Chemtrails Over Madrid

Hi Jeff -
Sorry for being such a pain , but I haven't found any other site where I can rant and rage (and inform) about this ridiculous spraying.
After getting pounded last weekend (there was a weather front coming in to the Peninsula which essentially "disappeared" after the spraying), there were none from Monday to Wednesday.
Yesterday and today have been very clear days BUT we have been sprayed anyway, maybe because of the next front coming in from the Atlantic or because of this country's stupid backing of the "New American Global democracy" policy. So, this is our "present" for being "good boys" and stepping inline.
Some of the trails are quite thin and very few are inside the normal Air traffic route. There are many trails.
Health Symptoms (which have already been reported on your site by profesionals) from the spraying include:
* Tightness in the temples * Strange headaches * Nervous Irritability * Upset stomach * Sinusitis * Throat scratchiness, especially after smoking (I feel none on clear days)
As always, people go about their business when I tell them and do not pay attention to these details. I guess the masses are happy with their TV and their Football. We definitely deserve an asteroid or a BIG lesson from Mother Earth to learn our place in the Universe.
Thanks for your patience and keep up the great work.




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