Poland - Europe's First 'Zionist State'?
From Abraham Cohen

Dear Mr Rense,
Poland has now become a Zionist state within Europe.
Poland is setting a new record as a nation which is being totally bought
and controlled by the NWO Zionists.
The Polish government already proved themselves as assassins for hire when
they agreed to send their military to join the 'coalition' forces to continue
the 'liberation' of the ravaged people of Iraq. See these stories:
Poland, trying to be 'more Catholic than the Pope', is selling itself
for hire to the highest bidder, the NWO.
Their soldiers are assassinating Iraqi civilians at this very moment.
Most people have forgotten the illegal weapons smuggling by Poland:
People forget that Poland today is a creation of Rumsfeld:
And today, Poland allowed the Israeli Air Force to fly over it, too,
ignoring the objections of the Auschwitz Museum to let the
dead rest in peace...
Abraham Cohen




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