Close Encounter With
Bigfoot In Pennsylvania

From Researcher Stan Gordon

Late on the evening of August 15, 2003, I received a report from a witness who sounded quite shaken as she provided me with the details of what she had experienced in the early morning hours of that day. I conducted a detailed interview with the woman over the phone. I was able to go to the scene to conduct an interview and investigation on August 17, 2003. The following is a brief summary of the information I was able to obtain.
The woman was making sandwiches for her husband's lunch, when she realized that she had no lettuce in the refrigerator. The family raised their own vegetable garden which was close to their home, so the woman decided to go outside at about 12:30 A.M. to gather some fresh lettuce. The garden is off to the right side of the residence, and there is some illumination in the area from a light that shines from the rear of their home. The woman picked the lettuce that
she needed, then stood up and turned, when her attention was drawn towards a tree about 8 feet away.
Under the tree with it's back leaning against the trunk, was a massive hair covered man-like creature whose head was just touching an overhanging branch. The branch when measured was 96 inches off the ground. The creature was described as covered with long black hair, arms down to the knees, and very broad shouldered. The woman only seconds after seeing it, walked swiftly back into the house where she awakened two other family members, who responded within minutes with guns. When they went outside,the creature was gone. The grass under the tree appeared to have been freshly matted down.
The family noticed that their dog whose house was about 50 feet away from the garden, was not barking, and was hiding in the back of it's pen which was not normal. No sounds or smells were reported. The woman was so shocked to see the creature that she didn't watch it long enough to notice many details. She was quite upset by the experience and said that the height and body size of the creature stuck in her mind. The witness stated to me that after the encounter she cried all night and was terrified.
While I looked over the area for any possible evidence, about 50 feet away in another garden area, I found two possible footprints that had apparently been there for a while. There has been a lot of rain in the area, and the weather had indeed affected the condition of these prints. The tracks were about 15 inches long, but no toes could be discerned. There was a distance of about 42 inches between the two possible prints.
This is the same property where a Bigfoot was reported on two seperate occassions last September. The family wishes to remain anonymous, and has asked me not to identify the location of these occurrences other than to state that this is in Derry Township in Westmoreland County. This is a very wooded area with a large deer population. The area is not far from the Chestnut Ridge, a mountain range where numerous Bigfoot encounters have been reported for years. This woman has now had two encounters with a similar Bigfoot creature, and she has indicated to me that this last experience had really scared her.
April 13,2003-About 5 miles from the previous location, I had received a report of another possible Bigfoot encounter that was reported by three witnesses. These people reported seeing a tall creature with it's arms swinging, as it walked into a cornfield, And then ran off. The PA Bigfoot Society is investigating the incident as well.
April or May, 2003-Scottdale, Fayette County-I interviewed a man in July, who told me how he and his young daughter were riding a motor bike in a rural area when suddenly a figure emerged from the right and stopped directly in front of them at a distance of about 75 feet. What they saw was described as "a hairy man" that was estimated to stand about 6 1/2 feet tall, had long arms, appeared to be stooped over, and was covered with black hair. The creature looked at the two people for just seconds, then ran off into the woods. The witnesses returned home to tell the family about what they had seen.
The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society is also investigating some other possible Bigfoot activity in the state.
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