US Troops 'Accidentally
Kill Iraq Boy'

BAQUBA, Iraq (AFP) -- A 13-year-old youth, Omar Saad Jassem, was accidentally killed late yesterday after US troops opened fire and missed their target, his father told AFP today.
"At 2145 (0345 AEST) an American unit was chasing and opening fire on an individual who was riding a motorbike, and fatally wounded Omar who was nearby," the boy's father Saad Jassem said.
The adolescent was ferried from Baquba, north-east of Baghdad, by a US helicopter to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.
US troops have faced consistent attacks in the region, which is populated by Shiite and Sunni Muslims.
US military spokesman Anthony Reinoso said there was one incident in Baquba late Thursday involving a makeshift bomb and an Iraqi who opened fire with an AK47 injuring one US soldier.
He had no information on the report of the dead youth.
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