Global Cooling? It Sounds
Preposterous, BUT...

From Jim Kennedy

Charts and tables on Web page: demonstrate a roughly proportional relationship between "urban heat island" effects and urban population density.
The four charts on this Web page -- corresponding to ten cities within the four states AZ, GA, MN and VA -- display two significant trends:
The magnitude of rates of temperature change (degrees F per year) decrease almost in lockstep with decrease in urban population densities.
An inverse relationship seems to exist between (1) urban population density and (2) number of months with negative rates of temperature change.
It remains to be confirmed whether cities with very low population densities will exhibit a preponderance of the year with negative rates of temperature change. If so, then such behavior would support "global cooling."
Note 1: Data for these charts are available courtesy of the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
Note 2: The well-documented urban heat island effect primarily is related to population density and is the result of:
(1) replacing natural vegetation with concrete and asphalt, and
(2) accumulations of waste heat from air-conditioners and fossil fuel combustion.
Jim Kennedy, MSCh, MSME - Specialization
From Sheryl Jackson
Mr. Kennedy, I read your article with interest. So I have to ask you if you are familiar with the work of Charles Hapgood?
Mr. Hapgood spent over fifty years of his career gathering core samples from every ocean, sea, lake and river on all of the continents. What he was able to procure wouild fill volumes of data pages and did.
His last book written by his estate, finished by colleagues and his son? indicated that the mantle of the earth slips regularly creating ice ages in Europe while none in America. His findings indicate that this is part of the natural pattern of the earth and that this will happen again. The Path of the Poles is a ponderous tome, but filled with great facts and ranks up their in reading with Michael Cremo's Forbidden Archaeology as a must read for anyone who is interested in all things ancient.
Many people consider the Polar Flip to be a "loonie Fringe theory" but Hapgood's careful compilation of facts and samples indicate that it is not a theory but in deed a reality. The question is not did it happen? but rather when will it happen again?
The Partial Planetary alignment of May 5th, 2001 was an uneventful day that many had believed would bring about the earth changes of Dr. Hapgood's studies.
Sweden is now called the "Land of the Midnight Sun" instead of Alaska, where the sun actually never completely goes away. when I lived in Alaska from l956 until l961, the sun never set from the middle of June till the end of July and the sun never rose from mid-October until mid February.
The Innuit people of Alaska's Arctic Circle now state that the seasons are so far off that the people cannot tell the seasons by the animals because the animals don't know what to do now either. For the last decade, Anchorage Alaska, has had minimal snow and often Christmas revelers have had to drive 350 miles north or further in December to play on their snow mobiles.
New York State and the East Coast have had ICE STORMS FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS. Ice that is so cold that it breaks the trees. Branches fall and create tremendous hazards to the residents and safety workers who try to help.
The present position of Mars has been said to have happened 60 thousand years ago, but in actuality it was 72,000 years ago that was, coincidentally, the last Great DieOff of animals and humans. It is believed in some circles that this Mars positioning will indeed bring about the wakening of a Caldera creating Nuclear Winter for several years and wreaking havoc upon the earth and her population.
So yessir, part of the planet is cooling, but the rest of it is defrosting. In the last decade icebergs the size of Rhode Island, Vermont and Delaware have fallen away from Antarctica. Moving toward the north, they do not melt as readily as one would expect.
The killing of the rainforests and the changes that are natural in the Universal Scheme of things would indicate that we are about to experience some very great earth changes and the close proximity of Mars may indeed be the catalyst to widespread world devastation.
I would encourage you to read the two books I have mentioned so that you might have some more facts to present your theory with.
And leave us not forget the Piri Reis map of 1613 that shows Antarctica the way our Satellites have photographed it. It is shown on his maps that Antarctica was not filled with snow and ice but indeed was a habitable continent with tropical vegetation and animals.
Sheryl Jackson




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