Chemtrails Destroying
NW Rain Systems

From Ann

Regarding Chemtrails Over New Jersey, I would be curious to know if it did rain that night or the next morning in New Jersey, as predicted. I'll bet it didn't.
I have watched this happen here in the Northwest for 2 years now. Every time there is rain predicted from about April through October, VERY HEAVY SPRAYING occurs, starting about 24 hours before the predicted arrival of the weather front. You wake up to a brilliantly blue sky in the early morning.
They start spraying - the sky is totally whited out and resprayed as soon as there is an opening.
That night or morning, the heavy, dark rain clouds roll in and are very quickly "sucked up". The rain clouds disburse and you can see high altitude planes furiously spraying into what is left of the rain clouds. Sometimes just a few drops of rain manage to fall.
We have had the driest and hottest summer ever recorded in this area. We are supposed to have rain tomorrow. Guess what? They have been spraying since early this morning. I am sealed off in my house - it is very toxic out there.
How come nobody questions the fact that weather fronts with lots of rain are moving in from the Pacific, AS IS NORMAL IN THIS AREA - - but no rain is released.
Is everybody blind - or are they brain dead?
From Rebecca
Jeff - I wanted to agree with Ann's concerns regarding the chemtrail spraying here in the Pacific NW. Walking my dog yesterday am, there were clear blue skies in the early am, and we noticed that the planes were out in full force, criss-crossing the skies w/their heavy chemtrails. Why don't PDX pilots or others notice/complain?
From Warren Palin
Hi Jeff,
I second Ann's commentary on Portland's Chem Trails. It has continued apace all summer long. At one point I was cynically thinking that days without them had become the exception rather than the rule.
There were at least 2 occasions that came close to matching the massive spraying we had earlier this Spring. I have, at this point, more or less satisfied myself that they are an abnormal formation i.e., artificial. I have noted Jets flying on nearly parallel courses and altitudes with one leaving a persistent trail and one leaving a normal trail that disperses back into it's constituent Water Vapor in mere minutes.
As for the dry conditions - per local records we have had our driest Summer since 1951. We received virtually no rain fall from the end of June until September. A few unmeasurable sprinklings, but that is it. It is not unusual to have a bone dry July, typical rainfall about 0.25 inches - I am an inveterate gardner so I pay close mind to such, but normally August will occasion a few heavy summer Rain Showers. None this year.
The Eastern half of the State of Oregon has been a Tinderbox since mid-July and has had major, and persistent, Range Fires. It is normally dry, but not quite this dry. My Aunt in Montana has mentioned such as well so the effects do not appear limited to the local area. Montana has had multiple major Range Fires this year.
Something else I have noted is that I am normally fairly allergy free and do not suffer the reaction to the various Pollens present in their usual abundance. However, this Summer I have noted frequent mild reactions on my part. Since I know that it is normal for people who were allergy free in their younger years to develop some sensitivity as they grow older I draw no firm conclusion, but simply note it as a datum to be considered.
In conclusion, I would just say that the Chemtrail activity has been very high this Summer with frequent large scale accumulations of trails - I counted 12 to 14 persistent threads on at least 2 occasions other than the aforementioned massive spraying in the Spring.
Something is afoot and I do not think it bodes well for those of us among the hoi polloi. Time past for people to wake up and start becoming concerned. People need to get involved with local organizations and start demanding answers and results. There is strength in numbers and we need to band together through our Churches, our community groups, and individually. The price of freedom is truly Eternal Vigilance - and the willingness to fight back. Being a spectator just earns you a slave collar.
My Best Regards,
Warren Palin




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