Did The Boeing Fuselage
Produce The 'Object'?


In our search of Boeing 767 photos, we have found ample evidence that the normal bulges in the bottom of the fuselage *might* be the cause of what is seen in the video. However, substantial questions remain.
The object in the video frames seems to be located at least equal to, if not forward of, the engine next to it. The fuselage bulge in the Boeing pictures begins halfway back from the front of the engines.
Further, if the apparent 'object' in the video is, indeed, caused by the standard Boeing fuselage extrusion, where is the adjacent bulge on the port side of the WTC-2 Boeing? There is nothing visible whatever... no bulge, no shadow, no reflection.
We are left with what appears to be a very large, solo item on the starboard underside of the WTC- Boeing...

(Thanks for everyone submitting URLs and images)
From Dallas
A freind emailed me your picture of the 767-200 with what appears to be a object mounted there. I am a A&P/ IA that means I am Airframe Powerplant mechanic that has a Inspection Authorization from the FAA. What you are seeing is the wheel well area on the air craft possibly being pulled open by the violent bank into the building that is most likley what you are seeing I could go into detail on stresses etc. on airframes but I do not have a week to write this. All I can say is all it would take is the inboard door to lift a inch and you would get the optical illusion of a center-line mounted object. But you are right about there not being a center line mount but it's nothing to get concerned over unless you know these aircraft inside and out. A small thing can make any aircraft seem to have strange things mounted to them.
Thank you,
From Ian
This problem of the second WTC plane is very interesting. I don't think it should be brushed aside lightly.
I don't know anything about Boeings, but I do know something about image analysis and have worked in the field for the last 8 years.
The photographs that have been shown on your site, if they are correct and not tampered with, provide more than enough useable data for a close analysis. This analysis would be best carried out by professional image analyists, and a team which knows the Boeing 767 inside and out.
Given how good those photos are, it should not be too difficult to accurately measure the width of the object on the underside of the second WTC plane and know for sure if it might be the underside cargo doors that have opened, perhaps at the last minute.
It would be good to either vindicate the door idea or dispense with it, and go from there. Personally, it seems to me that that thing, whatever it is, just shouldn't be there.






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