AC Mechanic:
Object Should Not Exist
From Stephen (name protected)

Greetings Jeff,
The object attached to the jet fuselage should not exist in the picture of the second 767 heading for an impact with the south tower.
I am an aircraft mechanic with nineteen years at a major carrier and have accomplished hundreds of service checks on most models of passenger liners from the 727, 737(all models), the MD-80, DC-9, 757 and the 767. There is no accessory to my knowledge that attaches to the fuselage of any of those aircraft.
From the shadow of the object it reminds me of some kind of external fuel tank, like many military aircraft use to extend their range. How it came to be attached to a Boeing 767, which has no fittings, ("hard points", in the service) for it to fastened is a dilemma.
In conclusion, it is definitely not an open right side AC bay door on the bottom of the fuselage, because if it had come unlatched the airstream at 450-550 mile per hour would tear that door right off its' hinges, regardless of its' orientation to the line of flight.
Good Luck, Jeff

Joel (Name Protected)
Jeff -Shadows? Paint schemes? Light Reflections? Forget about it...the right side engine has its OWN shadow. That 'object' is casting its OWN shadow. This needs a serious investigation. Let's hope people aren't threatened away from one.




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