Where Have All The NATURAL
Clouds Gone?
From Purple Crow <>
For the last TWO years now, I've been watching the whole chem-trail issue unfold in the sky and on the web. I've been on the radio with people like William Thomas talking about these lines in the sky and taking pictures, etc... There is one thing that I have observed very closely and I hear little about it. I have watched the skies for hours at a time and have noticed the complete LOSS OF NATURAL CLOUDS! You may be familiar with the pattern of chem-trail development where the jets dump a long whitish plume from the WINGS of the plane which slowly stretch out and become long spidery strands at a very high altitude. This same webbing drifts down slowly and hits a specific altitude and PUFFS UP into more 'natural' looking clouds. However, when the sun comes through these 'clouds' they have OILY SICKLY COLOURED RAINBOWS all through them. Meaning that they are NOT clouds at all, but something OIL based. (If you need help to see this effect, just darken your vision with a simple pair of dark UV safe sunglasses, cover up the sun with your thumb or hand and look around the edges) Then these clouds may become rain clouds, or they may just vaporize soon after formation. Either way this pattern is always the SAME! I have drawn up a general breakdown of all my information and observations of this below:
1. 30,000 feet: Chem-jets dump their load on the population. There are TWO types of dumping going on, one vaporizes quickly, but the other can be SWITCHED ON AND OFF and this second type lingers to become a whitish streamer-like material. They often spray this around already formed plumes to hide what they are doing from casual observers. They have changed their tactics due to people such as William Thomas and others making this a public forum. (If you ask the regular media they will hang up on you or call you paranoid. Now what does that tell you about media control? Hmmm...)
2. 30,000 - 20,000 feet: Spider webs form and occasionally block the sun's full spectrum creating 'false sun dogs' at about 15 degrees to the right and to the left of the sun. Also often you will find a HUGE RING AROUND THE SUN on heavy spray days. I can tell you that ICE particles DO NOT come from military jets or any other jets for that matter!
3. These chem-webs occasionally make it all the way down to the surface of the planet before disintegrating. (Bend down low to the ground in your own front yard or a local park looking towards the sun and you will see these chem-webs laid out in parallel formation, or look on your apartment window towards the sun, you will find them if you look for them, but only the observant have noticed this already)
4. 15,000 feet: Using SCALLAR wave RF (HAARP) impulses this webbing is broken down into another oily component which has the appearance of natural clouds. (If you have a SW radio you can compare observations with the gov't HAARP site and you will see that their 'tests' happen at the same time often) The recognizable effect you have seen is where the clouds form in LONG PUFFY BANDS that span the entire horizon. These 'clouds' will ALL be aligned perfectly with each other, something that looks like it's from a Surrealistic science-fiction painting. You may also see another effect of SCALLAR wave RF technology if you look directly overhead, noticing the 'upside-down' look of the clouds. These clouds have an unrealistic look to them. They have many tiny repetitive and symmetrical aspects unlike natural clouds do. It's hard to describe here in text mode, but you can go to a chem-trail web site and see for yourself perhaps. I have pictures of this myself, but they may not be posted anywhere currently.
5. 10,000 feet to the surface: Tiny oil like droplets fall intermittently to the ground along with the water which has collected on them, almost like natural rain formation. (Rain happens when tiny dust particles catch moisture in the air and become heavy) You will also note that there is a heavy DARK effect to the clouds lately, making them seem rather ominous and discolored. You will also often notice the air has a heavy pinkish-brown mist to it even if you live FAR away from any polluting sources like city smog. This heavy PARTICULATE MATTER can be seen when the sun is obscured by a cloud and the rays of the sun cast themselves from behind the cloud, making rays of light and dark very visible. (These clouds seem to BLOCK much of the light from the sun, which makes me think that maybe they are trying to block the sun's light for UV-type-3 protection) If it were not for this particulate matter in the air we would not be able to see this effect at all since the light from the sun would have nothing to bounce off of. (Like a flash-light around a campfire at night or in the fog, lighting the particulate matter in the light beam)
What does this mean? I'm still looking into it, but I think that it's a multi-leveled compartmentalized project where total secrecy is utmost at all times, possibly due to public outcry and panic! "Where have all the natural clouds gone?" That would be the question, indeed! After observing months of MAGNETIC FLUCTUATIONS of up to 10 whole degrees in one hour, I have to wonder what affect this is having on the Earth's weather system. Could it be out of balance? I think so, all the signs are here of exactly that. What are they doing? Perhaps trying to cover up the fact that our weather has become completely unstable and chaotic, maybe even completely absent in many areas of the world. Is this a natural occurrence, or did someone f*ck up the worlds weather? Did we really play a part in all these weather problems, or is there something going on in secret that is beyond our control? There is also the population control aspect of these chem-trails and a strange FLU LIKE PANDEMIC that is being witnessed by doctors and nurses all over the globe. There seems to be a direct correlation between FLU-like illness and heavy spray days. Three great sights about the MANY COMPARTMENTALIZED ASPECTS of chem-trails can be found here, including some of my own writings and pictures:
If indeed the sun has lost it's magnetic polarity, then we are like a tiny ship afloat within the sun's magnetic shiftings, to which we will also be severely affected on a GLOBAL LEVEL. Like a grain of sand on an ocean beach, the tide will move us back and forth at will since the power of water as an 'atmosphere' will push the hard (yet tiny) rocks around with great ease. "Suncruisers" have been spotted by SOHO and other devices for many months now, and we don't know what or WHO is there orbiting the sun. Indeed there are anomalous object there, and are occasionally censored from view, yet there seems to be the occasional 'leak' whether orchestrated or not. Are they ships? Rocks that can steer themselves? Who's ships are they, if they are ships at all? Why are they there right now?
Magnetic fields have played a distinct role in our emotional lives in ways we are just beginning to open up to in science. Humanity has been affected very easily by the weak magnetic fluctuations within the Earth herself, and we are still learning about this. It's also a known fact that all the WARS and major events that transpire amongst us on the Earth directly synchronize with SUNSPOTS and major solar upheavals. These events can all be verified scientifically. (Read about the Navy's research into this with the HAARP and other strong super-blasting RF devices. We are all under the blanket of a natural magnetic life force, and this life force is being tampered with. )
Still asking, "Where have all the natural clouds gone?"
(Ask this question for yourself as you observe with the rest of us what is happening over head today and every day. Then ask your friends and family the same question. Then ask the media, but don't expect a SANE logical reply...)
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