Clinton Turned Away At
Crowded London Eatery
Pukka Off, Bill
No room for ex-president
at Jamie's swanky restaurant

The Mirror - UK

Most restaurateurs would fall over themselves to get a former US President at one of their tables - but not down-to-earth Jamie Oliver.
The mockney geezer proved that the words, "Don't you know who I am?" will never cut any ice at his restaurant, Fifteen, by turning away none other than Bill Clinton.
Clinton, 57, visited London earlier this year and decided he wanted to try some top quality contemporary British grub.
And what place better to do so than at 28-year-old Jamie's Old Street restaurant which is staffed by rookie chefs trained by the pukka chap himself?
With prices of around £60 a head for three courses and wine, it was well within the ex-Pres's budget, so his people got on to Jamie's people to book a table for 12.
But there was a slight hitch - the millionaire kitchen wizard's eaterie is proving so popular that punters have to reserve a table three months in advance.
An insider at the restaurant reveals: "Everyone was grinning from ear to ear when we took the call." And they were equally chuffed when the management stuck to their guns and decided not bounce another booking to make room for Bill and his pals.
"Clinton's people called on a Thursday wanting a booking for the following Saturday," explains one of Jamie's staff.
"It was impossible because that's the restaurant's busiest night. He also wanted a booking for 12 people and we can only accommodate parties of eight."
Clinton was adamant he wanted to try out the East London diner and begged them to squeeze his party in somehow - but all to no avail.
"It would have meant cancelling a booking of other guests who made reservations weeks ago and that just wouldn't be fair," our insider explains.
"He was told that if he wanted to come back in future he should remember to book a table well in advance.
"If we're full, we're full, and there's nothing that can be done about it - even if it is for the former President of the United States."
Staff at the restaurant say Clinton isn't the first A-list celeb to have been turned away. "We've had others call up and trot out the 'do you know who I am?' line when we explain that you can't just expect to get a table here because you may be well-known," our source reveals.
"We're not here to bend to famous people's whims. We're here to serve good food to people who like good food - nothing more, nothing less."
A spokesman for Jamie confirmed that Clinton had been turned away by the restaurant.
He said last night: "Jamie was sorry the restaurant was unable to accommodate Bill Clinton, but his attitude was c'est la vie.
"Mr Clinton is, of course, more than welcome to come back at any time but he will have to give the restaurant a bit more notice."
But if Bill still wants to sample some of Jamie's pukka tucker, he'd better get in quick.
There's not one evening reservation to be had until 2004.
We can only hope Billy kicked back and lit up a cigar in commiseration...




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