Isreal Crisis - More Of What
They Are Not Telling Us
By Barry Chamish <>
Last Wednesday, the government-owned Israeli Television station, Channel One presented an amazing item on its news program, New Evening.
The PLO had sent death threats to the two Italian television networks which had filmed the Ramallah lynching of two IDF soldiers and broadcast it. The threat was so real that the filmmaker apologized to the PLO for doing his job and for doing so, had his press card revoked by Israel's Government Press Office.
What was behind the death threat? According to the report, the filmmaker had captured Yasir Arafat standing in the Ramallah Police Station overlooking the sadistic murders of the soldiers.
It is widely reported that the full film of the lynching has been suppressed and the excuse given is that it is too grisly to watch. That never stopped the Italian media before. Capturing Arafat on camera personally directing a double murder would be a more logical reason for the death threats and the censorship.
Blackmailing Barak
Ehud Barak IS being blackmailed by the U.S. over numerous serious crimes surrounding his election campaign. This campaign was organized by Clinton's trickster James Carville who thought of numerous illegal scams to get Barak into power.
One involved breaking into the Labor Party headquarters in Washington, not once, but twice and implying that his political opposition in Israel, the Likud Party, was responsible.
Then there was a massive campaign funding fraud, run by Barak's brother-in-law and a son of the late Israeli president Chaim Herzog. Americans, mostly Jews, were snookered into giving huge donations to charities supporting employment in impoverished neighborhoods, promoting democracy education, building sports facilities and the like. But the money went into Barak's back pocket.
A year ago, Israel's State Comptroller discovered the crimes and recommended that the police investigate. However, the American authorities have stymied the cops by preventing the Israeli investigators from pursuing their investigations in the US. If Barak doesn't play ball, Clinton and the CIA have promised that they will open the door for Israel Police to investigate crimes that could land him in prison for a decade or more.
Inciting To War
The Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria are being incited into violence. The aim is to crush them and thus provide a pretext for their removal from their homes. To further this aim, two rabbis have been murdered, one while the IDF stood by refusing to stop it, and two sacred sites, Joseph's Tomb and the Jericho Synagogue were torched. The leader of this incitement is reportedly, Israeli Justice Minister Yossi Beilin, who is pursuing a strategy he mapped out when the original Oslo Accord was signed.
The gentle people of Judea and Samaria are just not violent enough to fall into the trap so the atrocities committed against them will continue until they crack and start shooting.
An Upcoming Slogan:
Stop The Illegal Arab Settlement Of Judea And Samaria
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