Chemtrails Over Spokane
From Dennis Anderson

After an extended period of inactivity, perhaps for a month or so, the chemtrail flights over the Spokane, Washington area have resumed again. Especially today, Sunday, August 31, 2003 - Labor Day weekend. Some interesting differences took place, however. This morning as I was taking a walk in an open field, there was a chemtrail formation that looked something like a monstrous tidal wave cutting a perfectly straight line right over Spokane. The bottom of this "wave" shredded apart in downward curves of long, fine, streaks of cotton candy appearing formation. The whole thing was huge, and thick, but it was not cloud formation. In fact, the Spokane area was otherwise perfectly clear and sunny just as the weather stations forecasted.
The spraying didn't stop with that big one in the process of shredding into fine haze. No, we got it real good in Spokane today. Eventually most of the entire sky was covered by lines of chemtrails going in every which way except in the normal commercial flight paths. High altitude craft were even flying two by two abreast with the spraying, often turning the stuff off for a length of distance and then back on again. Probably trying to make it appear like individual clouds that had formed because that is what they look like later on.
There were several "X" type crossings, one in particular that was as near perfect as it could get. A great big feathered "X" just as though it was deliberately made. It was so perfect that I wondered if the pilots were trying to tell the people below something. The thought occurred to me that perhaps they were signaling something to the effect: "Look up at this you fools! We don't really want to be doing this to you but there is no choice for us. Do something about it yourselves before it's too late! Can't you see that we are trying to give you a hint by our most obvious patterns up here? Look up. Take action."
But the folks down below don't look up. I'm telling you. They don't want to be bothered. You can stand on a street corner where heavy foot traffic is going back and forth, and actually point up to the sky while saying loudly to a friend or to the passersby, "Look at those chemtrails up there! See them? What in the world are they spraying over us? What is it that they are forcing us to breathe? They are certainly not normal jet trails!"
It won't matter, they act like they don't hear you even though it was obvious that they couldn't help but hear. They won't look up, either. Not even when they are well past you. But neither will a dog, or a cow, or sheep in the field. I know. I stood on a busy street corner one time saying those things in order to see what kind of reaction I'd get. Results: One in fifty or so might look up and say something like, "I don't see anything." Or, once in a while someone might just shrug and say, "Nothing I can do about it. They must know what they are doing. It's probably for our own good. It couldn't be anything else."
The rest just walk on by as though you and the reality of what you are saying do not exist.
"Arf, arf, arf."
Dumbed down?
Oh yeah.
Big time.




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