Regarding Chemtrails
From James Knott

Hi Jeff,
Great site. I have recommended it to countless friends and colleagues over the years. On Sunday, August 17th, Chicago held the annual Air and Water Show. It was spectacular. The weather cooperated and there was not a cloud in the sky for the duration of the event and the rest of the day. Today, Monday, August 18th, The sprayers were back at it again from early morning to late afternoon with a heavy emphasis on east / west parallel spray trails (15:00 CST). I cannot believe that no one in the "mainstream" media picks up on this.
From Moose
Hey Jeff...
I live in a suburb of Chicago and also saw chemtrails mon the 18th of August. I live about 10 miles from Midway airport, and while i was out enjoying the nice day on my apartment balcony, I noticed for every two normal jet trails, there was one chemtrail, this was happening between 3-6pm. The chemtrails that I noticed lasted about 45 mins each, but I never saw any planes leaving the chemtrails that stayed in the sky.




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