No Cell Phone Calls From
Hijacked 911 Airliners

From Martha

From John Kaminski

Right you are, Martha. Excellent exposition. I'll pass it around. Waiting eagerly for Dewdney's new website,, to come on line.
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John K.
eyrehead wrote:
You have mentioned the hinkiness of the cell phone calls from the hijacked airliners so I assume you are familiar with Kee Dewdney's Project Achilles. When you track reports of the hijackings you will see versions that have passengers using cell phones, other versions specify GTE Airphones except for one passenger for whom the story has remained stable -- the guy who said he was calling from a restroom via cellphone. That story could not be abridged to put an Airphone within his reach. The story specifies names, a place of residence and of course the cell phone which could not have worked.
I pulled the salient point from the article which is at the link above. It corroborates Dewdney's cell phone demonstration. The article is business oriented, a discussion about communications models . The point here is, that an airphone business was dependent on cell phones not working at airliner cruising altitudes. Though passengers may be instructed not to use cell phones, if cell phones functioned in flight, you know full well that some passengers would place calls and that the word would spread. Airliner restrooms would be like phone booths!
What they hadn't factored in was the zone of connectivity between the runway and the gate, where potential airphone users were physically captive, but where their cell phones still worked. The time spent between the gate and the runway can account for a fifth of even long domestic flights, and since that is when flight delays tend to appear, it is a disproportionately valuable time in which to make calls.
This is pulled from the first article on the page, Cockpit Tape Offers Few Answers but Points to Heroic Efforts - By JERE LONGMAN
Earlier reports have said that a previously unidentified passenger, Edward Felt of Matawan, N.J., said in a 911 call from a restroom that he saw a puff of smoke and heard an explosion, leading some to cite this as evidence that the plane was shot down by the military to prevent it from crashing into sensitive targets. But the 911 dispatcher, John Shaw, and others who have heard the tape, including Mr. Felt's wife, Sandra Felt, say he made no mention of smoke or an explosion when he said, "We're going down."
There it is, the bright, shining, specific, cell-phone-in-the-restroom lie that may hang the conspirators.
Without the phone calls from the hijacked planes, we wouldn't have blamed Middle Easterners, and would have had no excuse to go to war in the Middle East. The calls were central to the plot. With Dewdney's practical demonstration, and a second source corroboration, it is clear those calls did not originate from the airliners. Only Bush & Co. could have worked that. The junta committed premeditated mass murder. It was not a case of letting 9-11 happen. They made it happen.
From Sheryl Jackson
Mr. Kaminski, you have just supplied the last nail in the coffin of the Four Horsemen of the WhiteHouse and the Resurrected Cadaverous Preternatural Cabinet and all of their friends. Ken Lay, Enron, The Carlisle Group, The Bush-Bin Laden Connection. The Insanity of Pre-emptive strikes that laid the pipeline for the New World Order, everything, one fell swoop.
Congratulations...What a hoot!!!!
Sheryl Jackson



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