WTC2 Boeing 'Pod'
Dimensions Calculated

From Marc Spess

Hello again,
I found a really good front image of the 767 being worked on. So I applied some more logic using Photoshop to see if it would be possible to find the exact dimensions of the pod.
The first thing I did was mark in the ground level using a red line. Then I copied the shape of the engine in yellow as a circle to see where an object the radius of the engines would land. This shows how it is impossible for the size of the pod to be the same as the engines, because at the point the object is attached it would scrape the ground during take off. So it must be smaller.
The next thing was to determine the arc of the landing gear as they retract. If you look at the green lines you will see that the arc I put in is actually not an exact arc at all. But I do not know if they retract in an exact arc, or slide outward and inward as they retract. So this is a very rough estimate. Maybe someone can clarify that.
One other telling thing in the image is that there is definitely a panel that appears to hinge at the point under the wing, and would hinge out at the point where the pod would start. One person mentioned there was a panel there and that seems to clarify that there is definitely one in that spot.
So where does this leave the dimensions of a pod? It has to be very small to fit within the arc of the gear, as well as small enough to sit off the ground for take off. If the pod is round shaped, you can see the safe limits it would have to fit in blue.
If I were to conclude what I found I would say that there is a good chance.....
A panel most likely came down in that area creating an illusion of something larger.
Or the object is not round and is irregularly shaped.
Or that the pod is round and is very small in diameter.




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