US Judgment Day
Sticking It To The Poobahs
News So Hot You Can Fry Eggs

by Sherman H. Skolnick

Over the centuries, similar ideas have led to nation versus nation, religion versus religion, in destructive conflict.
1. That each side has a growing military-age population, soon to face prospects of no useful work. A dangerous position to the religious/financial Imperial Hierarchies.
2. Another nation/religion/Ruling Class has the highest-level quarrel with our nation/religion. OUR Aristocracy is perceived as hopelessly endangered by THEM.
3. Another nation or group of the same, or religion, has without justification, attacked us, and shed our blood. OR, at the least, the common folk have been made to believe the same.
4. The opposing group is weak and we can overwhelm them, steal their lands/treasures, restore our national and religious honor and solidify our worldly and religious superiority.
Sooner or later, history reveals the treachery of the so-called leaders and financial and religious forces:
===Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen, so the U.S. could directly use their huge military-age unemployed labor pool, their tremendous industrial, mineral, and raw material might, to save another English-speaking nation, Great Britain, from being, some claimed, justifiably vanquished by their own perfidy in joining with the U.S. to finance the rise of Adolf Hitler as a bulwark against the Soviets.
===The Korean War was necessary to hem in non-Christian Red China after the rise of Mao, and to protect our new colony, Japan.
===The Viet Nam War, starting as a religious civil war by the Christian minority there, against other beliefs, and with the North-South connivance of the American CIA as well, was required to hold back Soviet expansion through their supposed client-state, once called Indo-China, where prior to the U.S. falsely-instigated invasion, the French colonial powers were finally bloodied, dishonored, and defeated. As eventually was also inflicted on America, soon to be bankrupt from the same, with its paper currency, supported by hot air alone, and its swollen, out-of-control bonded debt soon enough to be repudiated. And yet the American/British Aristocracy created the bogeyman of the Soviet Union, a manufactured "enemy" to warrant war-mongering profits.
The Establishment, "The Powers That Be", the Aristocracy, the Ruling Class, THEM, and their supposed Christian-Judeo belief system, requires that the ancient lands of the Babylonian and Assyrian Empires, Mesopotamia, in the regions of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers, have to be taken back by the biblical Tribes. This must occur, some believe, before Salvation and the Return of the Christian Messiah.
Throughout the centuries, young soldiers are brain-washed that the identified "enemies" are sub-human, are infidels, and that as many as possible be slaughtered. And that this is mandated by Divine Authority.
By the 21st Century, it is of no consequence to some, that ancient Mesopotamia, now called Iraq, did not intend to attack the U.S., no longer had the means and superior weapons to attack us, and was not interested in attacking us, and would continue to go their own way under their Dictator, quite acceptable to them, but created and manipulated by the treacherous, satanic-cult-dominated American/British espionage/petroleum Cartel.
It is coming on to JUDGMENT DAY, for the rapidly declining Imperial Power, the disunited States of America. Screaming against the messengers of these harsh realities will not make all this go away. Is America, by Divine Intervention, cursed, because we will not put an end to the rise of another Hitler here in the supposed and blessed Land of the Free? Is a Bill of Wrongs replacing our sweet Bill of Rights?
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