You Heard It Here First
By Barry Chamish <>
My sources tell me that high ranking IDF officers are seriously considering the overthrow of Barak. The scenario described to me is the following:
When the PLO first ordered its police and peasants to attack IDF soldiers, Barak issued a command unheard of in any army: soldiers were to wait until fired on to retaliate. Despite years of politically obedient appointments, many in the IDF's high command were highly unhappy with Barak's policy, believing it would lead to Israeli casualties and a prolonging of the conflict.
These officers became increasingly frustrated when forbidden to use force to save a soldier slowly bleeding to death at Joseph's Tomb and later when the shrine was abandoned. The refusal to react to the kidnapping of three soldiers on the Lebanese border by Hizbullah turned the frustration into anger.
The turning point was the sadistic lynching of two soldiers in Ramallah. The IDF high command issued the following operational request to the Defence Minister, Ehud Barak:
In retaliation for attacks against IDF soldiers by members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Tanzim, or Fatah, the Israeli Air Force would use 2000 pound bombs to turn their headquarters and other facilities into rubble. Second, the IDF had filmed Fatah policemen sniping at their soldiers and an Italian television crew had captured the murderers of the lynched soldiers on film. The IDF had identified the murderers and wanted them hunted down and killed immediately.
Barak turned the recommendation down and instead issued a directive sending helicopters against insignificant targets only after the PLO had been given ample warning to abandon them.
Certain officers now understood that Barak was under international orders not to utililize the IDF to defend the nation or avenge the murders of its citizens. The first grumblings of "coup" were heard.
The final straw was Hizbullah's kidnapping of Colonel Tannenbaum. The officers knew that he was being tortured and forced to reveal the names, addresses and all details of IDF staff, strategy, equipment and facilities. They summoned Barak to mount an operation inside Lebanon involving mass hostage taking to secure the release of Tannenbaum but were again rebuffed by Barak.
Not knowing which demoralizing IDF fiasco was next and fearing that Israelis would take to the streets to secure the protection their army was forbidden to provide, high level but still informal discussions to plan a Barak overthrow gained momentum.
You heard it first here.
News From The Front No One Else Is Reporting
A well known political activist has formulated a plan to neutralize the blatant New World Order reporting of the mini-war by the international media. According to the activist, "The next time some CNN or BBC boob justifies the PLO's savagery, we will go to his home and pelt him with rocks when he tries to leave. Unfortunately, our plan doesn't call for the use of live fire to make the scenario more realistic."
The activist adds, "I have a longterm plan to buy properties next door to their homes in London or Stockholm and move Palestinian families in. We'll be sure to put lots of loose stones in their driveways. Then they'll get a real taste of how much fun it is to have them as neighbors."
A Palestinian mother telling her nine year old son, "Go play in the war zone."
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