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Freud And The Window

By Henry Makow, PhD

In Prophets Without Honour (1979), author Frederic Grunfeld describes "a typically nasty" anti Semitic incident Sigmund Freud encountered around 1885 on a train between Dresden and Leipsig.
The future Father of Psychiatry opened the window and "became embroiled in an argument with fellow passengers who wanted it closed."
Here is Freud's account from a letter to his fiancée, Martha Bernays.
"While the discussion ensued and the man said he was prepared to open a ventilation slip instead of the window, there came a shout from the background: "He's a dirty Jew!" and with this the whole situation took on a different color. My first opponent also turned anti-Semitic and declared: "We Christians consider other people; you'd better think less of your precious self," etc. and muttering abuses befitting his education, my second opponent announced that he was going to climb over the seats to show me, etc. I was quite prepared to kill him but he did not step up..."(p.19)
The author Grunfeld, presumably also Jewish, doesn't see that Freud might have been wrong. He writes: "It was a ridiculous and puerile state of affairs that could compel young be prepared to defend their honor with their fists."
Grunfeld's comment reflects a Jewish tendency to attribute all criticism to a deep-seated irrational hatred. It implies Jews can do no wrong, a serious sign of collective immaturity. It also dehumanizes other people.
To say "We Christians consider other people...think less of yourself" is not anti Semitic. Right or wrong, it is a legitimate grievance. It's true the second opponent's anti Semitic outburst colored the situation and probably affected Freud's reaction. But objectively, Freud was in the wrong. He should have considered the wishes of the other passengers before opening the window. When they protested, he should have acceded to their wishes.
Imagine the rest of that trip! Imagine the ill feeling.
Now imagine if Freud had changed course immediately: accepted the validity of the complaint, apologized and rectified the situation. Instead of making enemies, I suspect he would have made friends.
We have a similar situation today. Jewish organizations like the Bnai Brith want to control the window and define reality for everyone. The "window" is the mass media: the circulation of information and opinion.
You are probably familiar with these examples:
The Bnai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress are campaigning to prevent Al-Jazeerah from being broadcast in Canada. The Anti Defamation League is vilifying Mel Gibson for his depiction of the crucifixion of Christ in "The Passion."
The Bnai Brith "League of Human Rights" is joining with local universities to deliver "anti hatred" courses to workplaces. Of course, it defines hatred as anything opposed to official Israeli or Jewish policy. It keeps an annual inventory of anti Semitic incidents but not incidents against other groups.
The Canadian Jewish Congress demanded that the government "banish" Lebanese ambassador Raymond Baklini for suggesting Jews have a dominating role in the Canadian media. "If Ambassador Baklini cannot refrain from making prejudiced allegations, he is unwelcome to represent his country in Canada," said Moshe Ronen, chairman of the CJC.
These groups are acting like Freud did. Complaints are always false and based on prejudice. They are creating anti -Semitism, which in a funny way makes sense since anti-Semitism is their bread and butter.
Thankfully other Jewish writers are speaking out against this self-destructive behaviour.
One is Rick Salutin, who pointed out in the Toronto Globe and Mail Jews actually do have a dominant role in the Canadian media.
"It's true some Jewish people, who were once scarce there, are now prominent in Canada's media such as the Aspers, the head of the CBC or this paper's editor. But they aren't there because a shadowy group decided to install them and then use them to shape the news."
"Still being human they share some things in common. Many of us grew up buying little leaf stamps to plant trees in Israel, or had family who perished in the Holocaust, or get aggravated phone calls from relatives."
"We can try and succeed in being fair but it's also prudent to continue to broaden the range of voices that reach the public. That's another reason to usher Al-Jazeerah onto the media spectrum." (Globe and Mail, July 18, A-13)
To its credit, the Asper's National Post is occasionally objective. On August 14, it published a defence of Mel Gibson by Ezra Levant, a practising Jew, entitled "Don't Criticize Mad Mel."
"The Book of Mathew reports an incontrovertible fact: a Jewish court condemned Jesus for blasphemy," Levant writes. "Of course they would have done so, he was leading a new religion. The lesson that most Christians take from the story, and certainly traditional Catholics like the Gibsons, is that Jesus did not die because of the Jews, but because of the sins of all mankind. He had to suffer to redeem everyone else from their sins...
Mel Gibson's attackers are not just labelling a movie as anti Semitic. They are calling the Bible anti Semitic... Their hysterical attacks reveal much more about their own tolerance than they do about Mr. Gibson's." (A-14)
As in Freud's case, anti-Semitism is often due to legitimate grievances and conflicts of interest. "Jews have been as capable as any other group of provoking hostility," Professor Albert Lindemann writes in Esau's Tears: Modern Anti -Semitism and the Rise of the Jews (1997, xvii). "Almost never" he continues, is the study of anti-Semitism seen as a "means by which Jews could become aware of their own sins." (15)
Jews have a self-image of a poor hapless minority hounded from country to country by hate crazed drooling mobs. In fact throughout history Jews have played a prominent role in commerce and often aroused hostility as moneylenders, tax collectors and agents for the aristocracy. Jews also dominated the professions and cultural life out of proportion to their numbers. "German cultural life seems to be passing increasingly into Jewish hands," noted critic Moritz Goldstein in a magazine article that stirred major controversy in 1911. (Grunfeld, 21)
When the Russian Tsar tried to restrict Jewish influence, Jews saw it strictly in terms of anti Semitism and organized the Bolshevik revolution. To this day, Jews blame the church for fostering anti-Semitism. "Christianity is dishonoured not only by anti-Semitism but by Christian indifference to this age-old plague," one rabbi wrote recently. Certainly most victims of anti -Semitism, including my grandparents, were innocent.
But Jews are unaware that many Christians blame Jewish organizations for subverting the Church and undermining Christianity's positive social influence. They point to the Jewish domination of the Communist Party and its infiltration of the Catholic Church. They point to the Jewish role in promoting decadence and social disintegration through feminism, sexual liberation, Hollywood and the other mass media.
In general, Jews are prominent in the ranks of the New World Order (a.k.a. globalism), which is dedicated to the totalitarian rule of the super rich. Some people think Zionist central bankers are behind the whole thing. The two world wars, 9-11 and the war on terror all appear to be stratagems to advance this Master Plan. Iraq is another.
Most Jews think Zionism is the belief in a Jewish homeland in Israel. They have been duped. The financial elite created Israel to destabilize the world, colonize Islam and serve as the capital of their world government.
Zionists created the myth that Jews needed a national homeland. They collaborated with the Nazis to make Jews immigrate to Israel. They were responsible for slamming the door on Jewish immigration to anywhere but Israel.
They held great power in Russia, England and the US and could have helped their brethren if they had wanted to. The spectacle of refugee ships like the St Louis looking in vain for refuge was engineered for maximum effect. Zionists admit blowing up Jewish refugee ships like the "Patria" to garner sympathy for their cause.
Jews should change course on Israel. Israelis should tell the Palestinians they were tricked into invading their country and now want to compensate them generously and live in peace. They should withdraw to the 1967 boundaries, and let in more Palestinians. With peace, both Israel and Palestine would prosper.
Despite Judaism's claim to be the first monotheist religion, most Jews do not believe in the God they use to justify their claim to Israel. They practise "secular humanism," the belief that man can create a better world based on rational and materialistic assumptions. Unfortunately, this ideology is so nebulous and malleable it disguises the Lucifer-loving New World Order.
Jesus died because he represented the rule of God on earth. Naturally universal ideals such as truth, justice and love represent a direct threat to great financial power. Judaism rejected Jesus' vision of human brotherhood and perfectibility. Thus some Jews (and Christian apostates) were ripe to become witting and unwitting tools of worldly power.
The war on Iraq has been identified with American Jewish power. As it goes badly, anti-Semitism will grow. Innocent Jews will take the fall for their leaders in the financial elite. Jews can reduce anti-Semitism by confronting the truth, admitting errors, and rejecting the Jewish Establishment.
Henry Makow, Ph. D is the inventor of the board game Scruples and the author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His articles on feminism and the new world order are found at his web site He enjoys receiving your comments at Pls. indicate if they can be posted on his site.




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