HAARP Operating At
Maximum Power Last Six Days
First High Power Transmissions Since 911

A Brother Jonathan Gazette Exclusive Report

For the first time in over 2 years HAARP has been extremely active with almost continuous transmissions over the last 6 days at maximum power.
The transmitter can be heard world-wide on the military channel 3.39 MHz. At that frequency the signal should be inaudible during the daytime, but instead is so powerful it can be heard all day and night.
The transmission mode is also most curious and never used before. The pattern is a 3 second pulse with a 10 sec pause, another 3 sec pulse and 10 sec pause then a very long 20 to 50 second continuous "on" pulse, followed by a 10 sec pause and then several more 3 second pulses. This pattern takes about one or two minutes to complete.
This same pattern has been transmitted by HAARP over the last 6 days with spacing between the repetitions ranging from 2 to several minutes and sometimes the pauses lasting several hours between repetitions.
For most of the last 2 years since the last extended maximum power transmission on 9/11 2001, HAARP has only been on the air for several hours each month for regular monthly transmitter maintenance. The current transmissions began last Thursday Sept 11 about 8PM - exactly 2 years to the day since the last lengthy high power transmission on 9/11. The pulsing last Thursday continued with several strong pulses every hour or so throughout the night and then stopped early Friday morning.
On early Saturday morning Sept 13, HAARP began the pattern with 2 short pulses, a very long pulse and then several short pulses with a repetition every several hours, with the times becoming shorter and shorter between repetitions down to about 10 minutes apart on Saturday evening.
On Sunday Sept 14th, the HAARP transmission could again be heard all day and night with the same strange repetition pattern with the spacing between repetitions again ranging from an hour or more to less than 2 minutes.
On Monday, the same high power transmissions could be heard on 3.39 MHz with the signals beginning at 5am (1200 UTC) and continuing all day with the spacing again ranging from about an hour to less than 2 minutes.
The apparent random spacing between the repetitions ranging from hours to only several minutes do not seem to be some kind of communication or code. During the extended transmission on Sept 11, 2001 following the President's declaration of a high military alert, HAARP began a continuous repeating maximum power transmission for over 10 hours. The transmission directed at the US submarine fleet contained a coded message in the exact 15 or 30 second spacings between the regular 6 second pulses, something like an inverted dit and dah of Morse code with the spaces being the coded message rather than the pulses.
During testing of HAARP as a space weapon, the transmissions are modulated with a slowly rotating ULF pattern which rotates the beam about 1 cycle per second and usually has a rising or falling sound as the beam rotates. This type of modulation has not been heard since HAARP was last in operation at high power in the weapons mode on Saturday morning February 1, 2003 for 3 hours exactly centered on the disastrous landing of the Shuttle Columbia.
The current transmissions do not seem to be either a Navy coded message, nor an Air Force test in the weapons-mode with ULF modulation. This may be simply a research project by some university professor investigating the earth's magnetic field. If so, it is the first time HAARP has done any extended research on 3.39 MHz since the summer of 2000. That's three years of inactivity. The purpose of the current high power testing of the HAARP transmitter over the last 6 days is still under investigation.
From James A. Carmody
Jeff -
HAARP has no major signal on 3.39 Mhz. The ambiant signal strength is high on that frequency, but all "real" broadcast signals are 40 dB louder. Did it stop when I began to listen? Maybe, but I doubt it. 3.39 is at the moment being used as a voice coded military allocation. I am sure all the left wing conspiracy idiots would wish that they broadcast in the clear, so as to give our enemies a fair and balanced shot at us.
Right wing as ever, Yours truly
PS, now they are broadcasting AMTOR, a digital mode--big deal. It probably means that W secretly planned 9/11.
From Mike Thorne
Hi Jeff,
Thanks for posting the HAARP updates. Between Seattle and the Olympic Mountains over the past week, including today (17 Sep 2003), I have seen standing wave patterns in the clouds. Similar to the parallel lines that emerge in sand on a hard surface, when wave energy is applied to that surface, I see parallel cloud channels that are too uniform in both depth and separation, than one would expect with the natural ebb and flow of air currents.
I had pondered those Quonset hut row clouds, and wondered if HAARP was doing its thing, again, so it was humorous to discover this article on your site today.
I saw the same pattern in Portland two to three years ago, over Portland International Airport. The standing wave pattern in Portland clouds was so reminiscent of nodes and antinodes in a beam, I wondered back then if HAARP was at work ionizing the atmosphere for signal transmission. We had heavy chemtrail activity over Portland back then. The chemtrails and HAARP ionization may both have been used for atmospheric ducting of over-the-horizon radio signals. Chemtrails were present year after year, but they were pretty intense whenever Misters Bush, Cheney, or Gore arrived in Oregon to campaign for the election.




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