USAF Lt. Colonel (Ret) Photos
Of Heavy Chemtrails
Near Pittsburgh
Dear Jeff,
Friday, October 13, 2000 - 7:10 pm.
I live 20 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and at the present time we have a chemtrail sky that's the worst I've seen.
We had a beautiful clear-sky day here until late in the afternoon. It was so clear that another fellow and I in the office were discussing how nice it would be to stargaze tonight even though there is a full moon. We are both amateur astronomers.
However, by the time I got home at 5:05 pm, I noticed sun dogs and the oily rainbows around the sun. There were a few chemtrail lines but not all that many. Nevertheless, I immediately recognized it as a chemtrail sky.
When I came out to wash the car after dinner at 6:20 pm, I couldn't believe it! The whole sky was xxxxxxxxx in a grid pattern. I ran in and got my camera, a Canon AE-1E with 200 mm telephoto lens, and took a dozen photos which I'll e-mail to you.
There were still several jet aircraft in the sky when I was taking photos and with the telephoto lens I identified one as a DC-9...not a likely spray aircraft. It appeared to be a two-engine commercial jet and was most likely just passing through. It's altitude was too high to be landing or taking off from Pittsburgh International Airport which is 15 miles north of my location. I couldn't tell the identity of the other aircraft but maybe something will show up in the photos. This spraying was of the high altitude type, not low altitude, and the only aircraft I saw in the area were multi-engine jet aircraft. I know I have some excellent photos of the spray fanning out across the sky.
This was so strong of a spraying that I questioned whether to allow my daughter to go to the homecoming game tonight because I didn't want her sitting in the bleachers with the 'stuff' drifting down on her. I watched it carefully for some time but did not detect any droplets or web-like material probably because of the high altitude of the spray.
On a personal note, I want to assure you that I don't take this matter lightly. I am a retired Lt. Colonel from the USAF and PA Air National Guard.
At the time I retired after 29 years of service, I was a squadron commander with a KC-135E unit and I certainly can recognize a normal tanker contrail when I see one or identify the shadow outline of one of our aircraft in the sky.
One of the things I want understood is that 'spraying' from a tanker is not unheard of regardless of what anyone tells you. It's what is being sprayed that is the puzzle. I have a photograph here in my collection that I personally took in 1969 when flying in a KC-135A tanker on a trip from Seymour Johnson AFB, NC to Pease AFB, NH. After we took off and reached altitude, most likely over Virginia, we lowered the refueling boom in the bottom rear of the aircraft and 'dumped' 3,000 pounds of JP-4 fuel into the atmosphere just to trim out the aircraft and improve its weight and balance. Nothing was considered unusual with this procedure. The reason I bring it up is to show that there are reasons for a tanker to sometimes spray fuel into the atmosphere.
However, what we are seeing today is not the occasional spraying I am talking about. When we dumped fuel we didn't fly in a grid pattern, for example.
Hope this helps anyone who thought they may have seen something unusual in the sky on Friday in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
Lt Col Den Ardinger,
USAF, (Ret)
Response To The Chemtrail
Letter By The USAF
Lt. Colonel (Ret)
From A. Hebert <>
This letter is in response to the letter sent in by the USAF Lt. Colonel (Ret.)...
The gentleman who wrote in complaining of all the "chemtrails" he saw and photographed over Pittsburgh automatically called them "chemtrails" although he had no actual samples of the composition of these trails, no evidence or proof whatsoever that they are chemtrails, contrails or exhaust from birds with a bad case of gas. He claims the sky was quickly covered with an "XXXXXXXX" pattern assuming this is deliberate rather than considering the possibility those "XXXXXXXX"'s were contrails caused by planes going to and from airports. How do we know they are NOT just plain contrails? Just because there are people running around yelling about government conspiracies they automatically link to contrails in the sky does not make it truth.
Further on the individual says, "However, by the time I got home at 5:05 pm, I noticed sun dogs and the oily rainbows around the sun. There were a few chemtrail lines but not all that many. Nevertheless, I immediately recognized it as a chemtrail sky." Oily rainbows? How does he or anyone KNOW that those rainbows are caused by oils or fuel dumping? Did he fly up there and take a sample of the "oily rainbows" and have them tested in an independent laboratory? I've noticed no one just calls them "sundogs". No. They are now automatically called "oily sundogs" or "oily rainbows" as if there can be no other explanations. Why can't they be caused by ice crystals refracting sunlight? Can you see the leap in logic taking place?
When I look up and see sundogs I don't jump to the conclusion they are caused by oils or some kinds of biological agents the government is dumping on me. Perhaps they are made of Skittles thrown into the upper atmosphere by mysterious little guys with long noses and short legs. There is no more proof the "chemtrail" theory is any more accurate than my Skittles theory yet people are running around calling every contrail they see a "chemtrail", every sundog they see an "oily rainbow", every piece of cobweb they see becomes "angel hair" and every airplane leaving a contrail becomes "spray craft". Why can't they be something else? Why is it spiders have stopped making cobwebs and now it has to be "angel hair" dropped from "spray planes" weaving "chemtrails" leaving "oily rainbows" around the sun? Can you hear the new lingo that has nothing to back it up? Have you noticed how it is being used without thought, without any real evidence, without any real scientific studies to support the contentions?
Yes, there IS an increase in contrails and this indicates something is going on in the atmosphere that we should pay close attention to and devote our best scientific studies to rather than running around taking pictures of "chemtrails", "oily sundogs", cob webs, "spray craft" and jumping up and down pointing fingers at everyone but OURSELVES. It's a lot easier to blame the government for our polluted environment than to take responsibility for our belching factories, gas guzzling cars, overflowing landfills and neglected duties to protect and preserve this planet.
At the root of the Chemtrail cult are the first stages of panic. We are seeing something we cannot explain in our skies and as is typical of human nature, people begin searching for villains and evil spirits as the cause. The populations of this planet have begun to sense there is something happening and it portends the future. Sensing it may be too late, panic has set in and people are abandoning rational thought and scientific investigation to point to the skies and grab, like drowning sinners, at the first explanation that floats by - especially if it supports their already deep-seated fears of the government.
Mother nature has drawn the line in the sky and we continue to ignore the realities that surround us. While we point our cameras at the heavens and our fingers at our governments, our world is slowly dying around us. Do you not see the haze on the horizon? Do you not see the increase in animal species becoming extinct? Is the government causing this too? No, it is I, it is you, it is all of us. WE are responsible for the signs in the skies. WE are the chemical terrorists attacking this planet out of ignorance, greed and fear. And it is WE who will be held accountable by our own extinction.
From David Wing XRay@Net4U.Net 1
I agree with you for the most part but I would also like to make a couple of points.
First, it is not we the public who are flying the planes that are doing the spraying. Second, if this is for the good of us all, why when asked what is going on, what are they spraying, we get no answer or the typical b.s.
Take a look at the history of our government experimenting with its soldiers and the public. Do I fear my government? Yup. Are they doing it again? Don't know but would like to find out as soon as possible so that maybe we can do something about it before more people suffer.
Why are there conspiracy nuts? Because there are conspiracies or are you ignorant to believe there are none? To many times people have been sacrifised for the common good or for security. Who's next? If it where to happen to you, you may sing a different tune. And it may just be the case this time. Its good to be alarmed rather than stick your head in the sand like so many do.
I'm curious, who do you work for?
From Click Man
A. Hebert:
Though you did wax a "little deep" towards the end (nose pinch - :-) of your post, I am of the same general mind as you.
I live in Falls Church not far from the flight path of National / Reagan Airport. I have observed and photgraphed long lingering "----?- trails" which emit from the engine exhaust but only at seemingly high altitudes.
I have photographed and have witnessed the trail not evaporating but expanding out into a wide "cirrus" like cloud cover which seems to dissipate slowly and cause a haze. So, I concur that visible evidence of a phenomena is taking place. However, the data for drawing conclusions is thin.
I'm more likely to believe that the mob is dumping some "thinning agent" in the fuel in order to "make a few bucks" than anything else.
One hard-core chemtrailer that I emailed admitted that he went up in a cessna to sample the chemtrails and came back with nothing. He argued that he couldn't get up to 22000 feet or so in order to "sample the chemtrails". I pointed out that if gravity is working then he shouldn't have to go that high in order to sample (i.e. there ain't nutten there to sample pal). He just never "got" that there was nothing there due to his perceptual bias.
In addition, GPS equipped aircraft do not need to "draw X's" in the sky. Also, studying winds at altitude may be done with weather radars (I'm pretty sure). So X's are probably random traffic...misinterpreted....
So...until further notice, I can only conclude that:
1) Some false data has been submitted to the Internet 2) Data which is visible, has been mis-interpreted 3) Congress (or whomever) would not "chem-trail" it's own family and themselves (as I've seen in Falls Church, VA) 4) There is in fact, by my own sight (and photographs) contrails which expand out into wide cirrus like clouds...but how / why is yet unknown. The most likely cause is water in the fuel...dangerous for small aircraft ...but perhaps a trifle for large modern jet aircraft.
Yes...we have lost some scientific methods along the way...haven't we....
I'm willing to revise my tentative hypotheses based on seeing more data.
Click man
Palm Bay, Florida
From David Wing
My name is David A. Wing. I live in Florida. For maybe 6 to 8 months now I have been watching these Chemtrails over the state of Florida. Almost everyday. Gets real thick sometimes, too. Everytime I walked outside to get in my car to go to or from work my heart would sink a little more.
Hoping that someone would say something as to what they are. All I can think of is, what has happened now. So, finally today, I called the local radio station...local talk radio here in town. I posed a challege to the dj's and listening audience of over 500,000 people, I believe it is.
This was the challege:
To look out the window and look at the sky. If anyone can prove that I am paranoid and can explain to me what these funny clouds where? Easy enough right?
I continued:
But first before you try, take a look at the planes (three of them laying down trails in grid pattern, spider nets all over sky) that are laying down these Contrails and "Watch the Contrail."
Then in fifteen minutes take another look. Do this for 3 to 4 hours.
They looked. A lot of people are looking tonight.
Best regards, David A. Wing Palm Bay, Florida
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