Chupa Kills 1 Pig, 9 Geese
And Over 50 Chickens - Chile

By Scott Corrales,
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)

Diario Austral de Valdivia
Tuesday, August 19, 2003

A strange animal left a tril of blood and death at the Los Lagos commune of the Quinchilca sector.

Fear gripped a humble peasant woman after she learned of the savage death of some fifty birds anda pig at the claws of a mysterious beast which few hesitated to identify as the Chupacabras.

The hideous scene of bloodletting was discovered early in the morning by Edith Mora, owner of the Los Colihues smallhold, located some 4 km from Los Lagos, where she has lived for over 25 years.

The strong winds and rain felt early Monday morning kept locals from discovering the sinister fact, which took the lives of 50 hens and nine geese through strange perforations on their necks, as well as the death of a large pig, who presented extensive and deep injuries on both sides and on its head.

The violence of the attack was made manifest by the numerous scratches on the stable doors, one of which was completely destroyed, as well as the numerous prints resembling those of a puma and which were evident all over the henhouse.

Oddly enought, the three watchdogs on the premises never noticed the strange animal's presence and it is assumed that they did not hesitate to hide in order to avoid the same fate as the other victims.

Remains of animal blood, flesh and feathers were evident everywhere, mute testimony of the violent assault, which probably took only a few minutes.

" All of my birds were dead and scattered, and the henhouse door was shredded to ribbons. I was sad to see my little animals dead," said the sorrowful woman, who is even contemplating the sale of the property and moving far away. "Some say it was a lion, although others do not dismiss the fact that it could have been the chupacabras. Whatever it is, my birds are dead and there's nothing to be done."

This is the second time that Edith Mora has lost her birds in a strange and cruel event. In 2002, a mysterious beast also killed all the poultry and wounded her dogs, which miraculously saved their lives.




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