Winking Out - Voices Of
Truth Drowning Beneath
Tidal Wave Of Trivial Sound Bites

By John Kaminski

An astronomy report I read recently " from God knows where; I get so many e-mails I can't tell one from the other after awhile " said the universe is getting darker. Stars are winking out, and not being replaced fast enough by new stars being born. The universe getting darker. I guess it's that way here on Earth, too. Getting darker by the day.
No one of any consequential reputation, at least in big media's bloodshot eyes, has leapt to the front of the stage and screamed about what a hoax the Iraq war is, what a profound and criminal affront to human decency the United States has perpetrated on the world. No one with any real power, at least. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the braindead American citizenry cheers on the Yankee mayhem as soldiers gun down innocent Iraqi civilians without a second thought as the war machine defends the right of megacorporations to plunder the world at will.
I mean, does anyone remain unclear about how America's reasons for invading Iraq were all lies? There were no weapons of mass destruction and Iraq had no connection to al-Qaeda (which is a CIA false flag operation to begin with). Even Saddam was a former CIA operative who was once in business with the current U.S. president's father until the powers that be determined Hussein should take the fall so America's criminal corporations could go on a looting rampage (and poison everyone with radioactive debris) throughout the Cradle of Civilization in order to abet Israel's plan to expand its borders exponentially.
Shouldn't all conscious people be howling in the streets about this? In America, the silence is deafening, and way beyond disheartening. It's as if all Americans have turned into drugged-out, robotized drones, incapable of expressing any desire to know that their country has been hijacked by criminals who no longer even try to hide their crimes. They know nobody's listening, and damn few even care that the U.S. now ranks with Pol Pot in the category of all-time dangerous, unreasonable and pathological social forces which cannot be reasoned with by principled individuals.
Instead, all the presidential candidates hem and haw and ponder how to criticize America's advance into unrestrained violent aggression. They object to this evil enterprise on matters of style, but for the substance of the naked aggression against the Islamic world, they have no objection.
None of them points out how America has broken every law human and holy, stolen an entire country, butchered its inhabitants and then made them slaves and starved them, if not outright murdered them. Even the United Nations has now approved this satanic venture. Which means there's nowhere anywhere in the world where anybody can be safe, and truly know that the authorities have not been bought off by high-level, deep cover corporate cash.
The ayatollah was right, you know. America is the Great Satan (whose twisted helpers are cynical evangelical Christians flapping their truthless lips in support of their monstrous Zionist masters), and now the whole world knows it, even though most people and U.N. delegates keep their mouths shut about it because tending their geese and their golden eggs is simply far more important to them than things like fairness, justice and human compassion.
As a result, America gets to execute about 10,000 Iraqis with high-tech weaponry, poison its own soldiers with depleted uranium ammunition, funnel billion dollar contracts to its own chosen stooge conglomerates, indefinitely postpone free and fair elections for the Iraqi people, and run a new oil pipeline from Iraq to Israel ... and nobody of any consequential reputation in the world gets up and starts screaming that this is surely a criminally insane act that continues to be perpetrated on the decent and innocent people of the world.
America has stolen an entire country right in front of everyone's eyes, and no one is saying a thing about it. Doesn't that strike you as odd? No, not that America has stolen a whole country; the U.S. has done that plenty of times. But that no one is saying anything. That it isn't mentioned on TV (the words "depleted uranium" have never once been mentioned on TV; did you know that?). That our respected leaders divert our attention with trivial matters and completely ignore the critical issues.
America has stolen an entire country, and nobody says a word. The U.N. tried to throw up some feeble roadblocks prior to America's unwarranted attack on Iraq, but now that the diabolical deed is done, the U.N. has approved the arrangement. Wasn't that courageous of them?
A dangerous brute is shooting up every town on the planet and, by its silent acquiescence, the governing body of the entire world endorses this activity.
Getting darker. The universe is getting darker. As for Earth, well, you know the tale ...
After a couple of years on the Internet, I have a pretty fair grip on those who are fighting the madness. Paranoid, maybe a little. But I know the fake ones, those who pretend to working for human decency but really aren't, like Common Dreams, Mother Jones, those leftie bleeding hearts who never mention the 9/11 fix (find out who made the money on the "put" options and the trail will lead to the coordinators of the event) or the Israeli mindlock on U.S. media. Throw Chomsky and Zinn into the mix. What they write will lead you in the wrong direction.
If you haven't read the Gatekeepers series on, you are nowhere. Lost in the miasma of misinformation. Stop signing petitions and supporting fake presidential candidates like Howard Dean. Get to the point. Start screaming.
I was supposed to be on the radio last night in my regular gig (moved to Wednesday) on, but Schantz called me and said a virus has taken his system down, and he probably didn't have the money to fix it. Lewis News, many of you know, is an excellent but unheralded news digest that attracts readers and listeners from all over the world to its modest but honest offerings. It may never be back up, although knowing Schantz, he'll get the thing running with some duct tape and bubble gum one of these days.
He is like so many of the great websites and e-mail newsletters trying to circumvent the media mindlock by sheer force of will. Almost all of these operations are incredibly valuable to those who read them and almost all of them are one-person operations: Tom at, Jeff at, Carol at, Michael at, Ken at, Paul at, Edna at Earth Heal, Jean at the Earth Rainbow Network, Peter at, Mark at ... this list could run into the thousands of single individuals who are valiantly standing as bulwarks against the madness perpetrated upon the entire world by big media tyrants that twists the perceptions of people and makes them think that the slaughter in Iraq is actually a good thing.
But the tsunami of meaningless soundbites, for which people make millions, is overwhelming most of these single-minded solitary sentinels standing strong against the mindless madness.
Single individuals will not last long against the limitless budgets of big networks who have no intention of telling you what's really happening in the world. In my own modest way, I am one of those single individuals standing in the thin and paltry line of resisters to the big media lies. I'm proud to be here, and I'm sinking fast, despite a recent influx of loving largesse from faithful readers. But forget about me; think about those others that I just mentioned, give free speech a boost. Or else.
If you think you can continue to get away with ignoring the real facts as they are happening, well, you have only to look at what's happening. It was the lack of a truly independent media that enabled Bush and his gang to totally abrogate the U.S. Constitution and turn America into an aggressive nation-molester that now threatens the safety of everyone in the world.
And now the bad news. We are headed into the worst winter of any of our lives. The powers that be will stage more terror attacks to consolidate their new tyranny, and very likely, the entire U.S. financial system will collapse (because a severe depression can provide a major windfall for those who control the system). Nobody except the very rich are ready for this collapse, but all the signs are there, especially in the bond and housing markets. Plenty of us will be winking out this winter. Plenty of people you know.
What will you do when your access to your money is cut off? Start thinking about it now. Later will be too late. In the neocon agenda, you are scheduled to be winked out.
Start thinking about your access to legitimate information. Where are you getting news you can trust? Work to make sure your access is preserved, and support those you can. It has never been more important.
Because once they're gone, all you will have is Fox News and its clones. Imagine Rush Limbaugh as the leader of the left and Karl Rove as the guru of pure patriotism. When that day comes, it will be painfully clear to any with enough gray matter left to perceive it that 1984 has finally arrived.
Many of the independent media sources millions of people rely on as antidotes to mainstream media poison are now hanging by a thread, in danger of winking out, just like those burned-out stars making our universe darker by the day. You can slow the approaching darkness generated out of Washington by the petrocrazies by making sure your preferred independent news sources will survive.
Because if they don't, you won't.
John Kaminski is the author of "America's Autopsy Report." For more information, see




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