the right engine upon the underbelly * cargo door opening under stress * plane beginning to fail structurally
At this point, we are leaning (95%) towards the main culprit being: * reflections from the bright sun that day and * a shadow cast by the right engine against the right side of the fuselage and * the planes paint scheme appearing to be shadow when in fact it is a stripe.
This explains for me why this shape changes in the videos.
At one point, the shape resembles a radar dome. At another point, the shape resembles a wing tank.
Here's a very telling observation:
At one point, the length of the 'wing tank' is the same length as the right engine!
But this doesn't last long.
The shape changes, and that puzzled me because it sure looks like 'structure' until one considers objectively 'reflections, shadows and the paint scheme.'
It's a very bright day.
The sun is charging in off the right wing.
The right engine is casting its shadow against the right side of the fuselage.
Combine this shadow with the bright sun reflection off the fuselage, and the paint scheme of the N612UA and you have a nose to tail object with a bulge (then tank) under the right wing.
Other possibilities include:
* cargo door opening under stress * plane beginning to fail structurally
The plane was pulling tremendous forces in it's final turn to keep from missing the building.
The right wing may actually be tearing off at the very last moment before hitting the building.
Under these stresses, the cargo door may have popped open at the last minute.
I wish we had better film to work with.
At this point, we are dealing with internet images and VHS tape recorded the day of the event.
Now, this is disappointing, because we know that 9-11 was a setup deal.
We know that this event, contrived or not, served as the pretext to engage America in violent and aggressive foreign policy to acquire oil resources and to make the middle east secure for Israel.
We also know that the neocons are exploiting what they see as a unique opportunity to achieve world domination (Zbigniew Brzezinski 's "global primacy") while the US is the uncontested world power.
Unfortunately for us, we are still very vulnerable. The neocons have over-estimated, not only the cost of the Iraq invasion/occupation, but US capability to achieve global dominance. Of course, we will all have to pay for the neocons' mistake, while they make off with billions upon billions of our dollars.
The story just today, Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77, shows how contorted logic must become to accept without question the official version of the events. Making it much harder to find the truth is the classification of nearly all information relating to the event in the hands of our government. Our government has become closed, inaccessible and unaccountable to Americans rolling back two decades of work trying to make government more open, accessible and accountable.
I would be happy to come on for 15 minutes to say where we are in the investigation. We must keep our heads in the days ahead. The world is going to get even stranger than it is now. We need not believe in every strange thing in order to know that this world and our nation is not making sense at the moment. These are very dangerous times.
It appears after all that WTC2_AC is in fact UA175 (N612UA). But that doesn't explain away the mountain of evidence that points to a manufactured or exploited pretext for the New World Order post 9-11-2003.
I can speak to that as well. I ran for Congress beginning in 2001 talking about our nation's strategic vulnerabilites and its systematic destruction of our constitutional freedoms.
I do not get to listen to your program. Wish I could. I read your website news each day. I link to much of it. Iraq, THE PASSION (1st Amendment), so much is crumbling before our eyes, in our time, on our watch. So much bad at the same time there is so much awe and beauty in the world.
The UK UFO chopper footage is interesting. I wonder if anyone is analyzing it for authenticity. Regardless, as a gentleman said during The Disclosure Project NPC presentation, "Only one needs to be true."
I've known first hand since I was in the eighth grade that my government lies and that the media distributes the lies and perpetuates the lies. ( I'm not afraid to speak of these things. Trust my president, Britney? I don't think so.
I'm sure you know Charles Key of the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Committee. He paid me my highest compliment when he said, " David Sadler is a truth seeker, more afraid of the harm caused to our nation by denying the truth than facing the ridicule for seeking and speaking the truth."
For now, I believe the N612UA mystery is solved at least to the degree that I would be very reluctant to say, at this point, there was an anomaly associated with it. Based upon things learned since sending this morning's email, I hereby retract my email stating that. We came to this conclusion just this evening after a full day of analysis and discussion on information we assembled yesterday. Everyone is tired, and disappointed in the sense that we had hoped to present evidense the average American can see and understand. This is the difficulty and the source of much frustration. How many can follow and understand the stock market trades just before 9-11? That is damning evidence, but you don't hear anything about it except on short-wave. Few can understand it or its significance.
Best regards,
David Sadler
From don duca
Hi Jeff,
I just read David Sadler's assessment of the "bulge" on the WTC jet. His debunking of the photo might be correct, but he has obviously mis-identified the phenomena. It is clearly swamp gas, or no...possibly no no, upon close inspection it is definitely a weather balloon.
Don Duca




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