Chemtrail Pattern Mistaken
For Skywriting
By Danny Gallagher
The Henderson Daily News

This appeared in The Henderson Daily News. Evidently no one in Henderson, Texas has any knowledge of chemtrails. Or, is this a perfect example of disinformation? - Ed

Daily - A giant letter "H" appeared in the sky on Wednesday, and no one seems to know why. Standing on U.S. Highway 79 and looking west at Wednesday's clear blue sky, one could see the giant letter "H" that didn't look like your average cloud formation. It looked as if someone had skywritten the giant letter. And maybe it's only a coincidence that the skywriter left an "H" mark in the sky during Henderson High School's Homecoming Week. No one knows who was responsible or why they pasted the eighth letter of the English alphabet in the western sky .

Both the Rusk and Gregg county airport officials said they were unaware of anyone taking off Wednesday in private planes for the specific purpose of "skywriting." Spokesmen for East Texas Regional Airport, formerly Gregg County Airport, declined comment on the matter, opting instead to refer calls to the Southwest regional office of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Fort Worth. FAA regional spokesman John Claves said that if someone had purposely written the giant "H," they wouldn't need a permit or any kind of permission to write whatever they wanted in the sky.




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