Psychic Baron Says Blackout
Work Of A Hacker

Note - Elizabeth Baron has been a guest on our program several times and has clearly demonstrated her abilities in the past. -ed
Just hours after the electricity went out across the Northeast and parts of Canada last Thursday, Elizabeth Baron of, a lady with some psychic insight, sent us her explanation of what had happened.
While we don't put much credence in such paranormal views of the world, we remember that this same spirtualist was on Phil Paleologos' national talk radio show while the hunt for the snipers was on last fall, saying that federal authorities had it all wrong: There were two snipers, not one, and they were driving a blue car, not a white van.
That statement was made by Baron some two days before John Lee Malvo and John Muhammad were captured in a blue sedan.
In contact with the "other side" Thursday evening, Baron reported: "No one will believe this but this is the work of a 15-year-old boy with the mind of a genius with the computer. He has studied so much about electricity and how it works across the country. As this happened, there was a stoppage when two men stopped that chain of reaction. If they had not intercepted, it would have gone all the way over to Oklahoma and all the way down to Florida. But this was not an act of terrorism but the act of a 15-year-old boy who did much of this without touching anything within a plant whatsoever."
She continued: "Much of this was done by a computer. It is very dangerous to have computers in the hands of deranged people because genius is close to insanity and this person lives in Canada. The individual will be traced down and will be found out but it is doubtful that any public information will be given out about this young man because it would start copycat destruction in our country."
Well, could she have been right? Who knows - but her opinion may be as good as Uncle Sam's these days.
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