FDA to Test Other Foods
For Biotech Corn --Green Group
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Food and Drug Administration plans to test some snack foods, breakfast cereals and other foods containing corn flour to see if they contain the same unapproved variety of biotech corn found in taco shells, a coalition of anti-biotech groups said on Monday.
The GE Food Alert said it met earlier on Monday with Bob Lake, a senior FDA official who is leading the agency's investigation into the presence of a biotech corn variety sold by Aventis SA (AVEP.PA) in Taco Bell shells. The corn, sold to farmers as StarLink, has not been approved for use in human food because of concerns about allergenicity.
``The FDA told us they agreed to start testing other processed foods containing yellow No. 2 corn,'' such as chips, cereal and other brands of taco shells, said Matt Rand, coordinator for the coalition. ``They aren't certain of the scope and breadth of the testing yet.''
The FDA's own tests of the Taco Bell shells, manufactured by Kraft Foods, confirmed the contamination in packages sold in grocery stores, he said. The agency will officially declare a recall for the taco shells on Wednesday, although Kraft voluntarily recalled the product more than a week ago.
``The FDA told us they have no idea how it entered the human food supply,'' Rand added. On Friday, the government said it would buy all StarLink corn harvested by U.S. farmers this year to keep it out of the human food supply, and hold Aventis responsible for the costs.

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