For Now Saudis Get Blackout Payoff
Sticking It To The Poobahs
News So Hot You Can Fry Eggs

by Sherman H. Skolnick

As stated in previous stories, the Saudi Royal Family have been in the midst of a bitter divorce from the Bush White House Gang. To evade prior knowledge charges of treason against themselves, the Bushies have been falsely blaming the Saudis for 9-11.
As a reprisal, on the afternoon of Thursday, August 14, 2003, the Saudis were set to begin the wire transfer, out of the U.S., of a 98 Billion Dollar portion, of their upwards of One Trillion Dollars of deposits in U.S. money center banks, mainly in New York.
The transfering was blocked by a massive black-out U.S./Canada, hard-hitting New York and transit recipient point, Toronto. This was apparently orchestrated by a U.S. power firm owned by the British Aristocracy, to whom the Bush Crime family are shackled as stooges and scapegoats.
The occupant and resident of the White House had few options. Find an excuse to declare U.S. Bank Holiday (the banks being already insolvent)? Or, divide Saudi Arabia, non-oil West for Saudi Royals and religious sites, and oil-rich East, as U.S. occupied Military Zone?
As a stop-gap measure, George W. Bush secretly and unlawfully grabbed huge portions of the U.S. Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds, thus endangering sickly and senior citizens now and in the future. For what? To bribe the Saudis not to re-schedule their flight capital out of the U.S. At least, not for now.
The Bushies ordered that the Saudi Royals have their One Trillion Dollars in U.S. deposits sweetened. How? By off-the-books higher interest additions, by awarding of hush-money, some of its disguised as financial instruments, such as debentures or heavy portions plundered unlawfully of supposed U.S.Government-backed mortgage pools, namely, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae. Thus, darkening the financial horizon of common Americans and their home ownership.
Part of this stolen goods is also being used, to fool suckers, by temporarily pumping up the U.S. Stock Markets, to give the false image of an impending so-called "economic recovery", when none is at hand.
And, BIG MEDIA and BIG OIL continue their "Song of the Rotten Liars".
What is the reason, NONE dare call this Treason?
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