Sticking It To The Poobahs
News So Hot You Can Fry Eggs

by Sherman H. Skolnick

WHO hopes to benefit from tearing apart the United States IN AMERICA?
A short list:
1. The British Monarchy, and their stooges and scapegoats. They tried in the War of 1812. They tried again, in fomenting the natural friction between the industrial North and the slave-owning-agricultural South. They benefitted from the political assassination of three U.S. Presidents.
Currently, they hope to create a fatal donnybrook between the Central Government EAST and the WEST. Stupidly and stubbornly refusing to aid the States in the impending Depression, the pro-British fictitious Bush White House, as a starter, is implicated in a dirty scheme to put California upside down. Backed to the bankruptcy wall, some in the once-prosperous largest State, threaten to refuse to forward Federal tax monies to the Bushies and the Brits who send back little funds Westward.
Watching all this with "we got ya" glee, are the Russians going to re-claim California, Alaska, and a few other places(claiming the land stolen and/or the 99-year lease long since expired)?
2. The huge worldwide financial forces of Saddam Hussein, the former private business partner of the Bush Crime Family/Queen of England. Well-trained by the American CIA, and no longer actually having Weapons of Mass Deception, Saddam, Inc., suckered the U.S., without a Constitution-required War Declaration, into attacking Iraq, the ancient Cradle of Civilization, survivors of numerous dumb-ass foreign invaders. Saddam, the Swiss-headquartered corporate monster, has lured the former formidable Imperialist power, the U.S., into possibly the greatest military disaster in all history.
As the major shareholder of Daimler-Chrysler, and various other major enterprises, including missile-makers, procured from blackmailed and extorted funds(jointly with the Bushies and the Queen), Saddam, Inc., and their cohorts, body doubles, and agents, are prepared to piss upon the graves of the Disunited States IN AMERICA.
3. The Moslem world, stirred up with false accusations of 9-11 "terrorism" (actually orchestrated by crazies in the American/British Aristocracy). Perceiving themselves as the target of yet another historical unsuccessful Christian Crusade, they threaten to pull out over a trillion dollars on deposit in the already derivative-insolvent American banks. And yank away hundreds of billions invested in U.S. Treasury paper, the Saudis, for example(along with Japan but NOT U.S. citizens), being the only such bond-owners having the paper backed by U.S. Gold (if it still exists).
4. A host of other Ruling Class-types, split into warring factions, are smashers as well of the Social Compact once underpinning the American Republic.
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