MSSS Seeks Public Requests
For Mars Target Sites

By Mac Tonnies
Cydonian Imperative

Malin Space Science Systems is asking the public to recommend sites on the Martian surface deserving of closer study. The Mars Orbiter Camera on board the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, now in its extended mission sequence, successfully acquired a high-resolution frontal image of the Face on Mars in 2001 as well as other anomalous features.
Intriguing features yet to be imaged include the Rounded Formation at the far west of the City complex in Cydonia, the D&M Pyramid (imaged by the Mars Odyssey's relatively low-resolution THEMIS camera with surprising results), and the tantalizingly artificial-looking "Runway" (aka "String of Pearls") atop Hecates Tholus.
Let MSSS know that the scientific community needs more images of Martian anomalies by visiting the Mars Orbiter Camera Target Request Site at:
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