Astounding Moon Footage - Comment
From Susan Ferguson

Dear Jeff -
In Ingo Swann's book 'Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial & Human Telepathy' - now out of print - Swann reports his remote viewing of the alien bases on the dark side of the moon - among other things.
Penetration - The Question of Extraterrestrial & Human Telepathy By Ingo Swann
Earth psychics are their only enemies...
Ingo Swann is THE 'original' remote view-er. He worked with The Stanford Research Institute, SRI, and many government agencies for years.
Ingo Swann tells of his involvement with a very secret government agency that asked him to remote view the dark side of the Earth's Moon. Swann saw extensive buildings, roads, and human forms digging.
Swann makes it very clear that our government is very much intimidated by these ETs. He says to the government agent: "They've somehow got you by the balls, haven't they? That's why you are resorting to psychic perceptions...They are NOT friendly are they?..."
Swann also describes his encounter with a live alien in a Los Angeles supermarket and confirms that ET civilization has been infiltrating the Earth in humanoid bodies. Swann's friends warn him: "There are alot of THEM, you know, and many of them are bio-androids...they realize that Earth psychics are their only enemies."
People advised Ingo Swann NOT to write this book because " challenges those echelons of conventional credibility that lasciviously get off on deconstructing those unfortunates who experience what they can't prove."
Ingo Swann understands the perils and pain of being someone who has had "experiences". Many of you, like myself, fall into this category.
He also talks about the fact that DENIAL of the ETs is a "...patent fact. The question is WHY?...Earthsiders [he calls us] as a whole seem to be caught up in some kind of strange but broadly shared amnesia induced..."
I recommend this book as an antidote for what I have frequently called Earth's miasma of amnesia.
V.Susan Ferguson
Astounding Moon Footage Did NASA want you to see this?
The August, 2003 issue of Electric Space Craft, a scientific journal, contains an amazing series of images taken from NASA footage included in the TV program, NOVA: To the Moon. The significance of the images has only recently been noticed.
As Apollo 8 orbited 70 miles above the lunar surface, with Earth in the background, it filmed the ground below. At one point, a small, black object, tall and cylindrical, appears jutting from the moon. Just as the camera is about to pass by, the strange object clearly releases a jet-like cloud. It looks like a smokestack ejecting a puff of smoke. The cloud drifts to the right and then dissipates. Though the black object appears small on the screen, it must be thousands of feet tall if the footage was taken from such a high altitude.




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