Just Say No To Unity Government
By Barry Chamish <>
In the closing act of Barak's Greek tragedy, he has warned the PLO that if he shooting doesn't stop within 48 hours, he will invite the Likud and religious parties into his government. Why should they humbly accept this offer? They and all Israelis would be far better off if they stayed out. Barak's gang got us into this mess and they can get us out. After seven years of national demoralization, there is no reason to believe a unity government will be any more effective at saving the nation, and there is good reason to believe Barak is trying to spread the blame as the situation deteriorates.
Before any opposition party throws in its lot with Barak's cabal of treacherous incompetents, the following conditions must be agreed to.
1. Yossi Beilin, Ron Pundak and Yair Herskovitz held illegal meetings with the PLO beginning in November 1992, which led to the Oslo Accord. At the time, the Knesset harshly forbade such meetings, specifically outlawing them as treasonous consorting with the enemy. Only an unprecedented law, passed in November 1993, retroactively legalizing the meetings, saved this trio from standing trial for their crimes. This law must be rescinded and those responsible for the Oslo Accord must stand trial for their original crimes. Included also must be Uri Savir, Yoel Zinger and Shimon Peres, who entered the negotiations from March 1993, when it was illegal to do so.
2. Actions taken to promote the "peace," including the provocations of Shabak agents such as Avishai Raviv, will be investigated honestly. Falling into the same category, the truth about the Rabin assassination and Hebron massacre will be released to the public. All those who opposed Oslo and fell victim to such connivances will be publicly exonerated.
3. The Israeli public will receive a detailed explanation of the secret clauses of the Oslo Accord and will be told the precise demands of the foreign power brokers who manipulated us into this disaster to fulfill their own agendas.
4. Barak will appear on television and rip the Oslo Accord into a hundred pieces; after which, he will resign.
Short of his accepting these demands, there is nothing to be gained by the political opposition throwing in their cards with Barak. The Jewish people and its army will not be strengthened by a broader government if Barak and the Oslo gang remain in power after. We will fight our way out of this catastrophe despite our leadership. But we must never join it...unless they promise to cleanse the nation after the fires they lit are extinguished.
We stand at the brink of another sad Yom Kippur. Many will die. The last Yom Kippur of bloodshed was covered up by a travesty called the Agranat Commission. Its lies led directly to the bloody confrontation we face today. This time, the lies have to stop as a condition for joining forces with Barak.
We will not, cannot, overcome the barbarians at the gates forever unless the deceit finally ends. Our will to sacrifice will not match that of the Medieval savages determined to overrun us, unless we have the kind of moral Jewish state we ALL want to preserve. That is the message Barak must hear, loud and clear, in the next two days.
If he does, and accepts that the time for truth is upon him, the Third Temple will never fall.
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