LBJ Killed JFK Theory
Embarrasses Bush Aide

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When President George W Bush was looking for a new White House spokesman to replace Ari Fleischer last July, he turned to his close circle of Texan friends for an ally he knew to be loyal, discreet and uncontroversial, writes Tony Allen-Mills.
Few in the White House press corps expected political fireworks when the president chose Scott McClellan, a long-time Bush supporter who had been Fleischer's deputy and was renowned for his unassuming manner. McClellan's brother Mark is a senior administration official and their mother is a former mayor of Austin.
Despite his polished political pedigree, McClellan's family ties have suddenly brought him unexpected embarrassment. His father Barr, a 63-year-old former Texas lawyer, claims in a book that President John F Kennedy was assassinated on the orders of the man who succeeded him - Lyndon Baines Johnson.
After 40 years of rabid conspiracy theorising over JFK's murder in Dallas in 1963, the older McClellan claims to have found a new culprit - Edward Clark, a former US ambassador to Australia and close political ally of Johnson.

The man to the left in the bowtie is Congressman Albert Thomas, winking at LBJ
At a time when the new White House spokesman is fending off criticism of Bush's handling of the economy and Iraq, he is also having to cope with speculation that his father is either a crackpot - or may just have found the missing link in one of the most notorious mysteries in American history.
McClellan Jr has so far declined to comment on the awkward fuss over Blood, Money and Power: How LBJ Killed JFK. "I think at this time it's best that I keep my relationship with my dad a private matter," he said.
His father has been less discreet. Keen to promote his book, published by a tiny firm in Arkansas, he has been gaily telling interviewers that LBJ resorted to murder because he was worried about being dropped as vice-president by Kennedy. "I knew LBJ well. He was very brutal," McClellan Sr said.
LBJ has until now escaped serious suspicion and Robert Caro, his biographer, dismissed the scenario as "highly implausible". Other historians called it "absurd".
From Farmctn
Alot of people had motives to kill President Kennedy, some base, some noble. The key to uncovering the cover-up is to ask not who could have wanted Kennedy dead or chase ghosts (railroad bums, etc.). The key is to ask, who could have covered it up?
The amazing fact is that the cover-up is still ongoing. Ask yourself, could the mafia, a bunch of crazy Cubans, or a foreign government have covered this up for so long? No, this was covered up by very powerful insiders not only in government but in the media as well.
Many years I was privileged to be one of the first non-government investigators to see the Zapruder film. This was over-dubbed with the voice of John Chancellor of NBC News describing the footage. Without going into the gory details, suffice it to say Mr. Chancellor's narration very nearly described the opposite of what I saw in the film. This was my first clue to the extent of the cover-up.
I was in high school when President Kennedy was assassinated and I was totally devastated as were so many others. I read every conspiracy book to come out in the years afterward hoping to figure out who was behind the atrocity. Most of those books described the forensic evidence and theories about motives. Those books were just backround.
The key is the cover-up. The cover-up began in earnest with the report of the Warren Commission. Since the Warren Report would be critical in establishing the basis of the cover-up it is likely that the members had foreknowledge of the coup. This was their motive for participation in the cover-up. They were in on the plan. Just as the mafia commission used to approve the assasination of a Don, the Warren Commission must have approved the assassination they would later cover-up. But why? Wait. First ask who brought them together.
It was Lyndon Johson, the man whose Kennedy's death made President of the United States. Why would Johnson, a powerful politician in his own right chance murdering the man he wanted to succeed? Why not simply wait for Kenndy'd presidency to conclude?
Johnson had been Majority Leader of the Senate. He was the most powerful man in Washington after the President himself even while Eisenhower was President. As the protege of Sam Rayburn, the powerful House Speaker, Johnson became the most powerful Majority Leader in Senate history. Few doubted he would become the first southern President since the civil war. Yet these were the days of civil rights. With dogs and firehoses turned on negro demonstrators across the South others thought it nearly impossible for a southerner to be elected President.
Enter JFK. It is today widely known that Joe Kennedy used his mob contacts to induce Mayor Daley of Chicago to help him steal the election in Cook County and thus in Illinois. Johnson played this role in Texas where he managed to steal enough votes (in part, through the use of illegal alien votes) to deliver the state to Kennedy. This was Kennedy's price for offering the vice-presidency to Johnson.
So when they were elected, Johnson expected some sense of obligation from Kennedy. His hopes were dashed however, by Robert Kennedy's snobbish ill-will. At the time there was a comedy revue led by Vaughn Meader who mercilessly lampooned the Vice-President, some said with Robert Kennedy's back door participation. Rumors were rife that Robert Kennedy was being groomed to succeed his brother, ending Johnson's political career. It was even floated that Johnson would be dropped from the ticket in 1964. Johnson was incensed. He made his hatred for the Kennedys known to many in Washington, another subject for humor. It might be surmised that his only hope for achieving the presidency was Kennedy's premature death before the election campaign of 1964.
As the second most powerful man in Washington, one who had been there since the early days of the New Deal, Johnson knew where all the bodies were buried. He brought all of Kennedy's enemys together for his plot. Not the least of these were right-wing elitists, John Birchers who worried about Kennedy's 'deal' with Kruschev not to invade Cuba. Not since Monroe had any U.S. president allowed any foreign power to increase its influence in the Western Hemisphere. Indeed, just the opposite. Every president had done his utmost to oust all European powers from the Americas. So when Kennedy permitted, even sanctioned a permanent base for the most hostile foreign power to be established only 90 miles from our coast, they were alarmed.
Many (not all right-wingers) were also alarmed by the President naming his own brother to be Attorney General, something unprecedented in U.S. history. Kennedy also threatened to nationalize the steel industry along the lines of Truman's conscription of the coal miners during the Korean War. There was good reason to fear (at the time) that Kennedy would impose socialism in the U.S..
There were alot of people and many groups who feared and loathed the Kennedy's. JFK was widely regarded as having stolen the election of 1960. His sexual escapades and drug usage branded him as reckless. He even entertained a female East German spy in the White house! As a popular president, ala Bill Clinton, many believed he was too dangerous to be allowed to be reelected and to establish a Kennedy dynasty in the White House. As a master politician himself, Johnson knew all this. He brought all the members of the conspiracy together and together they have kept it covered up for all these many years.




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