The 911 World...Like It Or Leave It?
Sticking It To The Poobahs
News So Hot You Can Fry Eggs

by Sherman H. Skolnick

Some places in the Western World, they punch in 911 for emergencies. This time, however, there was no usual remedy.
That "other world", plenty of it Moslem, certainly not Christian, is where the oil is. To survive until some other energy is cheap, plentiful, and geopolitically safe, the West has to dominate the East.
Nuclear energy, developed in that other realm, endangers the West. A step or two more there, and it becomes a weapon, the Big A, Atomic.
Nowadays starting newly unearthed but old-fashioned Christian Crusades are not simple. (And centuries ago, the previous ones failed.) Those other folks have to be widely identified as "criminals", infidels. As to this, crazies in the Western Aristocracies are not crazy. The espionage cartels of the West are experts in "false flag" phantoms.
The declining Imperial and Industrial power, the disunited States of America---for all the World to see---has been castrated of symbols of their financial and military prowess. Cut down to nothingness were the Twin Towers of New York. The British/American Establishment may take near-on to forever to admit the truth. THEY DID IT! That ground-guided missile/airplanes, loaded with fuel, drew attention, as they struck each Tower. The fire-balls well-disguised the synchronized massive internal explosions quickly taking down each edifice at its deep foundation.
Fore-warned, some financial bigshots with much of their staff, were not there that day. The White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, "the Powers That Be", quietly gloated that they could snuff out so many Irish Catholics, many officed way up in the doomed buildings.
At the same time, the plan was to be rid of people of color as well as Irish and Roman Catholics, predominating in the Hero Committees, the Police, the Firemen, and related supposed expendables, long-time targets of the Ultra-Rich. And such rescuers, opposed, as well, by the British Monarchy, controllers of the stooges and scapegoats in the purported American Central Government. No friend of Catholics, Queen Elizabeth II has her One Hundred Billion Dollar joint account with the Bush Crime Family, in her private enterprise, Coutts Bank London.
Veering away from the White House, an airplane/missile hit the Pentagon, monument of the Fascist-like weapons fist. It struck on the very OTHER SIDE of the huge concentric-ringed structure from the office of the U.S. Secretary of Anti-Moslem War. Experts, none of them from the Ruling Class, endlessly debate. It was a different type plane than reported. It was more a missile, looking like an airplane. Which?
Another remote-drone, ground-controlled, but off-course, over Pennsylvania, was by a U.S. Military jet, shot down, on orders of the prior-knowledged secondary resident and occupant of the White House, the unelected Vice President.
Like Nero of Rome, the fictitious President, as all this was playing out, continued his small-word fiddle-mouthing with tiny school kids.
As throwaways of the British/American Aristocracies, George W. Bush and his Daddy Bush control machine, together satanic cultists of the Skull and Bastards Secret Society, go on pretending to be clueless as to what was really happening. Not actual participants but parallel-track patsies, the oil-soaked Arabs were blamed. "ARAB TERRORISTS DID IT!" Trumpeted by the Liars and Whores of the Press, supporting Bushfraud, "We must have a worldwide Crusade against TERRORISTS!"
Funny thing. No one in the Big Lie Media could think of another suitable word. So, the mantra, like machine-gun bullets, shoots out repeatedly, "TERRORISTS! TERRORISTS! TERRORISTS!"
Because of this, the Bill of Rights required to be cancelled. In America, Arabs, citizens and non-citizens alike, are fingered. An epidemic against their U.S.-based offices, organizations, and Mosques.
The slogans, said and unsaid, are obvious. "Kill the Arabs, the 'TERRORISTS' ''. And, "Hunt down and eliminate the 'TERRORISTS', To Bring Peace and Prosperity to the oil-hungry Christian world!"
DO NOT PANIC, if this message, this website blinks out. If not brain-dead, you know the game.
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A book just published "Ahead of the Parade" by Sherman H. Skolnick, A Who's Who of Treason & High Crimes---Exclusive Details of Fraud & Corruption of the Monopoly Press, the Banks, the Bench and the Bar, & the Secret Political Police. Can be ordered, U.S. and Canada 1-800-861-7899. ALTHOUGH ALSO LISTED WITH Amazon is blockading marketing and filling orders by demanding TWICE the listed price per book.]



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