Who The Hell Is Who?
Sticking It To The Poobahs
News So Hot You Can Fry Eggs

by Sherman H. Skolnick

U.S. Senator John Kerry (D., Mass.). Member of super-secret Skull & Bastards Society, at Yell University. Hopes to replace Bushie in District of Criminals. Plans to use his wife's Heinz Ketchup fortune to slobber onto actors in fake anti-war doctormentary.
New-Tire Plan: to promote safe cars using non-toxic Ketchup-Power.
Family Hiss: Irish Vatican, now claims to be closet Rabbi.
Motto: "Send me ballots, not bullets".
George W. Bush, known as "Bushfraud", unelected occupant and resident of Purple House. Obtained key to place from landlords, U.S. Supreme Real Estate Court. Good habits: pisses on own shoes, result of high I.Q. Member with Kerry in nice-nice group. Bush travels with male sex-mate and relationship used by Red Chinese Secret Police to blackmail weapons secrets from Bushies.
New-Tire Plan: After leaving D.C., hopes to manufacture oil-based Nazi flags, as provided for in secret clauses of Patriots Law.
Family Hiss: His grandfather installed Adolph Whats-His-Name. Father, Daddy Bush, and Bush Crime Family, with part of Saddam Hussein partnership funds, have One Hundred Billion Dollar joint account with Queen Elizabeth II, in her private enterprise, Coutts Bank London.
Motto: "Bomb 'em Into Peace".
Richard Cheney, competes with Bushies in oil patch. Once head of petroleum bandits, Hell & Burton. He still gets loot from past stick-ups. Helped orchestrate phoney-baloney for Gulf War One and Gulf War Two. Brains behind Purple House plans with oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press.
New-Tire Plan: Figures to be jointly with Russian mafiya, as Commissar of Trans-Siberian Pipeline via North Korea/Japan.
Family Hiss: Part of French espionage restaurant gang. His name properly pronounced as chay-NEEEE.
Motto: "Nuclear energy gives me a sour stomach".
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