Boeing Fuselage Anomaly
Should NOT Be There
Boeing 767-222s Aren't Rigged For Pods Or Tanks
From David Sadler

We are currently engaged in an investigation of this anomaly to the fuselage of the aircraft that hit WTC2 (south tower).
We no longer refer to this plane as UA 175. We call it WTC2-AC for World Trade Center building 2 aircraft.
UA 175 was a commercial Boeing 767-222. Look at as many photos of the 767-222 as you like and you'll not see this configuration. The 767-222 has no hard points for mounting external tanks or such. We are confirming this last statement today.
It matters not, what other arguments are made as to why this ac is UA 175. The proponent of the allegation MUST explain and prove that UA 175 (registration N612UA) had modifications to its fuselage. Further, the proponent must prove that this modification to the fuselage was exhibited upon take off from Logan on that fateful day.
This is a major smoking gun that has been in our faces since the first or second day after the event. This configuration is shown on multiple images of the event from multiple cameras in multiple formats from multiple angles.
We are creating a web page for our arguments, that will be up in a few days. We will incorporate this information into a documentary we are making on the Oil Wars and America's failed energy policy. Pilots and crash investigator engineers are involved. I am available for an interview on the matter.
Best regards,
David Sadler
GOP congressional candidate, 12th CD/IL (2002)
618.542.4413 voice
Joel (Name Protected)
Jeff -Shadows? Paint schemes? Light Reflections? Forget about it...the right side engine has its OWN shadow. That 'object' is casting its OWN shadow. This needs a serious investigation. Let's hope people aren't threatened away from one.




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