Lewinsky Was One Of
'Hundreds' Of Clinton's Affairs
In The White House - Morris
Monica Lewinsky was just one of "hundreds" of women Bill Clinton cheated with during his years as the nation's chief executive, according to a longtime Clinton insider who estimated the size of the presidential harem during a speech on Wednesday.
Commenting on Clinton's peccadilloes to a Miami University audience, one-time presidential political guru Dick Morris contended: "He's had hundreds of women since he's been in the White House."
Referring to Clinton Cabinet members who blindly accepted his denials of an affair with Lewinsky, Morris said, "You had to be a moron to believe this guy after his past record." Morris' comments first appeared in a Thursday night report by Cox News Service. The former Clinton confidant declined to elaborate. But in taped conversations with Linda Tripp, the White House intern revealed the president had once told her he'd slept with more than a hundred women during his Arkansas days.
In 1994, Arkansas State Trooper L.D. Brown told the American Spectator that he had procured "at least a hundred" women for Clinton from 1982 till he left the governor's security detail in 1985. But unlike Morris, neither Brown's account nor Lewinsky's had anything to do with Clinton's White House philandering. On the tapes, for instance, Lewinsky alludes to her jealousy over only three or four other women she believed were also involved with Clinton.
One target of Lewinsky's wrath was Eleanor Mondale, the CBS newswoman and daughter of former Vice President Walter Mondale. Lewinsky threw a fit outside the White House just weeks before her affair with Clinton became public, when she learned Clinton was meeting with Mondale at the same time Secret Service guards denied her access.
In April 1998, former White House steward Michael McGrath detailed for Star magazine what he believed were Oval Office assignations between Clinton and former West Wing secretary Debra Schiff. The New York Times reported that Schiff's access to Clinton was second only to Hillary Clinton's and that of Vice President Al Gore. As the Lewinsky case heated up, Schiff was transferred to the State Department.
In 1996, former White House personnel director David Watkins went public with claims that one-time Clinton girlfriend Marsha Scott, who became a trusted White House insider to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, had continued a sexual relationship with the president. Scott is one of the few from the inner Arkansas circle who remains at the White House. In the same 1996 interview, Watkins hinted that Clinton was carrying on with 25-year-old Catherine Cornelius, who instigated Travelgate with her initial complaint that the travel office was being mismanaged. Cornelius was identified in official White House reports as Clinton's "distant cousin." But neither Watkins nor the late Vince Foster, both of whom knew Clinton from his earliest days in Hope, Ark., had ever heard of Cornelius before.

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