More Evidence
From David Paterson

Attached is another photo that clearly shows something attached to the bottom of the plane that hit the WTC. It appears to be at least as large as the engines!
Since this is from a different angle, how can David Sadler's argument about light and shadow, reflections, etc. have any merit? Change the angle even slightly, and an optical illusion usually disappears.
Also, jet fuel is 99 percent kerosene, which isnt nearly as explosive as gasoline, being a much thicker liquid. Do you believe that the huge fireball that this plane caused when it hit the WTC could be caused by kerosene?
Try pouring a teaspoon of kerosene on a flat surface, say a glass table top, and see if you can get it to burn when touched with a match.
David Paterson

From Paul Sherman
I have a hard time swallowing what is said here. I would like to point out to Mr. Paterson that his argument about the kerosene does not hold up. Anyone who had paid attention in their Jr. and Sr. High school science class would learn the rules of combustion. For instance, Mr. Paterson argues that the fireball could not have come from kerosene by using the example of pouring the liquid onto a table and igniting it.
Here's the problem with that argument: If I take flour and pour it onto a table and try to light it, it will not readily burn. But if I take that same flour and disperse it in the air then I becomes a highly combustible substance. Just as any farmer who's had a silo explosion and they can easily confirm this (Unless there's been a conspiracy to blow up silos).
Now Mr. Paterson fails to mention that the kerosene from the planes was not simply poured onto several floors of the WTC. In fact it was dispersed into the air from the momentum of the aircraft, thus creating a highly combustible substance. Hench the orange plume!
So far as I have seen on this subject is that there is no smoking gun, just people being people and leaping to wild conclusions that are based on speculation and the overwhelming need to find fault with the current administration.
Paul Sherman (I)




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